Ingenious Uses For Dryer Sheets That You're Probably Unaware Of

When you think of dryer sheets, you probably picture them as a single-use item with a very specific purpose — to remove static from your clothes whilst they're in the dryer and to make them smell fresh and clean. But, believe it or not, there are tons and tons of uses for dryer sheets, both fresh ones and used ones.

Firstly, once you have used your dryer sheet, there is plenty of product left in it to make re-using a viable option. Just this one trick alone will make your pack of dryer sheets last twice as long. However, if you want to maximize their use, they are good for so many things around the home, from pest control to deodorizing things.

Penn Live stated that dryer sheets, particularly Bounce, contain four ingredients — including linalool and citronellol — that are known to repel certain bugs. So what else are these humble sheets capable of?

Using dryer sheets for cleaning

One of the most important places to use a dryer sheet when it comes to cleaning your home is as a duster. The products embedded in the sheets not only make it moist, which helps to pick up dust perfectly, but it also leaves some product behind, which will repel more dust from accumulating, according to One Good Thing. They are perfect for dusting slats on blinds, too, said Walker Real Estate Rentals, not to mention their ability to absorb static.

They make short work of cleaning your bathroom, as they are great for removing soap scum and making your chrome hardware shine beautifully. If you live in an area with hard water and get that ring around your toilet bowl, using a dryer sheet on the end of your toilet bowl scrubber will soon have your loo sparkling clean again, but Walker Real Estate Rentals also prompted to remove the sheet before flushing, as it could easily block up your toilet.

Using dryer sheets as a deoderizer

The linen fresh scent impregnated in dryer sheets is a favorite for many, and they can be used to deodorize many areas and items in your home. Bayou Closets suggested that placing a dryer sheet on a shelf in your closet or into a coat or trouser pocket will keep any bad odors away and leave your drawers and closets smelling clean and fresh.

Another area where they do a great job of removing bad odors is inside your shoes. Reader's Digest said to put a fresh dryer sheet inside both of your shoes or trainers and preferably leave them overnight, and it will remove all traces of any whiffy odor. They went on to say that popping one in the bottom of your gym bag or anywhere where you keep shoes and trainers will help too. Dryer sheets work for squeaky shoes as well as smelly ones. If you've ever had any shoes that have that annoying squeak when you walk, then reach for a dryer sheet, recommended Zen Soundproof. Rub the soles with a dryer sheet, and the squeak will disappear.

Using dryer sheets as a bug repellent

Dryer sheets have some ingredients that are well known for their bug-repelling properties. Penn Live said that specifically, Bounce dryer sheets contain linalool, benzyl acetate, beta-citronellol, and hedione which are all known to keep bugs like mosquitos at bay. A good way to use them in full effect is to peg them onto a washing line in the garden to keep your BBQ bug free or tuck them into your waistband while hiking to keep yourself free from mosquito bites. Placing dryer sheets underneath your picnic blanket and in your picnic basket can also help toward a bug-free day out, stated Dear Adam Smith.

They can be used to remove bugs from your car windscreen and bodywork too. CarHop had this tip — put a dryer sheet into a spray bottle filled with water and use it to spray all over your car's bumper, bodywork, and windscreen. Then take another dryer sheet and wipe away all the dried bugs and grime to leave your car clean and shiny.

Using dryer sheets in your sewing box

One of the lesser-known and more unusual uses for dryer sheets is their use in your sewing box. Life Hacker claimed that a great way to stop your thread from becoming tangled up while sewing is to run the length of thread through a dryer sheet a couple of times after you have threaded your needle. This will coat the thread with the softener impregnated in the sheet and stop the thread from sticking to itself and becoming all snarled up.

Another place where dryer sheets work well in sewing is if you are a quilter. Dizzy Quilter said that used dryer sheets make the perfect foundation when making string quilts. They also suggested ironing the dryer sheets first to make it easier to work with but make sure not to have your iron too hot, or the sheet will melt. You can also use used dryer sheets in place of fusible webbing when doing applique, stated A Few Scraps.

Homemade dryer sheets

You don't have to buy your dryer sheets, you can actually make your own, and they will serve most of the purposes above. So if you are a fan of homemade over store-bought, either for the benefit of your wallet or the environment, then WikiHow has a homemade dryer sheet how-to.

You will need an old t-shirt, towel, or cloth, along with liquid fabric softener, scissors, and a bowl. Cut the fabric of your choice into 6-inch squares. Pour the fabric softener into the bowl, and then put the stack of fabric squares into the bowl with the softener. Allow the material to fully soak up the softener and then wring each square out one by one and hang them on a drying line to fully dry. Once dried, store them in an airtight container, and when ready for use, take one out and pop them in your dryer. Once they have been used, they will still have enough product in them to be used for the tips mentioned above; then, they can be washed and reused again.