The Savvy Way You Can Use Castor Oil Around The House

There are plenty of animals we don't want around our gardens, from deer to moles, to rabbits and squirrels. However, skunks are probably on the top of your list of wildlife to keep away. Not only are you in danger of being sprayed with an awful and lingering smell, but skunks are known to eat grains, garbage, as well as fruit and berries, according to Almanac. You may have already tried a variety of repellents, but there is probably a tactic you aren't aware of.

The Wildlife Whisperer says 99% of their clients have noted the use of castor oil as an effective skunk repellent. It's a quick and easy process to get rid of these critters who have maybe taken a liking to your flower bed or fruit plants. It doesn't involve killing skunks; hopefully, it can also help repel other wildlife. So if you're having a skunk problem, take a look at the simple steps to kick them out of your yard.

Skunks be gone

If you're noticing wandering skunks in your yard and small nibbles on the flowers and fruit you're growing, it may be time to purchase some castor oil, The Wildlife Whisperer recommends. You may think trapping and relocating a skunk would be a quick option; however, it will leave behind its pheromones — later attracting more wildlife. On the other hand, castor oil will leave a long-lasting effect; it is that efficient.

Using castor oil as a skunk repellent is effective because these animals do not like the taste, which, in turn, will make them search for flower beds in a different yard. All you need to do is go to a nearby home improvement store and purchase castor oil and a garden hose with a spray applicator. You'll then use these tools to spray your lawn and garden to keep skunks away; a mixture of castor oil with dish soap and water will do the trick. It may be necessary to repeat the application to get the best outcome.