The Best Reviewed Items To Pick Up At Restoration Hardware

Scroll through any interior design Pinterest board or website and you'll often see rave reviews of Restoration Hardware. Professional interior designers and home influencers alike love this brand for its luxurious furniture and decor. But those pieces also come at luxury prices. 

From DIY hacks to tips on how to get the look for less, recreating the Restoration Hardware look is a trend in itself. My Sweet Savannah points out that what makes Restoration Hardware's style luxurious is the oversized look with neutral tones and natural materials. The incorporation of texture makes Restoration Hardware homes look warm. All of those qualities can be seen in the best-reviewed items. You've probably heard of some famous items like the Cloud sectional sofa, but some of the best items to purchase from Restoration Hardware will actually sit outside your home, according to Slumber Search. With a huge range of outdoor furniture, their outdoor collections are some of the highest-rated items. We'll take a look a some of the pieces with rave reviews.

Provence Collection

Home experts always emphasize indoor-outdoor living, a design principle highlighting the connection between our homes and nature. Indoor-outdoor living spaces include areas to relax, entertain, or play. This creates expanded living spaces without having to build an addition to your home. Kristy Wicks created a backyard space that feels like a stylish and comfortable living room using furniture from Restoration Hardware. The main living space in the backyard uses Restoration Hardware's Provence Collection. She created a conversation area in the outdoor living room section of the backyard. She placed two sofas from the Provence Collection across from each other to facilitate conversation.

The collection utilizes a contemporary woven rattan material that adds a bit of texture to an exterior space. Wicks rates the appearance, quality, fabric, and pricing all a five out of five. Quality-wise, the sofas experienced no wear and tear, and the cushions are firm and holding up well because of the upgraded performance fabric. The bench seating across the sofa means there's no uncomfortable split in the cushion. Overall, Wicks thought the high price was worth it for the style and quality.

Sebastian Collection

When it comes to indoor-outdoor living, the point is to create an outdoor space that's as comfortable as the inside of your home. That means choosing quality materials that will stand up to the elements while still providing soft cushions that you can sink into to relax at the end of the night. Restoration Hardware is renowned for using quality materials like solid wood that stand the test of time. Though the prices are high, most don't mind spending a little more if it means having furniture pieces they won't have to replace every few years.

That is the case with YouTuber Julia Havens, who reviewed Restoration Hardware furniture pieces she says are worth buying. On the screened-in porch in the home she shares with her husband, Julia shows off the Sebastian Collection for Restoration Hardware. She loves that the collection brings luxury and durability to the outdoor living space. The Sebastian Collection is made of teak wood, which is one of the strongest woods and one of the best for resisting extreme weather, rotting, and warping, according to Cyan Teak Furniture. Havens also says the cushions have been easy to clean with a quick power washing. The final verdict is that Restoration Hardware outdoor furniture is definitely worth the investment.