Renting A Truck From Home Depot Is Surprisingly Affordable

If you call Home Depot your go-to home improvement store, you may want to look into some of the rental services they provide. Of course, Home Depot is well-known as a great place to purchase all things home repair and gardening related. But did you know the retail giant will also help you with DIY project designs and moves? Home Depot allows customers to rent both tools for a day and trucks from many of their locations.

Perhaps you need a truck to move that large tool you just rented, or maybe you're moving down the street or even across the country. You could also be looking to save money by avoiding inflated delivery fees on furniture. For any of these needs, check out Home Depot's truck rental service. You're sure to find it convenient and surprisingly inexpensive. According to, the average cost of a rental truck is $1,550. If you're hoping to spend less than that, Home Depot may be the best place to rent one.

Home Depot's truck rental service

According to their site, Home Depot offers a number of truck sizes for whatever needs you may have. For instance, for a local move or a tool rental transport, look into their flatbed trucks. Flatbeds can be rented for $19 for the first 75 minutes. If you need to keep it longer than that, the smallest flatbed can be rented for $129 for a full day or about $900 for the week. If you need a cargo van for your local move, those start at only $29 per day. Another smaller option is a moving box truck, which is great for zipping bulky items to and from your storage unit or moving a small apartment across town.

If you have a larger move or are transporting items all the way across the country, Home Depot offers those yellow Penske moving trucks you always pass on the highway. Penske trucks also come in a number of sizes and can be used to move anything from a one bedroom apartment up to a 5-bedroom home. Rates depend on the size of the truck you choose and how far you will be driving it. Some of the larger options can also tow cars behind them.

The benefits of renting a truck

According to, the main benefits of renting a truck typically revolve around a service that is less expensive and more convenient, and can easily accommodate a range of needs. If you're staying local with something relatively small, a rental truck will ensure your cargo stays safe and your own car doesn't get damaged. If you're moving everything you own, renting a truck gives you complete control over your possessions. You can guarantee that your belongings will be well taken care of, and you won't have to deal with delivery delays or lost moving trucks. Furthermore, because Home Depot locations are found all over the United States, picking up and dropping off your rental truck will be easy.

Feeling lost in the moving process? Another helpful feature to look into is Home Depot's Moving Supplies Calculator. If you need to stock up on supplies such as moving boxes, blankets, or bubble wrap, this calculator will tell you exactly what you need for your move according to how large your space is and what possessions you own.