The Time-Saving Hack You Can Use To Clean Your Bathroom Trash Can

Depending on the consistency of your hand washing, you could be leaving the bathroom with 200 million bacteria on your hands, according to Bathroom City. Therefore clean hands and a clean bathroom are important to maintain a hygienic home. There are plenty of areas to clean in your bathroom, including the shower, toilet, vanity mirror, floor, and floor mats. Another place to clean that can be a pain and also quite gross is cleaning the trash can in your bathroom. Most of these areas require different cleaning methods, so ultimately — cleaning your bathroom is an all-day process. However, it doesn't have to be. There's a tactic where you can use one bathroom item to clean other places while it also cleans itself out.

Reader's Digest Canada has provided many old-school cleaning tips to use all over your home, and one tip may surprise you. The small trash can in your bathroom not only holds garbage but also has the ability to help clean the rest of the space. Check out this great tip to keep most of that bacteria away.

How to clean your bathroom trash can

It may be unbelievable to use a small trash can to clean the rest of your bathroom, but it's totally possible, per Reader's Digest Canada. Once you've dumped out the contents of your trash can, you can then convert it into a bucket. This way, you can use it as a way to hold your cleaning solution to clean the rest of the bathroom, while it also works to clean out itself.

When using the trash can, you'll probably have to include a cleaning solution and mix it into the water. Better Homes and Gardens says that white vinegar is a great natural solution for cleaning your bathroom. White vinegar can remove spots on most surfaces because of its high acidity levels, and it is basically an all-purpose cleaner. A great scrubber to pair with this mixture is the Clorox Flexible All-Purpose Scrub Brush, which Better Homes and Gardens recommends as one of the best to use. It's used to scrub grout, tile, toilets, and drains. The handle is also removable to help clean small spaces or nooks and crannies.