The Worst Mistake You Can Make When Redoing Your Dining Room

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Redesigning your dining room can feel overwhelming. Choosing the right table, chairs, rug, centerpiece, lighting, and décor pieces can be a daunting task. Luckily, according to Curated Interior, the dining room is actually one of the easiest rooms to style. This is because this room typically has a straightforward design that centers around a dining table. Other pieces include the chairs and possibly a storage hutch or buffet table, if space allows.

When redesigning your dining room, you want to mix functionality with aesthetics. Of course, you want you and your guests to feel extra comfortable when sharing a meal around the table together, but the overall appearance and style of your dining room are also very important. There are a few commonly made minor mistakes to be aware of when redesigning your dining room. There's also one larger, more important mistake that you need to make sure you avoid.

Minor dining room mistakes

A minor mistake many people make is using matching sets of dining room tables and chairs, per Home Decor Bliss. This mistake is commonly made because most sets are sold together for convenience — and if you really like the look of a certain style, this may work for you. However, they can make a space look bland and impersonal. Furniture doesn't need to perfectly match; it should, however, work well together. To give a space some extra flare, try buying a table and chairs separately. These pieces will feel cohesive if they have something similar about them, like a color or a decorative element. For an extra unique look, you could choose all differently styled chairs for your space.

Another common mistake is having a cluttered dining room. Clutter can easily develop in a dining room if things like mail, paperwork, or seasonal décor items aren't regularly put away. To avoid clutter, Deluxe Maid says to create a designated space outside the dining room for any items that usually end up on your table. Another tip is to decorate your table with a centerpiece — this will not only make your space more beautiful, but it will also make you less likely to ruin the appearance with lots of clutter.

The worst mistake

The worst mistake you can make in your dining room is choosing furniture pieces that don't fit in your space. This is especially true when it comes to dining room tables. According to Macy's, when choosing a table, first consider how many people will regularly sit around it and how big your dining room is. As a general rule, there should be enough room to walk around the table and to fully pull out the chairs without hitting them on anything. Specifically, the space from the table to the wall should be at least 36 inches, and the table should be 48 inches away from the dining room doorway. Also, each person will need about 24 inches of space at the table, so space your chairs correctly to accommodate each person. When it comes to the shape of your table, a round or square table is cozier, while a long, rectangular table is better for more people.

Pottery Barn also gives some tips on how to choose the right rug for your dining room. The rug is the anchor of any room and the size is very important. There should be enough room for the chairs to be pulled out without coming off the rug. However, you don't want the rug to be too large, as this can make the space feel smaller. Generally, a rug that's the same shape as your table will look best.