The Best Roof Color If You Have A Red House

Ensuring every aspect of your home is painted to complement one another is important for your interior and exterior. This is a crucial component of interior design, as using the wrong colors may diminish the decorative theme you are going for. It is definitely important to consider your house as a whole when deciding what to paint. If you're beginning with the exterior of your property, you need to choose paint for the walls, and what materials you would like for the roof — tiles, asphalt shingles, concrete, metal roofing, and more, explains Nation Wide.

If you are specifically painting your home red, there is a small batch of colors to choose from for your roof, states Heritage Construction. Red homes usually incorporate a farmhouse or rustic theme — or a mixture of both. These can turn out to be beautiful designs as long as they're done right. If you have a red home or are planning to paint it soon, take a look at some of the colors that are recommended for your roof.

Neutral colors soothe and complement bright colors

Bright colors are sure to create an eye-catching design for your home. Since red is such a saturated color, you will want your roof to add an element of neutrality while also complementing the rest of the exterior — if not, your home could end up looking somewhat like a circus. Luckily, Heritage Construction has provided a few color options that homeowners can implement to create a harmonious exterior. They advised to pair it with neutral colors, such as black, dark brown, dark green, or gray.

A red house paired with a neutral color is crucial in achieving contrast to create a visually appealing home. According to SFGate, contrasting bright and neutral colors is an important step when designing a home, as it will give your red home a colorful pop while the neutral color sits in the background to achieve a balanced appearance.