The Best Sectionals For Your Living Room

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Sectional sofas reign supreme when it comes to comfort. As One Kings Lane points out, the primary selling point of a sectional sofa is that it's simply more spacious. Think about it — even one chaise seat goes a long way in leveling up a sectional from a traditional sofa. Sectionals come in all shapes and sizes (literally), but regardless of the configuration, there is always a perfect snuggly corner or extended seat that everyone fights over.

While sectionals may be synonymous with spaciousness, that doesn't mean you can only have one if you have a large living room. Even a compact city apartment can be home to a sectional sofa. It's just a matter of finding the right size and shape. When shopping for a sectional, consider elements like the traffic pattern of your home (via Crate & Barrel). Be mindful of which side the chaise or L-shape extends, and also be sure to mock up the measurements of the sofa you're considering, as sectionals are typically deeper than regular sofas. Want to complete an incredible living room makeover? Here are some unique sectional sofas for all sizes, shapes, and style preferences.

The sectional that transforms into a sleeper and has storage

This sectional sofa is all about functionality. While some sectionals serve as simply a great place to cozy up in the living room, this one from EQ3 is that and more. In addition to being a sofa, it transforms into a sleeper and features storage in the chaise. It's a three-for-one situation, making it a solid option for those who often have guests spend the night and need to convert their living room into another bedroom.

The Reva 2-Piece Sectional Sleeper Sofa comes in two-bed size options — double and queen — and left or right-facing orientation. Pull the backrest forward to expose a memory foam mattress and make the sofa a sleeper. A stylish aspect of this couch is that even with its many functions, it still has a sleek and modern design and isn't too clunky.

Purchase the Reva 2-Piece Sectional Sleeper Sofa with Storage Chaise from EQ3 starting at $5,399

A modern sectional with an extra wide chaise

The extra wide chaise is the selling point of this sectional sofa from Joybird. With a width measuring 48 inches, the chaise is large enough to share (if you want to, of course). Built on an engineered wood frame, the Lewis Sectional features solid wood legs for a mid-century modern look. There are 64 fabric options, including velvet, sustainable, and pet-friendly materials. In addition to the wide chase, the sofa is very deep, with one reviewer suggesting adding extra pillows to help prop you up.

With a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, most customers are quite satisfied. One reviewer wrote, "We love our sectional, and by we I mean the 2 humans who share the couch with 2 Great Danes. There is room for all of us to enjoy. The couch is extremely comfortable and the quality is fantastic. The fabric is easy to clean and washable." Speaking of how to clean your sectional sofa, each fabric option has a "cleaning code" label. For example, those marked with a W can only withstand water-based cleaning methods, while S allows for dry solvent-based cleaners. This feature makes it easy to know exactly how to handle a spill when it inevitably occurs.

Purchase the Lewis Sectional from Joybird starting at $4,159

The perfect sectional for a small space

Just because you have a small living room doesn't mean you can't still have a sectional. Take the Aaron 2-Piece from AllModern as an example of a space-conscious sectional sofa. The overall width is under 8 feet, which is very doable for most living spaces. Measurements aside, the style elements help give it a compact feel. For example, the arms are square and narrow, and the tapered wood legs have a slimming effect. It comes in four fabric color options — rust, cream, gray, and blue — all of which are made from polyester and are water-resistant and UV fade-resistant.

If you're concerned about arranging a sectional in your small living room, RST Brands recommends placing the sectional in a corner. This position keeps it tucked away and flush with the wall. Otherwise, if you have an open-concept space and want to create a sense of division (such as in a studio apartment), you can flip the sofa so that the L-shape sticks out into the room.

Purchase the Aaron 2-Piece from All Modern starting at $1,170

A sectional that's completely customizable

The best sectional for you is the one that works best in your space, and sometimes that means you need to be able to take the reins with customization. If this applies to you, then check out the Sactional from Lovesac. The customization process is as thorough as it gets, and you'll be able to design the sectional sofa from top to bottom using handy online tools that allow you to drag and drop pieces from the couch. They offer regular seats, storage seats, and modular wedge seats. You can then pick your fabric, in addition to the type of fill you want, whether it's a down blend or standard foam.

Lovesac provides configuration templates for you to base your design on, but you can get as creative as you want. You can even add accessories, like a wood drink holder that fits on the arm of the sofa.

Purchase the Sactional from Lovesac starting at $3,875

A durable sectional that doesn't sacrifice style

If you know your sectional will see a lot of use, it makes sense to keep resiliency in mind. The last thing you want is to spend a ton of money on a sofa and have it wear down after only a year or two.

As Sheely's points out, there are some key things to look out for when shopping for a long-lasting sectional sofa. The most important feature is the density of the cushion foam and the spring resiliency. The Park Sectional Sofa from Albany Park accomplishes these two exact things. Their cushions have foam wrapped in feathers for a combination of comfort and support, and they also use a spring suspension system that supports the seat cushions. As for the style elements of this sectional — along with being able to customize the fabric of this sleek sofa, you can also choose between gold or black legs.

Purchase the Park Sectional Sofa from Albany Park starting at $2,695

A casual California-coastal sectional

Did you know there's such a thing as a coastal sofa? As Curated Interior reports, not all coastal couches look the same, but they are perfect for a nautical beach house or a living room with coastal decor. Some coastal sofas may feature a nautical East Coast vibe, and others may have a rattan base for a tropical feel. This sofa from West Elm falls under the category California coastal.

The West Elm Marin Bumper Chaise Sectional is about the simplicity of comfort. While it doesn't have ornate details or patterned fabric, it does feature wide overstuffed cushions that emphasize relaxation. If you want to glam it up, go for a velvet fabric, or lean into the seaside vibe with linen. However, this sectional is large, so it's better suited for a spacious living room.

Purchase the Marin Bumper Chaise Sectional from West Elm starting at $3,298

A small but mighty sectional that comes in hot pink velvet

This hot pink sectional packs a hot pink punch in your living space. The Taylor Plush Modular Chaise Sofa from Apt2B is ideal if you want a statement piece because it is available in many fun fabric options, including hot pink velvet. Since a color like this is a big commitment, Apt2B allows you to order free fabric swatches, which we recommend taking full advantage of.

According to Article, when picking a sofa color for your living room, you'll want to consider the psychology of color. Pinks and reds bring up feelings of cheer and passion, whereas taupes and grays feel calm and grounded. Pick the vibe you want, and keep this sectional sofa in mind if you wish to bring some extra spunk to your space.

Purchase the Taylor Plush 3-Piece Modular Reversible Chaise Sofa from Apt2B starting at $3,998

A leather sectional that's high tech

Welcome to the 21st century, when even your sofa can have high-tech capabilities. The Block Nomad Leather Double Chaise Sectional from Burrow features a built-in USB charger and 72-inch power cord, so you always have a place to plug in your electronics. How's that for convenience?

Ironically, one of our favorite things about this sectional sofa is that you would never know it has these techy capabilities from looking at it. While technological perks are a primary selling point, the main things you want from a sofa are comfort and style. The Block Nomad Sectional comes in three Italian leather color options, six leg options (three that are wood, three that are metal), and three arm styles. The Baltic birch wood frame is sturdy and will not warp with time. This sofa is luxurious with a modern twist.

Purchase the Block Nomad Leather Double Chaise Sectional from Burrow starting at $4,585

A super modern sectional at a fair price

For a sectional sofa that looks like it's from Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's crazy minimalist home, check out the Three-Piece Sectional from Floyd. This modular sofa is low-profile with sleek lines. It's fitted with deep cushions with double-layer foam for maximum comfort and durability.

You have many configuration options when it comes to this sectional. It's pretty customizable from top to bottom, whether you want a more traditional sofa with a chaise or a more modern look with a side chaise (essentially a seat without a back). There are five performance fabric options (made from 100 percent polyester) and two bouclé fabric options, all of which are stain and odor-resistant (remember, that doesn't mean stain-proof). This sectional will seamlessly fit into any modern, minimalist living room that you still want to look lived-in.

Purchase the Three-Piece Sectional from Floyd starting at $3,075

A sectional you can buy on Amazon that actually has good reviews

Amazon may not be the first place you think of when shopping for a sectional sofa, but it actually has some pretty solid, budget-friendly options. The Revolve Sofa with Reversible Sectional Chaise, for example, comes courtesy of Rivet, an Amazon furniture brand that launched in 2019. According to Insider, Rivet focuses on mid-century modern designs with an industrial twist. (Their other furniture brand is Stone & Beam, which has more of a traditional and rustic-inspired style).

The Revolve Sofa seen here has a classic sectional design with a chaise that you can move to either side. It features a hardwood frame, beech wood legs, and durable polyester fabric. This sofa may not be the most luxurious sectional of the bunch, but as the 4.4-star reviews reveal, it certainly gets the job done.

Purchase the Revolve Modern Upholstered Sofa with Reversible Sectional Chaise from Rivet starting at $856

A trendy bouclé fabric sectional

Bouclé fabric is all the rage right now. It's textured, soft, and instantly adds a cozy element to any living room. As The Latch explains, bouclé is French for "loop." The fabric features a raised fleece-y appearance due to these loops sewed with yarn. Typically made of wool, bouclé is also available in linen and silk. Due to the fabric's distinct texture, bouclé tends to work best on furniture pieces with curved edges, much like the Strato 3-Piece Sectional Sofa from CB2.

The Strato, designed by Mermelada Estudio, has an undeniable funky '70s vibe. The channel tufting that covers the front and back of the sofa is the exact type of curvature that showcases bouclé fabric. It comes in an off-white pearl color or a camel-color velvet if you want to skip the bouclé altogether. There are plenty of trendy ways to style a white sofa. This sectional sofa is groovy meets comfort.

Purchase the Strato 3-Piece Bouclé Sectional Sofa from CB2 starting at $4,797

An eco-friendly sectional

A stylish, comfortable sofa is great, but an eco-friendly sofa is even better. If sustainability is top of mind for you, even when shopping for a couch, then Inside Weather's Bondi Collection will pique your interest. Everything from this collection features FSC Certified solid ash hardwood, which means the wood comes from a responsibly managed forest. The cushions used for Bondi sofas have a 100 percent recycled down alternative. According to Inside Weather, one Bondi sofa is equivalent to nearly 300 recycled plastic bottles.

The sectional sofa is modular, so you can configure it however you want or continue to add or subtract from it as your living room situation changes. The Inside Weather 4-Seater Sofa is a good starting place, but feel free to customize it as your heart desires. There are also marigold, blue, and cappuccino color options available.

Purchase the Modular Bondi 4-Seater Sofa by Inside Weather starting at $4,400

A funky sectional that feels like you're on a cloud

From the large, rounded edges to the low profile, the Hay Mags Soft Low sectional has major cloud vibes. The sofa is funky but still simple and casual enough that it won't overpower your living room. The cushions are manufactured to be ultra comfortable and resilient, made with down-wrapped high-density foam.

Beyond a range of colors, Hay offers some unique fabric options. For example, they have a fabric called "Mode," which mimics the look and feel of wool but is actually polyester (80 percent of which is post-consumer recycled). Another one of their specialty formulated fabrics is "Linara," which is a blend of 63 percent cotton and 37 percent linen and features a soft, brushed finish. The Mags is ideal for the person who wants a statement sofa that's still friendly and inviting.

Purchase the Mags Soft Low Sectional with Chaise from Hay starting at $4,395

A sectional that's secretly a recliner

We bet you didn't know this sectional sofa is also a recliner, and that's because recliners tend to have a reputation for looking a certain way. Typically they conjure up images of a bulky couch with a big, old-fashioned lever on the side. The Leisure Power Recliner Sectional from Crate & Barrel challenges the stereotype by featuring a slim silhouette with narrow sides and no unaesthetic lever in sight. Hidden-away buttons control the power recliner, allowing you to customize the back and footrest of the recliner separately.

Other key features include a frame made with kiln-dried hardwood to prevent warping, cushions made with polyfoam wrapped in fiber, and matte black metal legs (complete with plastic floor protectors). Don't write off a recliner, even if you prefer more modern styles.

Purchase the Leisure Power Recliner 4-Piece Sectional from Crate & Barrel starting at $4,896