Explore A 1940s Time Capsule Home Complete With Pastel Retro Decor

Some of the rarest, most distinctive homes are usually found in the Midwest states of the U.S., such as Minnesota. In the city of Saint Cloud lies a diamond in the rough, retro home that looks like it came out of the show "Saved by the Bell" due to all the neon colors within its walls. The house was built in 1940 and owned by a married couple who was an art teacher and shop teacher, according to Realtor. The wife developed most of the interior, incorporating bright colors such as yellow, pink, and turquoise, and the husband designed a lot of the built-in décor.

The home is selling for $250,000, a stellar price for a gorgeous home. Per Realtor, the seller bought the house after the original owners died. Something this extraordinary deserves to keep standing and lived in by deserving people for years. Take a look at the retro-themed bungalow.

Turquoise bungalow with grassy surrounding

The 2,147-square-foot home sits on a beautiful grassy land overlooking the Mississippi River, via Realtor, and has stone steps leading up to the front door. You're greeted with a turquoise bungalow right away from the outside unknowing what's behind the door. The home has a charming exterior design with wood paneling along the walls, curved features with a cone-shaped roof, and multiple windows with black trim and yellow accents that match the front door, per Zillow. There are two separate entrances into the home — one from the stairs and another through the grass in front of the house.

The back of the home has a garage that can hold one car with extra space in front of it to hold another. Since it is on the smaller side, on a good-sized lot, it doesn't have a private backyard, but it has a lot of space to roam around and enjoy the views of the river. There are also multiple trees to lounge under and space to add outdoor furniture.

Pink interior with pastel accents

The retro-designed house has a spectacular, carefully detailed interior. The entirety has three bedrooms and two bathrooms in a two-story dwelling. As you walk through the door, you enter the foyer, painted a pastel yellow with a built-in leather bench to sit on, according to Zillow. Past the foyer is the living room which resembles Barbie's Dream House. The entire space is pink — the walls, carpet, and one corner where there is another seating area with pink cushions.

The living room has its brick fireplace against a wood accent wall. Multiple seating areas throughout the living room include a large gray sectional couch, yellow cushion armchairs, and a green dome with a reclining chair inside. One of the bathrooms on the first floor is turquoise-themed, with marble and similarly colored accent walls. There's a walk-in shower with a turquoise base and a small velvet turquoise chair next to it. The sink has its own vanity with multiple light bulbs illuminating the space.

Bold décor with intricate details

Continuing with the retro theme, the kitchen is covered in pink and turquoise. The walls, cabinets, and countertops are all pink with black handles on the cabinetry, via Zillow. The flooring isn't pink carpet; instead, it's a white, black, and pink tile that matches back to the walls and black appliances. Above and below the stove are patterned curtains instead of cabinets, complementing the stunning curved counter that leads into the hallway. The surrounding walls by the kitchen are turquoise and have the original pink carpet. There's also a beautiful breakfast nook just outside the kitchen.

The second floor holds a second living room with turquoise carpet, a yellow accent wall, and leaf-patterned wallpaper on two other walls, per the listing. There's a pastel lounging chair with a couple of side tables and multiple windows. The upstairs bathroom is circus-themed with white walls and pink painted round top on the ceiling resembling the circus tent. One of the bedrooms is designed as an office with a curved wooden desk, oak wood walls, and blue carpet. Every design is one of a kind in this house.