45 Ways A Pedestal Could Be The Decorative Piece Your Home Needs

Whether sparking life to an awkwardly empty corner of a staircase with an antique shop find or giving that exquisite piece of a family heirloom the display it deserves in the living room, there's probably no better way to do so than employing a pedestal. According to WSG Gallery, a pedestal is an architectural structure for elevating and displaying art pieces in a way that can be viewed in 3D.

These support pieces give prominence to anything you place on them and, therefore, can make or break the overall design of your space. To that end, when choosing a pedestal, Showcase Acrylics warns that you should always consider the kind of viewing experience you want to offer, the reason behind showing such décor, and the location of the pedestal. With that in mind, see the list below to discover incredible ways a pedestal could be the decorative piece your home needs right now.

1. Wood-carved plant base

Combine vintage and nature at the entrance of a family lounge to create a wood-carved mini pedestal that gives importance to your favorite low-light indoor plant. If you're a woodworker or just someone who loves to carve wood pieces, you can pull off this pedestal over the weekend.

2. Contemporary stainless plant vase

Do you consider potted plants a boring cliché? This contemporary stainless steel vase will not only add glamour and shine to that empty corner of the room but also give life to the remains of a dead tree.

3. Hourglass-style wooden pedestal

Put your low-profile sculpture on display with an hourglass-style wooden pedestal by the sofa. This simple combination perfectly matches a bohemian beauty room design or a Hollywood glam room, and it can also be a space-filler for an empty nook.

4. A rug piece

Bring attention to your center rug with the charm and boldness of this polished wooden drum that also gives visibility to your small vases. You can borrow more ideas from DIY To Make on turning wood logs into similar interior décor.

5. A white lamp base

Compliment the white-blue color theme of your interior design with a blue lamp sitting on a cushioned, chair-level, white pedestal. The position of this pedestal should be close to a power outlet if you opt for a lamp that uses a cable. That way, you can avoid some of the problems that arise when using extension cords.

6. Ceramic block pedestal

This standalone piece of the ceramic block is a mix of functionality and beauty. It is a charming postmodern marble pedestal that will prop up whatever you sit on while serving as a partition between areas of the same room.

7. Golden hourglass pedestal for bedside lamp

Make your modern bedroom look exotic with a golden hourglass pedestal that will explode every thread of light that enters the room. Use it to replace old bedside cabinets as a way of upgrading the look of your space.

8. Four-legged wooden pedestal

This is yet another way to put your potted indoor plant in the spotlight without letting it overshadow other décor elements in the room. Simply place it on this four-legged hand-carved pedestal that matches the natural wood pattern of the bed.

9. Low-level box pedestal in a hybrid workspace

This one is for all of you work-from-home people. Convert a Honey-Can-Do Box into a low-level pedestal for small-size container plants and use it to fill the empty space around your workspace.

10. Plant pedestal

If you grow indoor plants that need a lot of exposure to sunlight to thrive in a spacious bedroom, this is for you. Build a tall four-legged pedestal to give prominence to the most striking plant in the room and position it between the bed and a corner of the room.

11. Low-level see-through pedestal

Make a dynamic partition between two areas of your bedroom with a see-through pedestal in the color of your backdrop wallpaper. Again, this has to be a low-level pedestal for a simple piece of décor.

12. A corner column

Infuse life and boldness into that empty and lonely corner of your living room by picking a concrete pedestal from your favorite furnishing store. Give that pedestal a careful splash of matte or glossy paint in the color of the main furniture pieces in the room to blend.

13. Greek gothic pedestal for retro living room

Carve an open hangout spot for your me-time in the living room with a gothic-style pedestal beside a retro chair. This pedestal will triple as a partition, a decor, and a table where you can serve yourself a bottle of cognac.

14. Green pedestal end table

Set a nature-inspired romantic mood of glamour — without using too many plants — and isolate your favorite part of the living room with green sectionals on a jute rug. Complete the setup with a green pedestal end table and green antique pendant lights hanging from the ceiling.

15. Gothic pedestal between single seaters

Bridge the gap between two pieces of single-seater armchairs by positioning a stylish gothic pedestal between them. Give function and beauty to the backdrop wall with a naked roman wall clock.

16. Bathtub side pedestal

Spice up your bathroom with a tub-side gothic pedestal uplifting the most romantic flowers you can pick from the botanical garden around you. The average price of these gothic pieces is $80 on Wayfair at the time of writing this article.

17. White half-column pedestal

This white column pedestal can be used as a centerpiece in a hall, an office, or a living room. But it can also be used as a backdrop, a filler for an empty space, or a pointer that draws attention to a wall-hung, mini-art frame.

18. Two entrance pedestals

Give everyone entering the room a grand entrance with these two classic pedestals of roses. Remember that how you position them will affect the overall design of the room. You'll often have to experiment with the distance from the entrance until you strike a balance.

19. Grey-marbled Bardiglio pedestal

Laminate the mood around your dining area with an elegant grey pedestal in marbled bardiglio. If your dining room is in a grey hue, the warm matte finish of this display pedestal will complement it and add a beautiful custom look to it.

20. Roman Catholic pedestal in a nook

This is the perfect fill-up you need for that awkward-looking empty nook — a Roman Catholic-style pedestal in its most basic form without flowery details.

21. Book-style pedestal in the hallway

Add a desirable piece to your hallway and show your guests you're a lover of literature with this book-style pedestal bearing a glistening stainless vase of flowers. It can also be used as a corner piece in your library or workspace.

22. Two backdrop pedestal in a dining area

If, after designing your dining area, you wind up with unused spaces or a blank wall that's awkwardly so, you can add two plant pots on pedestals. While this isn't necessary, we recommend you opt for air-purifying plants because that's what you need in a dining space.

23. Non-load-bearing pedestal in an arch

Pedestals are not solely used on the home's interior; they also make fantastic outdoor elements. Take, for instance, an arched wall; its cute space can house a non-load-bearing artistic pedestal like the one in the picture above.

24. Luxurious pedestal at an entrance

Reiterate your love for luxury and affluence by adding a royal-style pedestal to the entrance porch. This is another way to use non-load-bearing pedestals to revive a vital area's beauty and make a statement.

25. European-style classic pedestal

Don't put your big flower vases on the floor; use a European-style pedestal to give those beauties all the honor they deserve. You can position it in a forsaken corner or make it stand very close to a wall.

26. Window-side block piece

This minimalist marbled pedestal sitting right next to your window can be the perfect bridge between your indoor plant and sunlight. Since it is a table-size pedestal, you can also draw up a chair to it whenever you need to sun-gaze or just stare out the window.

27. Wooden cubes for a vintage feel

Transform wood logs into perfectly-shaped cubes and use them as indoor pedestals for your vases and artsy pots collection. Even if you're new to woodworking, this is one of the simple DIY projects you can pull off.

28. A line of three pedestals

One pedestal is nice, but a line of three pedestals is super cute. This idea is not ideal for an area with limited space, such as a small apartment where you must make every space you have functional.

29. Wall-built artistic pedestal

If you don't want a dynamic pedestal that will ceaselessly move out of place, this is for you — an artistic pedestal built into the corner of two walls of your dining area for added beauty. Remember, this will be a significant renovation, so you better not handle this on your own.

30. Jug on old vintage pedestal

Right here is yet another way to add a vintage charm to your space, but this time it has to be around your closet where you want the fragrance of your lilac flower blessing your possession. This is not ideal for those who are allergic, though.

31. Wooden cable drum

Transform a wooden cable drum into a pedestal in a cabin, farmhouse, or any traditional-style house. Mostly, you'll just have to revamp the drum by sanding it to reveal its natural patterns and get rid of its stains.

32. Wooden hourglass pedestal

Do you own one of those traditional hand-carved wooden consoles from India or Persia that's taking all the attention in the room? Add this wooden hourglass pedestal to its side and place a patterned pot on it to create a diversion.

33. Flower basket on pedestal by staircase

Give your staircase an overhaul without reconstruction or a renovation. An elegant flower basket on a marbled ebony pedestal is all you need to do the trick.

34. Chinese-style pedestal

Create a Chinese culture-inspired space with two monstrous pedestals with patterns of spring symbols. The gold finish of each monument will make the area look sophisticated and expensive.

35. Flower vases leading to a pedestal of flower vase

Take your guests by surprise with a line of beautiful, white flower goblets leading to a white chic pedestal box crowned with a black flower vase. Careful with this arrangement, as your choice of flowers can make or break the design.

36. Mediterranean-style pedestal in a study room

Brighten up your study room with a traditional Mediterranean-style pedestal by the window. This can be a standalone pedestal or one you put your best art store find on for inspiration during study time.

37. Empty vase on a simple pedestal

An empty vase signifies your ability to connect with others without being judgmental about what you find. An empty vase on a white pedestal in the corner of the room could mean that you are solid and unbiased, supportive of everyone who comes your way.

38. Tall pedestal on marble floor

An elegant couch deserves a swoon-worthy pedestal by its side, such as this majestic option in its color of snow and peace. This pedestal can also serve as a platform for lighting candles when you need to set a romantic scene.

39. An elephant piece on a pedestal

Nothing special to see here, just your miniature elephant piece –– perhaps, your first try at sculpture-making in art class –– sitting gloriously and tall on a pedestal close to a wall.

40. Four pedestal arranged together

Why go for one pedestal when you have the space for four? Simply locate an area of the room that needs an extra ingredient to look perfect and then arrange four tall pedestals there.

41. Pedestal in the corner of a coffee bar

A pedestal is probably the missing piece in your coffee bar. But when picking one, make sure it blends with the furniture set of your coffee space.

42. A partition pedestal

And here's one more idea on how to use a pedestal as a partition between two areas of the same space.

43. Corner pedestal in a minimalist living room

Take your living room from minimalist to flamboyant without spending all the money in your bank account. Just place a tall pedestal with a glossy finish in the corner to see how a single piece of architecture can change everything.

44. Fuji-counter-turned-pedestal

Convert a fuji counter into a pedestal without doing any conversion work. Just place the counter in an empty space and let your flower pot find a home on it. This is an excellent idea for a photo gallery.

45. Cabinet-side pedestal

Spruce up your cabinet or vanity dressing mirror area with two glossy pedestals with vases of pampers grasses. This is how to bring a summer vibe to your space elegantly.