3 Beautiful Garden Ideas For Any Sized Balcony

Balconies are a beautiful feature, whether it is attached to a house or an apartment building, they can offer up stunning views. Not only that, but they make a great spot for a garden. There are so many creative possibilities that you can do with them. You can create the most lovely garden in even the smallest of spaces. Whether you want to grow plants, flowers, or vegetables, here are some great ways to achieve a lush garden on your balcony. 

A great example of using your balcony space as a garden is by adding a container out there. Freestanding ones such as pots or planters make creating a great miniature oasis with flowering plants easy. Homes & Gardens note that adding some color or using different shaped containers can help you add your own flair to your garden. You may even have containers in your home that you can use. If not, local garden centers and stores like Lowe's carry a wide variety of containers that you can plant directly into. 

Try a vertical garden

Gardener's World suggests that if you have a small amount of space on your balcony, you should grow your plants vertically. This is something that you would have to speak with your landlord about if you live in an apartment building with a balcony. Attaching something like a trellis can allow you to train certain plants to climb the wall, creating a beautiful vertical garden. 

Flowers can make a drab balcony wall pop with color. According to Elle Decor, jasmine is an easy-to-grow plant that is a great climbing flower for your balcony. Plus, there is the added advantage of jasmine smelling wonderful, too. Treehouse suggests other climbing flower varieties to try growing, like clematis and sweet pea. Ivy is another climbing plant that can also be grown, however, this plant is one that requires a lot of attention and maintenance (and will take over your home if you let it). Climbing hydrangeas produce very colorful flowers in gorgeous shades of orange, but they only bloom between June and July.

Growing vegetables on a balcony

It is not necessary to own a plot of land to sow a garden with delicious vegetables for you to enjoy. There are many vegetable varieties, according to Gardener's World, that can be planted directly into pots and can grow just as well, if not better on a balcony. Different vegetables that you can plant include potatoes, tomatoes, lettuce, and even carrots (if the pot is deep enough). 

Not to mention, there is a wide array of herbs that grow very nicely on balconies. Plus, it is pretty convenient to have the veggies and herbs that you need for a meal right at your disposal. Other tasty vegetables that you can plant that will thrive on your balcony are radishes, a variety of peppers, beets, and even pole and bush beans are well suited to grow in a container garden, says Gardening Channel

Enjoying a garden on a balcony isn't a far-off dream. With a few plants, seeds, soil, and containers, you can create an incredible balcony garden that you will be proud to enjoy your time in (while enjoying the "fruits" of your labor).