The Best Ways To Try Out Paint Trends In Your Home

An easy way to transform your home is with a fresh coat of paint. A new color on the wall instantly makes a room feel like a new place. But for many homeowners, choosing a paint color is a lot of pressure, a big commitment, and a huge change in aesthetic. Home Made Lovely suggests creating a whole home color palette to make choosing paint colors easier. You can mix up which color is the main color of the room, while still remaining cohesive.

Home trends can change pretty quickly and that includes paint. Sometimes you may want to try out the current paint trends without painting every wall. Luckily, there are ways to satisfy your want for a new color in smaller pops throughout your home. Since paint trends do change often, incorporating these colors of the moment in smaller ways makes them easier to change again if you find a new color you love more.

Go graphic

Rather than painting the entire wall, you can paint a graphic or geometric shape as a feature. This trend has become a common way for people to add a bit of new color to the room. And it's especially great for homeowners who don't want an entire wall of color. A graphic shape allows you to keep the majority of the room in a neutral color. It's also pretty easy to change up the color because you'll only have to paint over a small portion to swap one color for a new one.

For graphic shapes, Love Property suggests a circle, a corner, or a stripe of color. Arches are also incredibly popular in contemporary interiors. You can also paint alcoves or the underside of a doorway for an unexpected pop of color. If you want to use more than one color, a mural on a feature wall is a great idea. Many homeowners use painter's tape to create geometric shapes like triangles and hexagons and fill the shapes with a few different colors.

Step up

You climb your stairs every day and never considered them an integral part of your design. But the stairs in your home present a great opportunity to add a little color to your home. You can paint both the riser and the tread of your stairs. The riser is the front of the stairs and the tread is where you step. Many homeowners use the riser as a place to add color or a design while leaving the tread as is. But you can paint both the same color or paint them different colors as well.

However, many homeowners worry about how well painted stairs hold up since they're a highly trafficked area. Erika from Olive and June painted her stairs and reported how well they were doing after a year's use. She was pleasantly surprised with the lack of wear and tear. A high-quality floor and porch paint is the best thing to use when painting your stairs. However, nicks are still possible, so they may need a touch-up occasionally.

Front and center

A front door is a common place to add a pop of color and a great place to try out a shade of paint you've been eyeing. Painted doors add personality to the exterior of your home, which can boost curb appeal and make your home stand out on the block. And because it's on the exterior and not somewhere you have to see inside every day, you can be a little more daring.

Use an exterior paint that can stand up to the outdoor elements for your front door. Shades of blue, red, and yellow are all popular colors for front doors but don't be afraid to walk a little on the wilder side and choose shades of orange, green, or pink that may not be as popular. Love Remodeled suggests painting the trim around the door white to make a colorful front door even more prominent. You can also match your shutters to the door to create a cohesive look.

Frame it up

For a more impermanent pop of color, you can use picture frames. Place these all over your home to add colors to walls and surfaces. You'll be able to find picture frames in a range of colors at any home decor store. But if there's a paint color you've been loving, don't be afraid to give frames a fresh coat. It's an incredibly easy DIY that will only take a few hours to be completely finished. Paining picture frames is also a cheap DIY as you can often purchase them at discounted prices or find them in antique stores.

Start by removing the glass from the picture frame, then clean it of any dust before you start painting, says The House on Silverado. This will provide you with the best surface for painting. Wood takes paint pretty well on its own, but materials like plastic or metal may give you some trouble since they're smooth. Use a primer that helps paint stick to metal or plastic before applying the paint.

Behind the books

Give your books and collectibles the background they deserve by painting the back of your bookcase. Completely Coastal says that painted bookcases don't only add color but also create a touch of drama in the room and help highlight the display. Painted backgrounds on bookcases are bold and statement-making without altering the color of the entire room. They're a great place to feature the accent colors in your palette.

The back of the bookshelves isn't the only place that can take a new coat, however. Try painting the shelves themselves to give your bookcase a colorful detail. You can either paint the entire shelf or just the front if you want something minimal. And if you want to go with a monochrome look, you can paint the whole bookshelf, plus the decor on it. This works best with vases and decorative items that won't be damaged by paint. Coordinating books with the color of the shelf is another way to add a bit of the rainbow to your space.