60 Bedrooms That Will Have You Saying Paint It Black

Those who love bold interior design trends undoubtedly enjoy black walls. Painting your walls black is gutsy, especially in a world where more and more people design everything white and airy. But for those brave enough to execute it, painting with black is a great design choice. According to Melanie Lissak Interiors, some steer clear of black because it may make a space feel smaller and often reduces the amount of light in your room. However, black can also make a space feel cozy, make your other decorations pop, and look amazing when photographed. It's also easier to maintain than a white wall, which will show every fingerprint and scuff. And, you can hide things like black cords against a black wall.

A great room to paint black is your bedroom. Black can make a space feel snug and secure, and it'll also reduce the natural light from your windows, which will make your bedroom the perfect sleeping oasis. Below are black bedroom designs to inspire you.

1. Black closet doors

Most closet doors are white. However, choosing to paint them black can help integrate them into a dark bedroom space.  

2. Chalkboard wall

You could paint a wall in your bedroom with chalk paint, making your space entirely customizable.

3. Metal lighting

Black paint will make other features in your bedroom really pop. In this space, the metal lighting stands out against the all-black room. 

4. Paneling

Creating a black accent wall with paneling can add intrigue to your bedroom. The paneling in this room makes the space look more dynamic. 

5. Outer space décor

Because black resembles the night sky, you could lean into an outer space-themed room decorated with constellations, stars, and moon charts.  

6. Black and pink

Black and pink can be an intriguing combination in a space. This room only has neutral furniture and décor that draws attention to the pink wall.  

7. Natural light

If you have large windows in your bedroom, you could consider painting a black accent wall. In this case, the combination of natural light and black paint makes the space feel airy. 

8. Iron bed frame

An iron bed frame is an excellent addition to a black-painted room and gives an industrial look. You can also make the space moody with dim lighting. 

9. Mixing with bright colors

Black can also go with multiple bright colors, like purple and pink. The gold accents in this room tie everything together. 

10. Black box

Painting all the walls in a room black is brave, and it is a great design choice that will make your bedroom feel cozy and snug. 

11. Fun mirror

Decorating with fun mirrors or other bold decorations on a black wall will make them stick out. The white and gold in this mirror catch the eye.  

12. Behind the bed

Painting wooden boards black and placing them behind the bed can create the look of a modern headboard. 

13. Black accent wall

Black can make a great accent wall color. For instance, this room's black wall shade is only behind the bed, but the rest of the room plays with grays and wood tones. 

14. Neon pops of yellow

A great color to use with black is yellow. Painting part of a wall black and adding yellow décor items will make the space super fun. 

15. Dim lighting

When combined with dim lighting, black paint can create a moody atmosphere in a room. This bedroom looks like the perfect place to fall asleep. 

16. Skylights

Black walls can also be a great addition to a room with skylights. This bedroom combines earthy elements like dark bricks and wood with lots of beautiful natural light. 

17. Mixing black and brick

Gray bricks could also be mixed with black paneling. This room uses a mixture of gray, white, and black colors, forming an elegant and comfortable space. 

18. Black trim

Keeping a bedroom white but painting the trim black is unique, and it draws attention to the architecture of the room. 

19. Black floors

You could also paint the floors black. This room has a black floor and accent wall, creating the perfect cozy space to relax.

20. Painted black art

If you want to add a subtle hint of black, select wall art in the color's spectrum. In this bedroom, the oil painting above the bed works well with the plant stand and the blanket on the bed. 

21. Painted black planter

For another subtle idea, you could paint a planter black. Combining black with gold will look very luxurious. 

22. Gold art

This bedroom's three gold, gray, and white pieces of art stand out on the black accent wall. Carrying these colors through the rest of the room makes it feel complete. 

23. Boho décor

Black can also look great with earthy, boho décor pieces and bedding. The wood and sandy tones in this bedroom space draw the viewer in. 

24. Playing with plants

Adding lots of plants to a black room will make it feel bright, especially when combined with light flooring and a white comforter. 

25. Gold trim

For an extra bold move, paint your walls black and your trims gold. Look how this room looks luxurious and chic. 

26. Wood shelving

You could also mix black paint with wooden furniture. The wood shelf in this room looks great in front of the black wall. 

27. Rattan furniture

Rattan furniture can also look great against a dark backdrop; not only that, but the textures in the furnishings will also make a statement. 

28. Striped dark wallpaper

To add a more dynamic black wall, choose black wallpaper. The wallpaper in this bedroom is gray and black striped. 

29. Gold accents

Any bold color you decorate within a dark room will stand out, especially if it's bright gold. Gold and black are a great color combination for any space. 

30. Black door frame

If your door is a bold color, painting its frame black will attract attention — the bright yellow door is the main feature of this room. 

31. Beige bed frame

Even beige can look great with black. The mixture of beige and black can make any space feel homey and cozy. 

32. Gray bed frame

Because it's placed against a dark black wall, this gray bed frame makes you want to curl up and fall asleep. 

33. Black, gray, and white

If you want to create a modern bedroom, limit your color palette to white, gray, and black, then add one dash of gold. 

34. Black ceiling

If you're really feeling daring, you could paint your ceiling black, and this will transform your room into a cocoon of comfort. 

35. Woven hanging wall art

Woven features can look stunning against a dark accent wall. The woven hanging wall art and light fixtures in this room look beautiful. 

36. White headboard

A white headboard against a black wall will help break up the dark paint and designate your bed space. 

37. Floating bed frame

You could also paint a floating bed frame black. When in bed, a black bed frame will create the illusion that you are wrapped up in an all-dark room. 

38. Luxurious

Mixing wood with black creates a luxurious look in a room. Look how the wood panels on the back wall catch the eye. 

39. Black with light wood

This room plays with wood, gray, and black elements. The hidden stripes in the black wallpaper match the bedding. 

40. Comfy vibes

The tufted headboard, fluffy pillows, and black wall in this space create a warm feeling that's perfect for a bedroom. 

41. Wooden window trim

To make the wooden trim around a window stand out, paint the rest of the room black. 

42. Sophisticated and feminine

Mixing pink and wood accents with black paint can create a sophisticated and feminine look in any space. 

43. Black floor molding

You could also paint your floor molding black, and this would hide shoe scuffs and other marks on your molding. 

44. Extended headboard

An extended black headboard creates a chic look in the bedroom. To save money, you could create the same look with paint and thin wood boards.

45. Pops of red

Because this black bedroom has mostly neutral décor pieces, the red lamps really pop. Adding a bold color like red to a dark space can add visual interest. 

46. Black headboard

Headboards can easily be painted to give them a new look. A black headboard will draw attention in a white room. 

47. Fun lighting

When placed against a black wall, unique lighting will stick out. These light fixtures look modern and tasteful. 

48. Black wall

Painting a black wall next to your bed instead of behind your bed can be a unique design choice. 

49. Earthy elements

Adding earthy elements, like a wood bench and a lush plant can make a dark space more inviting. 

50. Hanging plants

If the only dark element in your space is a black wall, hanging decorations on it that match the rest of your room can make it feel cohesive. In this case, that means hanging plants. 

51. Green accents

Green bedding can also look great in an all-black bedroom, especially when combined with white and wood elements. 

52. Moody lighting

The horizontal light above the bed in this room is dim and moody, adding to the cozy atmosphere. 

53. Match a black fireplace

If you have a black piece already in your bedroom — like this fireplace — painting a wall a similar shade can make your space appear more cohesive. 

54. Diamond design

Like with this fun diamond design, you could also play with texture on a black accent wall. The tufted black bed frame adds a different texture as well. 

55. Black window trim

Painting the trim on a window black but keeping the rest of the space light will make it look like an art piece. 

56. Modern, clean lines

If you add a black wall with paneling, using modern furniture and bedding with straight lines can be a great choice. The abstract wall art in this room helps break up the straight lines in the furnishings and comforter. 

57. Hanging lights

Unique hanging lights against a dark wall can make them pop. This room has black marble hanging lights that are outstanding. 

58. Wood wall

Wood and black always look great together, as demonstrated in this bedroom. Adding metallic features, like the lampshades, can also create dimension. 

59. Striped black headboard

This room has a black striped headboard that looks like it belongs in the space and creates a fun and textured appearance. 

60. Dark bedding

Dark bedding can effortlessly integrate a dark wall into your bedroom. This room has dark bedding and a gray comforter.