You Probably Didn't Know The Coffee Maker In Your Home Can Do This

Whether you are a morning person or not, one of the essential countertop appliances in your kitchen is probably the coffee maker. From French presses, and K-cup brewers, to standard drip coffee makers, these little machines can provide you with a steamy fresh cup of coffee while saving you a bundle by making those caffeinated brews at home. With plenty of coffee flavors to choose from and easy clean-up, it's no wonder that coffee makers are a staple among most American homes. The 2020 National Coffee Data Trends report released by the National Coffee Association revealed that 70% of Americans have a weekly drink of coffee, with 62% making it a daily habit. That means there are a lot of coffee makers working overtime at home.

With a regular drip coffee maker, water is placed in the reservoir and coffee grounds are added to the adjoining filter. Once turned on, the water slowly comes to a boil working its way up a small tube to a drip area which then pours the hot water over the ground-up coffee beans, according to How Stuff Works. As the liquid passes over the coffee grounds and through the filter, flavorful coffee collects in the pot and stays warm with the help of a hot plate where it's ready to be enjoyed. But did you know that your coffee maker is capable of so much more?

Other drinks you can make with your coffee maker

At first glance, you might think your run-of-the-mill drip coffee maker is just a one-hit-wonder, only able to perform the simple (yet vital) task of brewing fresh coffee whenever you crave it. However, if you dig deeper into its manual you will discover that this simple machine can be hacked to do way more than you think. From the constant traveler who can't spare much room in their luggage to those who live in a tiny apartment or modest home where the kitchen counter space is limited, a standard drip coffee maker might be all you need to provide other hot drinks.

Because of the coffee makers' ability to boil water and filter it through to a large pot, it's the ideal machine to make other drinks where you just need to add water. Other than coffee, your maker can act as a kettle to get you a steaming pot of tea, according to Teabloom. Fill the reservoir and pop tea bags into either the filter or the pot itself. Once it's run a full cycle, you'll be left with a pot of tea that will stay warm thanks to the heating element. Also, perform the same task, but this time toss a few scoops of powdered cocoa into the coffee pot. By the end, you will have a creamy pot of delicious hot chocolate that will be perfect for a chilly evening.

Meals you can prepare with your coffee maker

If you thought that your standard coffee maker could only provide you with hot drinks, then get your bib ready, because this machine can also accomplish some mouth-watering recipes. In a pinch, your coffee maker can help you make some simple meals such as a steaming bowl of savory ramen, as per My Recipes. Simply pour the recommended amount of water into the reservoir, add the noodles and flavor packet to the coffee carafe, and start the process. Once complete, you can pour the contents into a bowl and kick back with a comforting meal. By following roughly the same process you can also make a hearty bowl of oatmeal or chicken noodle soup.

The coffee pot can be further utilized to make hard-boiled eggs or even corn on the cob. Again, fill the reservoir and put the eggs or quartered ears of corn into the coffee pot, then start boiling the water. For more complex dishes, you could even hack the coffee maker hot plate in order to fry up small bacon strips or even scramble a few eggs. Placing a small pan on the hot plate could provide enough heat to cook the bacon and eggs and make yourself a decent well-rounded little breakfast. This method could also make sausages and gooey grilled cheeses as well. All it takes is a little ingenuity to get the most out of your coffee maker!