Do You Have To Replace Gutters If You Replace Your Roof?

As many homeowners know, there are plenty of mistakes that can be made when getting a new roof for your home. As such, it might not come as a surprise that many homeowners wonder whether they should get their gutters replaced when upgrading their home's roof. Of course, there are several factors to consider when pondering this question, including the condition of your gutters and how they're attached to your home.

If your home's gutters are in perfect condition but its roof is in serious need of replacing, it shouldn't be necessary to scrap your pristine gutters for something new. In fact, according to Stronghold Roofing & Solar, your gutters might not even need to be removed while roofing professionals work their magic. For instance, if your gutters are attached to the fascia board instead of your roof, most roofers should be able to replace your roof without removing or damaging your existing gutters.

Damaged gutters should be replaced

When you hire a roofer to replace your home's roof, they should be able to give you plenty of insight regarding the current health and effectiveness of your home's gutters. As such, many homeowners end up replacing their gutters when replacing their roof (per Bill Ragan Roofing Company) if their gutters are old and damaged. Thankfully, most roofing companies employ gutter specialists or subcontract work out to trusted gutter installers, so you probably won't need to seek out a separate company if you determine that it's the right time to replace your gutters.

Although replacing your home's gutters will likely cost thousands of dollars (per Forbes), the damages that your home can incur due to defective gutters may prove to be even more costly. According to JES Foundation Repair, damaged gutters can lead to a cracked foundation, extensive ceiling damage, and even a flooded basement under certain conditions. For this reason, replacing your gutters with your roof is probably your best bet if your gutters are already in a state of disrepair.

Will my gutters need to be removed

If your gutters are in good condition while your roof is being replaced, there are several schools of thought as to whether or not your gutters should be removed before the roofers begin the project. According to Home Inspection Insider, gutters should ideally be removed before your roof is replaced for several reasons. For one, your gutters may get in the way of properly sealing your roof's edges. Additionally, with the gutters removed, some professionals believe that they are better able to diagnose issues with the roof in order to aid in the roof replacement.

Naturally, not all roofers have the same view. TK Roofing and Gutters, for example, says gutter work should be done after a roof is replaced, so your existing gutters can stay on while the roofer replaces your roof. Of course, keeping your gutters on leaves them open to the possibility of becoming damaged during a roof replacement, but most professional roofers can minimize this risk with careful planning and skill. Nevertheless, it's definitely worthwhile to inquire about a prospective roofer's policy on gutter removal before you lock down the perfect company to replace your roof.