Transform A Small Living Room Into A Stylish Space With These 30 Tricks

That time has finally arrived. You're tired of continuously staring at the same boringly basic decor in your small living room, and you need a change of decor in your environment. If you're feeling like it's time to spruce up your space, but you're not sure where to start, you've come to the right place for some trendy ideas to bring your living room together. Your home is your sanctuary, especially your living room, so designing it can feel extremely stressful, and you may be afraid to make mistakes. According to Mirabello Interiors, mistakes are okay because they're part of your process. So it's time to indulge in some new and improved decor to make your living room look more than spacious. Here you can find some of the best ways to maximize the most space out of your living room. You'll wonder why you didn't transform your living room sooner.

1. Mirrors are a must

Mirrors are perfectly fitting to bring any space together. It's the perfect decor for making any space feel and appear bigger than it is, especially with a fab frame. Not to mention, you won't be able to stop taking selfies or looking at yourself as you walk by.

2. An accent wall is a vibe

Create a beautiful feature wall in your living room that will catch the eyes of anyone who enters the room. With limited space, go for a simple yet contemporary console table with naturally subtle decor.

3. Mounted shelves

Mounted shelves are perfect for styling, storage, and housing a collection of your favorite candles, photos, and more. Because they're simple to install, you can even make it your own DIY project.

4. Add window seating

Create your own nest for relaxation, reading, or just for additional seating. Window seating brings a new element to the style of your living room; it's cozy and chic. You want smooth furniture that's visually appealing and matches your decor.

5. Keep it cozy and cute

The beauty of styling a small space is that you can make it as cozy as you want with a couple of throw pillows and a warm blanket, and it'll look cute. Add in an ottoman, and you're good to go.

6. Dynamic lighting

To maximize the potential of your home, overhead lighting is the best way to go because it takes up less space. Play with different lighting styles like pendants or lantern fixtures to give the room an upgraded, modern feel.

7. Curved furniture

Furniture that looks and feels good is a must for small spaces. Curved furniture is chic, comfortable, and trendy, and it's definitely back in style for the long haul. Round corners, circular furniture, and pointed or oval edges are just the upgraded decor your living room needs.

8. Natural light is everything

Natural lighting is a beauty enhancer for any room, but especially your living room if it's a room you usually spend a lot of time in. Go for sheer curtains and open up your space, so it can get the light it deserves. Don't be surprised if you find yourself drawn to the room more than before.

9. Get an ottoman

Ottomans are perfect for seating and storage, making them a practical addition to your living room. Not to mention, they don't take up lots of space, and they're comfortable.

10. Large area rug

A unique, large area rug is a sure way to maximize most of the space in your home. A carpet rug is retro, stylish, playful, and inviting.

11. Make it earthy

Whoever said there was such a thing as too many plants? Channel your inner boho and get into some natural elements and real or fake plants in your living room.

12. A built in bookcase is a go

If you're an avid book reader and you have a large book collection, this is perfect for you. A built-in bookcase is old-fashioned yet modern, and you can use it to store more than books as long as you style it accordingly. Your guests will always find themselves fascinated by it.

13. Wall art

You can personalize your living room by putting up artwork of your favorite things. Choose a large three-portrait canvas or a combination of multiple small photos.

14. Baskets

Wicker baskets are perfect for living room decor and storage. They bring a peaceful, feminine energy to the space, and they go well with most style tips. Not to mention, they're cheap and easy to find. 

15. Wall mounted TV

Mounting your television to the wall is an elegant decor choice for your living room, and it saves you lots of space, money, and time.

16. Create a cozy corner

Create your own nook just for you. To create your own corner of relaxation and luxury, all you need is two chairs and a small coffee table of your choosing.

17. L-shaped sofa is a good investment

An L-shaped sofa is aesthetically pleasing in style, and it fills in your living room space without taking up too much of the room. 

18. Ceramic objects

Ceramic pieces, vases, and sculptures are perfect for minimalist decor because of their variety of dynamic shapes, designs, and sizes.

19. Neon sign

A neon sign takes attention away from the size of your living room and creates a playful, inviting vibe into the space.

20. Gallery wall

Create a gallery wall of your favorite artwork or photos of family and friends and show them as a surprise treat. The gallery wall will draw you and them in whenever you enter the room.

21. Keep it neutral

Keep your space nice and neutral. Upgrade your living room by simply keeping it soft and modern with colors like beige, white, gray, or forest green. Avoid clutter and embrace open space.

22. Get a daybed

A daybed in the living room is different yet unique. Who wouldn't love a comfy daybed over a regular sofa? It's unexpected, cozy, and adds a new vibe to the space.

23. Swing chair

A swing chair is feminine, playful, and extremely inviting. Not to mention, it adds more seating to your living room. Get lost in a good book or watch some television. Just remember, everyone will want a turn when you have guests over.

24. Minimalism is key

The less clutter, the better. Having minimal decor and accessories in your space will make it appear bigger. Go for ceramic objects, one or two books on the coffee table, and plants to fill the space. Less clutter brings more attention to the style and decor of the room.

25. Patterns are good

If you want to spruce up your living room and you're not going for a specific look, play with some patterns. The more, the merrier.

26. Create a color scheme

Choose two or three combinations of colors that you think blend beautifully well together. It's all up to you, and there is no right or wrong.

27. Room dividers

If your living room is connected to another room like your kitchen or bedroom, or if you live in a loft or studio apartment, get into some fun, stylish room dividers to separate the rooms.

28. Paint the walls

If you're satisfied with your home decor and not looking to do too much, try painting the walls for a mild spruce up, or if that feels like too much, choose one accent wall.

29. Organization is key

The more organized your living room is, the better and bigger it will look and feel. Try using some baskets or cabinets to organize your living room.

30. Dark is better

Home decor doesn't always have to be all light and bright; sometimes, dark colors are better. In fact, dark paint or decor can make your living room appear to be bigger by creating an expansive illusion.