You Can Stay At A Texas Airbnb That's A Shrine To Toy Story

Toy Story fever is surging after the newly released "Lightyear" movie, which Disney reports tells the backstory of the space ranger Buzz Lightyear who inspired the Buzz toy so beloved by Andy in the classic films. "Lightyear" brings the total films in the Toy Story franchise up to five, providing plenty of material for Pixar superfans and those nostalgic to relive their childhoods. But, if you want to take your Toy Story fandom to the next level, you may want to check out this unique Airbnb found in El Paso, Texas.

This three-bedroom, two-bath property lists for $236 a night and markets itself as the "Toy Story Experience," with extensive decor and accessories that reference well-known characters and lines from the popular films. The house was designed by My Experience Matters, a travel company in El Paso focused on creating unique Airbnb and VRBO experiences. Their other projects include a Star Wars-themed rental and a "Hype House" covered in vintage art pieces.

The main Toy Story room

The main room in the Airbnb, an open-concept combination kitchen and living room, is nothing short of stunning in terms of its Toy Story decor and references. It is decorated in a color scheme focused on the Toy Story brand colors of yellow, blue, and red, though it also incorporates other primary colors that evoke a sense of childhood playfulness. A huge painted Toy Story logo occupies an entire wall on its own, while decals of Woody, Jessie, Forky, and the Little Green Men beam at you from another wall near the entrance to the bedrooms.

The TV is framed to look like a giant Etch-a-Sketch, and a neon sign winking nearby reads, "You've got a friend in me." The iconic white clouds on a blue background that adorned Andy's childhood bedroom walls have been reproduced on the ceiling, and replicas of Woody- and Jessie-style cowboy hats hang above the entryway closets. The sofa's throw pillows feature the same cow print as Woody's vest, and a Mr. Potato Head sits prominently on the coffee table. A decal of Forky and a painting of Ham the pig greet you in the kitchen, along with a Buzz Lightyear doll clinging to the cord of one of the bar's pendant lamps.

Other Toy Story house details

While the main room definitely features the most Toy Story goodies, the rest of the Airbnb is not lacking in references to Woody and the gang. The primary bedroom includes Woody's face on one wall, artwork of Andy's entire toy collection above the bed, and boxed sets of Toy Story collectibles on display shelves. One of the additional bedrooms is designed just like Andy's room, with white clouds on the walls, along with a Buzz Lightyear poster that proclaims, "I want YOU to join Space Rangers!" The double bed features a bedspread with Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Rex, Forky, and the Little Green Men, and the adjoining bathroom's shower curtain has pictures of the whole cast of characters, including Slinky and Mrs. Potato Head.

One of the house's hallways is themed to resemble Pizza Planet, with glowing red lights and a neon "open" sign to evoke the spaceship vibes of the infamous pizza place. Finally, the alcove to the primary bedroom is painted green, and a green light in a wall sconce underneath three peering eyes cements the reference to the ubiquitous Little Green Men.

The Toy Story experience

The majority of the reviews from people who have stayed in the Toy Story Airbnb report that their kids loved the experience, although there are plenty of adults who spent time in the Toy Story house without any children and also thoroughly enjoyed their stay (plus, it's pet friendly, so don't hesitate to bring your real-life Slinky along).

Those who have stayed in the Toy Story shrine report that it is a great option to celebrate the birthday of a child (or an adult superfan) and that the house is also located close to several parks, tasty restaurants, and shopping options, in case you do want to get out of the Toy Story world for a day. But, it is also perfect for curling up and binge-watching all of the movies in a row, bringing back some of the magic of childhood. There's a snake in my boot!