The Best Way To Clean Behind Your Entertainment Center

Entertainment centers are there for just that, for housing all that entertains us. Whether that be watching television or playing video games, an entertainment center keeps all of our equipment nice and tidy. But after a while, just like any other piece of furniture in a home, it can get a little messy behind it, especially with the cords that power everything. It is important to understand how to clean behind your entertainment center without damaging anything so that you can enjoy it for years to come. 

A good place to start is the cords themselves. They are the first things that should be addressed when you are planning on cleaning behind your entertainment center, according to Life Hacker. You can start by unplugging everything from the outlets and removing any media cables from peripherals. Good Housekeeping suggests using different colored tape for each cord and labeling it on both sides or using zip-ties to keep track of what's what. 

Do a thorough cleaning

If you are able to move your entertainment center, Good Housekeeping suggests moving it to a safe location. While you are behind the entertainment center, they also suggest performing some small spot-cleaning on your carpet if there are any dirty marks. Otherwise, a good vacuuming will do to clean the area. If you have hardwood or laminate floors, clean them as you usually would. When it comes to cleaning your television, Consumer Reports recommends using a microfiber cloth and a mild dish soap, as the chemicals in certain cleaners can destroy the coating on your television. 

when replacing everything, Life Hacker suggests using a simple desk organization tool like a binder clip to keep alike cables together and help organize them. They also suggest that you can create a piece of art with the cables on your wall, instead of keeping them hidden. While this is a project that could take some time, the effect at the end can be quite dazzling and add pizzazz to your entertainment center and living room.

Avoid harmful cleaners

One thing that you will want to make sure of is that you are not using any harmful cleaners near any of your devices. Even a minute amount of the wrong kind of cleaner can harm a device. It is worth doing some research to find cleaners that are 100% safe around electronics. Good Housekeeping suggests using a product like AM Get Clean. The product is not only safe for your electronics, but for the environment as well. There are also other safe and effective cleaning products on the market, too.  

Whether simple and small or large and intricate, your entertainment center is a necessary place to tidy up every now and again. They are typically the first things that command attention in a den or a living room. And just think, once you finish the job you can sit back, relax, and enjoy a movie on your freshly cleaned television.