Jennifer Todryk Of No Demo Reno Shares Her Best Design Hacks

HGTV's "No Demo Reno" reality star Jennifer Todryk has the best design tips for a successful home renovation, and if you're looking for some new techniques to get into the groove of things, the home renovation guru is ready to share her insightful knowledge with you. "No Demo Reno" focuses on cost-efficient alternatives and resolutions for homeowners that don't require it to be a huge demolition project. Although she works in North Dallas, Texas, the social media influencer has more than one million followers on Instagram who are mesmerized by her motherhood as well as talent and success in projects and find their own inspiration in them. She was initially discovered on Instagram through her account "The Rambling Redhead" due to her popularity over the years, according to Cheatsheet.

She knows what she's doing, she does it well, and she has a few clever tricks up her sleeve you don't want to miss out, but for now, find some new decorating inspiration in Todryk's greatest tips and tricks to make your home renovation project one of a kind. Take some notes and get to work; your transformed home awaits.

She knows her stuff

Jennifer Todryk values her techniques because she uses the same ones over and over again because they work, according to Cheatsheet. If there's one thing she knows, it's that extensive demolition is not always needed or the best route to take, according to HGTV. In fact, she has a number of projects where it wasn't necessary at all. First, she recommends always repainting a space as a low-cost, effective, and easy way to upgrade it.

When it comes to the kitchen, her go-to is demolishing unused or unneeded countertops to create more space for a spacious dining area, which is a well-known concept that Texas builders incorporate with kitchen plans, according to Cheatsheet. In bathrooms, don't hesitate to replace unused tubs with a built-in shower, especially if your kids are old enough. It's more modern and edgy. Lastly, she recommends replacing colossal fireplace mantels. No one wants a mantle that takes up too much space. She recommends not getting rid of it if it's brick or stone.

She's more than good at what she does

Viewers and fans of "No Demo Reno" seem to enjoy her work on the big screen and online more and more every day because she stands out from other home renovation shows. What makes this home design reality show different from others is Jennifer Todryk values working smarter and not harder, which makes the home renovation process that much easier than a huge demolition no one really wants to deal with. 

According to Cheatsheet, viewers are tuned in and intrigued by not seeing Todryk have to lift a sledgehammer often while pulling off the same results as if she did — she does this without all of the extra work, as much as possible. Her talent and expertise are one of a kind. As a well-known social media creator, when she's not on-site working, she's online, so you can always find her whether on HGTV or Instagram.