25 Pool Oasis Landscaping Ideas To Get Inspired By

If you have a pool, you want it to be the place you can go to entertain guests, have fun, or just unwind after a long day. While a standard backyard pool is great, upgrading your landscaping can transform it from a run-of-the-mill spot into a backyard paradise. 

When thinking of updating your pool space, think about all of the elements of landscaping. Planting flowers and greenery will add a relaxing and natural element to your pool, but you can go beyond just plants. Shoreline Pools notes that things like pavement upgrades, deck installation, or lighting can work alongside greenery to liven up your yard; when combining all of these elements, the possibilities are endless. 

Whether you want to make major professional upgrades or do a simple DIY project, there are plenty of ways to create a pool oasis right at home. If you need some inspiration, look no further. Here are 25 pool landscaping ideas to get you started.

Go minimalistic

An ultra-minimalistic home deserves an equally sleek pool. For a modern minimalistic pool, think about clean lines and simple colors that complement the house. Keep other design elements to a minimum to maintain all the focus on the pool, as demonstrated by this property.

Install a deck

A floating deck right at the edge of the pool is not something you will find everywhere. Be sure to include a few seats and a coffee table for a poolside dining experience.

Poolside lighting

Another worthy upgrade that adds functionality is the installation of lights in and around your pool. Lighting will bring the outdoor space to life and give you the luxury of illuminated night swims.

Mixed materials

Mixing materials like brick and rock can add some dynamism to your outdoor space. These two materials complement one another to create the look of a desert oasis. 

Pool inside the garden

Including a flower garden right by the pool is a worthy upgrade. Thick hedges act as dividers separating the pool area from other areas in your backyard. And you will love the splash of color when the blooming season comes.

Resort-like vibe

Create a resort right at home by including tropical plants in your landscape. A tropical feel is guaranteed to catch the interest of your guests. Such plants also provide the much-needed color and vibrance to your pool area.

Elevate the lounge area

When thinking of a pool area landscape design, it is not always about the aesthetics — think of creative ways of making the space more functional. Elevating the lounge area is one way to make the place practical and playful, with added space and a raised deck for jumping into the pool.

Pattern around the pool

When trying to spice up your pool area, look to your pavement for some pattern. Concrete pavers can be an excellent tool for creating elegant designs on the patio around your pool.

Make the pool standout

While the general landscape should be elegant and appealing, your pool should be the main center of focus. For a raised pool, a surrounding layer of stone pebbles can add a chic touch that makes your pool stand out.

Exclusively wood

A wooden deck is a low-maintenance idea that you should consider, especially if you have a small backyard. A hard, water-resistant wood will look great with most pools, not to mention how wooden decks are easy on bare feet.

Simple green lawn

A well-manicured green lawn will never go out of style. And it is the perfect design when you want to keep your yard simple and elegant. 

Hedge for privacy

Ideally, we would all enjoy our time in the pool away from prying eyes. Planting a thick edge around the pool provides privacy and beauty in your backyard.

Add a fire pit

There is something calming and enticing about beautiful embers of a flame by the pool. This unique fire pit also features a waterfall, perfect for relaxation even during the night.

Calming fountain

Bring the resort experience right to your backyard pool by installing a soothing fountain. A fountain is beautiful to look at, and splashing sounds will get you in a swimming mood. Adding lighting around the fountain makes the scene even more impressive at night.

Mini island

Consider adding some flair to your pool by building a mini island in the center. Palm trees can bring in the tropical vibes you would get in a luxury resort.

DIY beautification

Sometimes all that you need to create your own oasis is some creativity. DIY your pool oasis with some strategically placed potted plants.

Natural and authentic

Another pool landscaping idea is using a combination of stones to make the pool area look more natural. Rocks add texture and warm hues, bringing dynamic visuals to your backyard.

Contemporary design

Modern home designs require an equally elegant pool landscape. One major characteristic of a contemporary design is clean and clear symmetrical lines. This landscape features bright concrete that contrasts the deep blue waters of the pool. The combination of concrete and wood for the patio makes the design even more impressive.

Poolside pavers

Keep things simple with stone pavers as a boundary at the edge of the pool. Introducing geometrical shapes can transform any uninspiring spot into a sleek, refined one. White stone can emphasize the bright blue water.

Two-level design

How do you maximize functionality in a small space in the backyard? Create a two-level swimming and dining area. The lower level features a rustic dining set, while the upper tier has a small swimming pool. The creative build makes this space unique and fun.

Think about the entertainment area

On top of being used for swimming and sunbathing, the pool area can be used for entertaining guests. Use the space by your pool to install a few comfy chairs and a dining table to host a few guests. A fire pit, game area, or television can be bonuses.

Wild waterfall

One popular landscaping trend is using rocks and boulders to create a waterfall. This look transforms a regular backyard pool into a natural oasis. Bonus points if you add a slide.

Decorative wall boundaries

If you want some privacy in your pool, consider using walls. This intriguing stone wall adds character and privacy to the pool area. Try bright colors for an exciting and playful look.

Concrete pool deck

From easy maintenance to sleek aesthetics, it doesn't come as a surprise that concrete is so popular for outdoor pool areas. It is ideal for most backyards and can be relatively inexpensive. For a minimalistic look, you need no added decor other than a few plants for some color.

Leverage on the colors

Adding drama to your pool landscape might be as simple as introducing contrasting colors. You can even go for different shades of the same color to bring some visual stimulation. This two-tone grey concrete works with the turquoise pool for an eye-catching finish.