40 Bathroom Sinks That Will Amp Up Your Home

If you've been thinking about remodeling your bathroom, then you may want to pick out a soothing shower, snazzy toilet, and eye-catching tiles. You might also want to opt for a few creative ideas for your bathroom space which could involve choosing an interesting sink.

When it comes to the perfect sink for your home, you'll need to keep a few factors in mind, such as how big or small you need it to be, if it will fit in the area of your bathroom where you want it to go, and if it works with your home's existing plumbing or if anything that's required can be added during a possible renovation, according to J Design Group. At the same time, you'll want to ensure that the sink suits the style of your room, will be easy to clean, and is made of a material that can stand up to daily use and bathroom conditions.

With that in mind, check out the following possibilities for bathroom sinks that will amp up the spot in your home where you brush your teeth, wash your face, and get your hands soapy.

1. Chic white sink with separate black tap

Make your sink a centerpiece of your contemporary bathroom by choosing a sleek white option that boasts a dark shiny stripe midway down the base. Pair it with a black tap that stands slightly to the side yet holds its own thanks to the fact that it's just as chic as the sink.

2. White sink with a black stool base

If you don't want your sink to take up too much space but still want a lot of style, that can definitely be achieved. Simply opt for a sink that pops an attractive bowl in a slim stool base. It even gives you a lower shelf area to hold your soap and moisturizer.

3. Two white column sinks

Having more than one sink may be necessary for some couples and families. However, they can also make a bathroom look crowded. Avoid that by choosing two white column sinks that are thin and don't feature any extra embellishments. By adding taps that are attached to the wall, the sink will take up even less space.

4. Long and narrow sink

Thin sinks are a great option if you want to save space in your bathroom, however, you could also choose something that's wide but narrow. This version gives you the room you need in the sink's bowl by keeping it long but doesn't stretch far out front and instead stays closely tucked against the wall.

5. Attached black rectangular sinks

Not all sinks are round and that's a very good thing. Just take a peek at these rectangular sinks that are a fabulous option for anyone who adores clean lines. The black basins also look stunning when popped into a wood base that offers both a drawer for your toiletries and shelf for your towels.

6. White rectangular sink

If a black sink (or two) won't work with the overall look of your bathroom but you're drawn to the thought of a sleek rectangular sink, then you might want to consider one that looks similar but is white instead. Placing it in a wood base will give you the same vibe while keeping things much lighter.

7. Rough brown stone sink

Give your bathroom a natural touch with a stone sink. While various versions boast different colors of stone and are finished in different ways, this light brown stone sink that's golden in some spots is smooth on the inside and rough on the outside while the rim seems to mimic the natural shape of the stone.

8. Black stone sink

While this sink features stunning black stone, the fact that it's so smooth on the inside and yet rough on the outside makes it look like it could be a meteorite that's been perfectly split in half. That might be just the thing you're looking for if you want your sink to be out of this world.

9. Grey cement sink

While this sink looks like it could be chiseled out of grey stone — which would certainly be just as stunning as the other stone sinks — you could also opt for a cement sink that offers a similar look. Left rough on the outside with a super-smooth interior, you could have one made that fits your bathroom perfectly.

10. Black sink with inner angles

If you're not interested in a natural look and would rather have something that's more modern but just as eye-catching, then you might adore this black sink. Perhaps deceptively simple at first glance due to the common circular shape, things become more interesting when you glance inside the bowl and see the intriguing inner angles.

11. Clear glass sink

Glass can be used for more than just the mirrors in your bathroom. You could also opt for a glass sink. However, while mirrors use reflective glass, this sink, that's perhaps the ultimate example of minimalism while still be super-stylish, uses glass that's clear, which would certainly make it cool to watch it fill up with water.

12. Nearly flat wood sink

Many sinks have depth to capture water. However, this sink uses wood that only has a slight dip in the middle. Although you won't be able to fill it with water the way you might with a sink that has a deep bowl, you may be willing to give that up to have something so stylish.

13. Marble sink with outer rings

This sink that has a bit of depth to it takes the visual interest up a notch by using what looks like rings around the outside of the marble bowl. With the outer design carved into the piece, which makes the sink look like a contemporary art piece, the inside is a smooth solid basin.

14. Tall sinks with round bottoms

If you like the idea of having a bathroom sink that's taller and will hold a lot of water, then these sinks may be ideal for you. With sides that stretch up towards the taps that are also tall, the outside is totally smooth and gleaming, while the bottoms of each sink are dramatically rounded.

15. White sink with blue flower design

An artist might look at a simple white sink and see a blank surface for their art. While that means there are unlimited options when it comes to ways to snazzy up the outside, this sink uses a fabulous blue flower design that matches other pieces of décor in the room.

16. Sunken contemporary sink

Some sinks stand out more than others, and there is no doubt that this particular one is on the subtle side. Paired with a modern black tap and contemporary wood drawers, this white sink is sunken into the base below, making it blend perfectly into a chic bathroom design.

17. Sink cut into a wood counter

There are many reasons to love this wood counter and sink combo, including its clean shape, the light color of the wood, the fact that it's tucked perfectly between concrete walls, and is paired with metal taps. That's not to mention the fact that the sink has been cut into one side of the wood.

18. Floating sink

If you have floating shelves or desks, then you know that attaching them directly to the wall can be an attractive space-saving addition. The same goes for a floating sink. At the same time, opting for a floating sink doesn't mean you have to completely give up storage space if you get one with a drawer or shelf.

19. Slim marble sink

While some sinks use marble for their bowls, this one instead uses a white basin in a rectangular shape with rounded corners and surrounds it with a slim marble base. Not much deeper or wider than the sink itself, the base sits above a wood shelf that adds an extra element to an already interesting combination.

20. One-piece dark grey sink and counter

Another sink that has been constructed right into the counter that surrounds it, this dark grey option has been made as one single piece. The sink, which sits off to one side, mimics the shape of the overall counter, which offers those who use it plenty of space for their toiletries and décor.

21. Square sink with a shallow bowl

This sink embraces a range of attractive elements. For instance, along with it being square, the sink also shows off rounded corners. On top of that, each of the four sides dips down in the middle while the bowl itself is rather shallow but still wide enough and deep enough to capture running water.

22. Perfectly polished stone sink

This sink uses an almost sand-colored stone that is beautiful on its own, thanks to the natural shade and tiny flecks throughout. However, it's also been turned into a gorgeous bowl that's been polished to perfection. Ideal for a bathroom with a boho-inspired style, it would also suit something with a beachy vibe.

23. Curved wood sink

Made of light-colored wood, this sink also boasts a grain that offers a naturally artistic design thanks to its lines, swoops, and waves. Wide and somewhat shallow, which gives it an attractive shape, it's also been paired with a black tap and drains in a bathroom that features matching wood details and other dark accents.

24. Round frosted glass sink

This sink might feature a more traditional round shape, however, that's where the classic look ends. Instead, the sleek glass, which is curved at the top, is frosted, while the tap is a cool metal. Ideal for a contemporary space, it would also work in a bathroom that's slightly retro, quirky, or minimalistic.

25. Double saucer sinks

Wide, round, and with sides that curve upwards, each sink in this stylish pair resembles a smooth saucer. Think of a flying saucer or a saucer for your teacup, and you'll notice the same sort of shape. Of course, these saucer sinks are a stunning design that goes oh-so-well with the gold taps and soap dishes.

26. Sink with modern bowl and tap

This gleaming white sink which stretches straight up yet has a circular bowl, is another stunning option that has a strong contemporary vibe. That trendy style is only enhanced by the matte black tap that is rectangular, has a single knob, and is placed somewhat high on the wall.

27. Slim tray sinks

If you don't need or want a deep sink or don't have room for something that takes up too much space, then you might want to consider using these slim sinks in your stylish bathroom. Keeping the sides incredibly low with a wide basin, this sink resembles a tray that you could simply pick up if needed.

28. Slanted sink

If you were to take a tall and circular sink and somehow shift the top slightly towards you, then you might end up with something that looks like this sink. While many aspects of this piece are typical if modern — such as the color, shine, and tap — the slant makes it a truly unique option.

29. Sink with a stylish lip

This sink starts out with a simple rectangular base that forms a small ledge around the bowl and tap which would give you the perfect spot to keep your toothbrush and a bar of soap. However, the sink then swoops down into a wide basin that reaches out to form the stylish lip.

30. Dramatic black and white marble sink

If you want a bathroom that has a dramatic touch, then you may want to opt for this fabulous sink. Made of black marble that has striking white veins running throughout, it also boasts an egg-like shape and a tap that looks like it's an antique addition.

31. Sink with a swirl

Anyone who is looking for a unique sink will surely be attracted to this unusual option. The bowl of the sink is made in an incredible swirling design which appears to be slightly open at the front. Of course, it's not really a split swirl, so you don't have to worry about the water leaking out.

32. Black carbon sink

Carbon sinks may not be an option that you're overly familiar with, however, carbon is a material that has a striking shiny surface and is relatively easy on the budget, according to NR Carbon. This carbon sink which sits in a full carbon counter, has a lovely sheen along with a slight pattern if you look closely.

33. White cube sink

A white cube sink might not sound exciting, however, this design proves that a straightforward item can be super-stylish with a few fabulous aspects. For instance, the slight bend in the base, the thicker line at the back, and the fact that the sink has been dropped into the counter are all charming choices.

34. Sloped sink with a hidden drain

You'll not only love the look of this sink, but you'll also adore how it works. Take a look, and you'll see that the bottom of the sink slopes down to one side and has a slightly lower section. Any water will flow down the slope and disappear under the ledge to a hidden drain.

35. Rough cement sink

While some pieces of concrete décor can be smooth and shiny, others can flaunt a rougher texture. This sink opts for the latter. While it's been given a clean circular shape, it also has slight grooves in the surface and hasn't been given any polish, which leaves it with an attractive raw industrial look.

36. Sink with an open front ledge

If you like to give your face a good wash every morning and each evening before or after giving your teeth a vigorous brush, then this might be the sink for you. That's because it was designed with an open front ledge which will give you easy access to the wide basin.

37. Vintange Moroccan-style sink

It's very likely that you'll fall in love with this Moroccan-style sink if you are fond of pretty things. The copper shade is stunning, the flower design in the bowl is lovely, and the aged look of the vintage piece is charming. To top it off, the basin is paired with taps that are just as beautiful.

38. Sink that curves out from the counter

Choosing a sink that is made as part of a counter is a great way to make sure that the two elements of your bathroom go together. However, that can be done in many ways. In this case, the sink is a sunken section of the counter that curves out at the front.

39. Slanted sink with a swooping rim

This sink offers more than one interesting aspect. First, the bowl leans to one side, giving the sink a slanted shape. Next, the rim at the top of the basin swoops up and down in seemingly random spots. However, you may notice that they dip both around the tap and where you'll be standing.

40. Regal gold sink

If you want your bathroom to feel like the kind of place that a queen or king could brush their teeth, then you'll likely want to opt for an elegant, luxe, or even over-the-top sink. This gold option is certainly regal and will let you wash up like you're a member of the royal family.