This Wisconsin Airbnb Looks Just Like A Barbie Dream House

If Barbie is one of your favorite childhood pastimes or you were obsessed with all things pink, then you'll be happy to know there's an Airbnb in Hudson, Wisconsin, that resembles a Barbie dream house and it's every Barbie girl's dream. This is one Airbnb experience you have definitely not had and the one you need to. It's pink, it's grand, and it's luxurious. Fit for a total of 16 guests, the 1883 Victorian pinkalicious mansion comes with five bedrooms, technically seven beds, and seven and a half bathrooms, according to the description onĀ Airbnb.

While staying at the mansion, you even have the option to rent out a pink escalade as well as a pink moped with eyelashes for an additional fee, of course. Talk about a dream! Don't miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime experience, especially if you're a self-proclaimed Barbie babe. Whether you're a Wisconsin resident or live somewhere else, this is your sign to plan a beautiful getaway to The Pink Castle.

More pink, please

The Pink Castle is a popular attraction, and it's been featured in the community through several outlets like the local news, social media, and newspapers. The 4,400 square foot Wisconsin dream house is glamorously over the top with a full kitchen, living room, entertainment room, furnished attic, and a home gym.

Some of the best features that come with the property include a pole in the living room, an upper attic that feels like its own cabin, a jacuzzi in one of the bedrooms, a master bedroom with his and hers sinks, and a swimming pool and pool house with an outside bar and TV, according to Airbnb. Each room is uniquely designed with its own theme, and in most of the rooms, pink is part of the package. The Pink Castle is a pink heaven; it's perfect for hosting a bachelorette, birthday, or just a much-needed girls' trip.

The fun vibes are outside

What more can you ask for than a pink mansion with a huge swimming pool, a swimming deck to match, and a pool house with an open bar side by side? If you catch The Pink Castle during the summer months, you'll be glad you did so because it's the perfect combination for a good time. The pool house is cozy yet spacious with an open bar, bar stools, a two-seater, and flat TV mounted to the wall to match, according to Airbnb. So make some drinks and chill poolside or take a dip in the jacuzzi. Either way, you'll love the outside area.

The backyard pool area includes a six-seater hot tub, which is fortunately available to use regardless of the time of the year, as the Airbnb listing notes. Overall, the outside of the house is just as fun as the inside, if not more, and for the price of $2,600 per night, the experience sounds well worth it.

Pink, pink, and more pink

The Pink Castle dining room is truly one of a kind, especially if you can appreciate older time periods in history mixed with some pink glimmer. The bubble pink dining area pays homage to the Victorian era, and it looks as if it's made for a king and queen in a Barbie fairy tale or a pink lavish tea party. Pink golden throne chairs surround a long brown table, and behind it is a mantle with a mirror above it and plants to brighten up the space a bit.

The walls consist of pink floral wallpaper, of course, with large portraits of birds hanging as well as large windows, per the Airbnb listing. At the other end of the head of the table sits two large green plants facing the window. Above the dining table sits a beautiful chandelier that works as the main focal point in the room. This is the perfect dining area for a lavish meal.