20 Ways To Use Pegboards For All Of Your Organizing Needs

Pegboards are great design and organizational tools. You've probably seen them used to organize tools in a garage or workspace — but they can be used to organize plenty of other things. From kitchen equipment to children's toys to rakes and shovels, pegboards can hold just about anything you can imagine.

Pegboards are useful because they can hold a lot of weight. According to A Butterfly House, most can hold over 100 pounds. They also allow you to organize materials without hiding them away in bins. You can manage your space and still have everything out in the open for easy access. Also, when designed well, pegboards can look super chic. Many can fit perfectly into minimalist or modern spaces. To make a pegboard look like wall art, you could place a large picture frame or wooden boards around the border. If you're looking for some pegboard organization inspiration, you're in the right place. Below, you'll find 20 unique ways to use your pegboard to organize different spaces in your home.

1. Tools

One of the most common ways to use a pegboard is to organize tools in a garage or workspace. Because tools often have holes in their handles, they easily hang on hooks and pegs. You'll never misplace tools after placing them on a pegboard because they'll always be visible and organized. 

2. Desk accessories

Another common way to use a pegboard is to organize desk accessories. Pens, calendars, reminders — anything that usually takes up space on your desk or in a drawer can be organized out in the open on a pegboard. You could also add pen holders and shelves, as pictured, to make the pegboard useful for you. 

3. Kitchen utensils

A unique way to use a pegboard is to organize kitchen utensils. Just like garage tools, kitchen utensils often have a hole in the handle, making them easy to hang on pegs or hooks. 

4. Children's toys

You could also use a pegboard to organize children's toys. A pegboard could be hung in a nursery, play area, or children's bedroom. Small containers and shelves can come in handy when organizing toys on a pegboard. 

5. Home gym equipment

A unique way to use a pegboard is to organize home gym equipment. Instead of placing weights, bands, and mats in the corner of your workout area, you could hang them on the wall for easier access. 

6. In the closet

Pegboards can also come in handy in the closet. They can easily hang hats, bags, scarves, jewelry, or sunglasses. Instead of hooks and pegs, you could hang your accessories with clips, as pictured above. 

7. Sewing room

Pegboards can also be helpful in sewing rooms. They can easily hold fabric, thread, yarn, scissors, and sewing needles. Because these items are relatively small, they're easy to misplace — but hanging them on a pegboard can help you keep everything tidy so nothing is lost. 

8. Gardening tools

Another practical way to use a pegboard is to organize gardening tools. Just like other tools, small gardening rakes and shovels often have a hole in the handle for easy organization on pegs and hooks. You could also hang a gardening notebook or a watering can. 

9. Painting supplies

Paint brushes also have holes in their handles, making them great for hanging on pegs and hooks. If you paint often, you could set up a painting station in your home. This could also come in handy when waiting for paint brushes to dry after washing them. 

10. Plants

Pegboards can also be great decor pieces. If you have lots of plants scattered around your home, placing them on a pegboard could make your space look less cluttered. This can also make watering your plants simpler. 

11. Yard equipment

Because most pegboards can hold at least 100 pounds, you could even hang yard equipment like rakes and shovels. This is a great way to maximize the floor space in your garage. 

12. Decor items

Pegboards can also be used to organize decor. If you have many small decorations scattered around your living space, a pegboard can be a great base to hold your pieces.

13. By the front door

Much like entryway hooks, a pegboard could be used by the front door to hang things like jackets, hats, and bags. Because you can place the pegs wherever you want, they are great for maximizing the hanging space above a bench. 

14. Cutting boards

You could also hang cutting boards in the kitchen on a pegboard. Cutting boards are not only useful tools — the more intricate varieties can also be used as design pieces. Hanging cutting boards on a pegboard will combine functionality with a beautiful design. 

15. In the bathroom

A pegboard could also hold soap, plants, brushes, and loofahs in the bathroom. The board could be hung behind a bathroom sink or near the shower. This would keep your counters clear for easier cleaning and maximized functionality of your space. 

16. Magazines or books

For easy reading access, you can hang pouches on your board to organize things like magazines and books. Other design features, like small plants and string lights, could be added to make the space more aesthetic. 

17. Art supplies

If you're an artist, you could hang a pegboard above your art desk to hang any supplies. Small bins and shelves will come in handy here. This will keep your desk clear and make cleanup easy. 

18. Reminders

A great way to use a pegboard is for reminders. Try hanging your board near your entryway, behind your desk, or even by your bedside to keep track of things you don't want to forget. Similarly, you could hang a calendar on a pegboard to remember important appointments. 

19. Interior design tools

You can also organize interior design tools like tape measures, levels, nails, and screws on a pegboard. This is an excellent idea for those who usually keep these items in a junk drawer, where they could easily get lost. 

20. Behind the kitchen sink

A pegboard could also be placed right behind the kitchen sink. This may be a good option if you have a small kitchen without lots of space to hang things like towels and other tools.