The Best Way To Clean Behind Your Couch

No matter how much you clean your home, there is always an area that is tough to get to. Whether it's situated in a corner or is too heavy to move around, the couch is definitely one of those items. Unfortunately, it's also one of the most significant pieces of furniture that accumulate the most dirt, trash, and dust, which begs the question- how do you clean behind it and keep it clean?

Clutter says that moving the furniture is obviously the biggest hurdle, but extendable cleaners are a good option to address that issue. Since a new couch can be expensive, you want to protect both the furniture and the carpet or hardwood floors it sits on. There are so many ways to either not clean thoroughly or damage furniture or floors when cleaning behind the couch, but with a little preparation, it doesn't need to be a difficult job.

Move the furniture

The first thing you want to find out is if you can actually move the couch, as this is the best way to make sure you get to the back and get rid of everything that has accumulated there since the last time you cleaned. If you've never cleaned behind the couch since you moved it, you might be in for a messy surprise. If you've got hardwood floors, consider purchasing furniture pads that can fit underneath so that it doesn't damage the floors.

LifeSavvy also suggests investing in risers that can prop up the couch if it's extra heavy, like a sleeper sofa, for example. They are inexpensive, and have can be used with other pieces of heavy furniture as well. If you have kids running around, the endless LEGO pieces and plastic toys and cars will surely find a way to the back of the couch.

Clean under the couch

If moving the couch is either too trying a task, or for some reason not possible, you can try cleaning behind it from underneath the couch. There are a lot of extendable wands and dusters that can be used to get the dirt and dust out of there. If DIY is more your style, Today's Homeowner suggests making one out of a yardstick and covering it with a sock. It's DIY to the rescue!

A vacuum will also do the job. Modern vacuums come with a variety of extenders to reach way back behind a heavy couch. If you can separate a sectional into its individual pieces easily and without a lot of maneuvering, you can vacuum the nooks and crannies that can hide food and toys as well. If you are leaning towards a vacuum, be aware that small objects or toys from behind the couch can get stuck, so before vacuuming, a duster or long claws might be a good idea to get any larger items out.

Ideas to keep it clean

Keeping the couch clean can be a challenging task, as it's not one of those areas that you see every day like a kitchen table or living room rug. The dirt and dust behind the couch are hidden but can affect the air you breathe at home, and can create hiding spaces for bugs and spiders.

According to Furnishing Tips, you should clean behind and underneath the couch roughly every 3 to 6 months, making it more of a once-over instead of a deep clean. Try making it part of your spring clean routine, or put it in the calendar. Another tip to avoid getting a ton of things stuck behind the couch is to use pool noodles cut to the length of the couch (you can use more than one) as a barrier. Find one that matches the color of the couch, floor, or carpet to blend in a bit more.

Final thoughts

The best way to clean behind the couch depends on the type, size, and contents behind it. A long duster might be enough to get the spiderwebs, dust bunnies, and dirt that has built up since the last time you cleaned it, but those with pets or children may require a more thorough regimen. If you know you have toys behind the couch, avoid vacuuming until you get those things out of there to avoid getting something stuck in the tube.

Don't wait to clean behind the couch, and while you're at it, it's a good idea to get the couch itself cleaned as well. There are plenty of companies out there that do professional couch cleaning, and it'll help you get behind the couch as well. According to Kennedy Carpet, professional cleaning not only gets the dust mites and dirty smell out of there, but it can extend the life of the couch.