You Can Stay In A Wyoming Airbnb That's Actually A Converted Covered Wagon

History buffs and "The Oregon Trail" game fans alike will be eager to book this Wyoming Airbnb. For $150 a night, a total of four guests can have a whole converted covered wagon to themselves. The owners note they completed the restoration of the wagon in the summer of 2013 to make it fit modern renters. The 1920s sheep wagon is a one-of-a-kind vacation opportunity.

The rental page notes that the wagon has been in the renters' family since the 1920s, used functionally until the 70s as a shepherd's camp. While the wagon itself doesn't offer much more space than a small camper, the land it's located on is breathtaking and great for nature lovers. The ranch is over 65,000 acres large, and the wagon itself is located just near a sparkling river. The photos show gorgeous landscapes and beautiful nature scenes, including stunning sunsets and night skies full of stars, completely free of light pollution.

A nature getaway

Those interested in the Wyoming wagon rental will have the opportunity to enjoy a plethora of outdoor recreational activities on the large property, including fishing in both lakes and streams, hunting, hiking, ATV riding on established roads, star gazing, wildlife observation, mountain biking, rock finding, and interacting with the sheep and cattle kept on the ranch, per Airbnb. You can also enjoy observing historic and natural wonders, like exploring the petrified forest and the other original buildings, learning about local mining history, and identifying the wildflower fields.

Extra fees also provide guests with different amenities. For example, those celebrating their birthday at the vacation rental can pay $40 for a birthday package, including a welcome package, balloons, and decorations. People on a romantic getaway can add a romantic package, which includes candles, rose petals, champagne, and glasses for $50. Finally, guests interested in getting a whole lay of the vast grounds can pay $75 for a full guided tour, which is tailored to each guest's interests. As for the location itself, Wyoming News says that Shirley Basin is a great place to enjoy miles of uninterrupted nature, including wildlife like antelope and rainbow trout.

Inside the Western wagon

Although it is a vacation rental, be prepared to live a little rugged during your stay at this Wyoming Airbnb. The wagon has one full bed, but there is an additional pull-out bed to accommodate a total of four people. The bed is located at the top and back of the wagon, and the plush double bed is located next to the back window which can be opened to let in the fresh air. Although it is located under the curved top of the wagon, it is spacious enough to sit up and move around, or to use as a sitting area.

The main bed has a rustic, Western-designed bedspread, with a hanging lantern sitting above the bed. There is a shelf above the window with various, quaint decorations, including some historic photographs, vases, and more. As for bathrooms, there is only a half bath, so come prepared with a portable shower or a wash basin.

More of the Wyoming retreat

Per the Airbnb posting and photos, there's also a cooking and eating area inside the wagon. Through the front door and below the bed, there is a stove, a four-person dining area that can be cleared off for the second bed, and areas for cold food storage. The wagon itself does not have electricity, but there are lights and power inside for guests who would like to bring their own generator.

The kitchen includes two cold boxes, a wood-burning stove and oven, a coffee pot, various pots and pans, as well as plates, bowls, cups, and cutlery — enough for four people. There is also a wash bin for cleaning up. Guests should be wary of weather conditions, with the listing advising bookings from May through October. Although the vacation listing may not be the ideal getaway for everyone, those who want to retreat to the solitude and ruggedness of the outdoors will enjoy the nature retreat.