The 15 Best Plants You Should Have In Your Home Office

During and after the COVID-19 pandemic, thousands have begun and continued to work from home. That meant creating a home office or other space in the house where you could work quietly in a comfortable area. In order to make a space feel more relaxed, you'll typically pick out your favorite paint color, seating, desk, and more. Creating a relaxed home office can help you feel less stressed and more secure, which in turn can help optimize your workflow, according to MMoser Associates.

This doesn't have to be difficult to accomplish, as adding a simple plant can achieve an overall fresh and peaceful look. Keeping plants in your home office can help improve your health, as well as the air you breathe, according to Wild Interiors. This can especially be beneficial to those who spend hours of their day in front of a computer. The type of plant you'll incorporate into your office will depend on how big the room is, the natural light available, and how much attention you're willing to give to your plant. There are 15 kinds we've plucked out for you to choose from!


The bonsai tree has typically been grown in areas of China and Japan in the past, according to Brittanica. Surprisingly, these small trees and shrubs can live for over a century. People working from home will find that caring for this plant in their free time will feel peaceful and can help boost the overall feeling of their work environment, according to Leaves and Soul. A bonsai needs to be watered whenever dry, as well as placed in full sunlight — unless there is too much heat, then they will need partial shade, according to Bonsai Empire.

Snake plant

The snake plant (sansevieria), also known as the mother-in-law's tongue, is a houseplant that is typically seen with leaves painted with yellow stripes and small, light green flowers, according to Brittanica. This plant is great for those who may not have the time to keep a plant alive, as it does not require routine maintenance, according to OMYSA. This plant is also capable of keeping the air you breathe healthy; its only demands are to stay out of direct sunlight and that you water it when the soil is dry.

Peace lily

The peace lily (spathiphyllum) is a great plant for your office space as it grows best indoors, according to North Carolina Extension Gardener. It can grow up to 6 feet, but typically hits heights of 3 feet, which makes it a perfect plant to place in a corner or next to your desk to freshen up the appearance of your overall space. It has green leaves and white flowers, which are able to survive with minimal sunlight, but desires room temperature water to keep the soil moist; only water when the soil appears to be dry.

Aloe aera

Aloe vera is a perfect plant for your home office if you really don't have the time to take care of other plants, according to The Predictive Index. This plant is typically known for producing a gel-like substance that can heal sunburns, but it can also clean the air in your room. This plant needs indirect light, a pot with exceptional drainage to prevent root rot, and it needs to be watered if you notice the soil has gone dry, according to Almanac.

Red aglaonema

Red aglaonema (aglaonema), also known as the Chinese evergreen plant, is a beautiful plant with either red or light pink leaves that is also complemented with colors of green, according to Leafy Place. It's a great indoor plant and like the others, it is really easy to care for. It prefers minimal light and water, making it a stunning yet durable plant that you don't have to worry about.

Rubber plant

A rubber plant (ficus elastica) is known to start off small but can grow quickly and fill a corner of your home office with green leaves, creating an organic design, according to Our House Plants. If you want to keep it at a certain size, you will have to take time out of your day to prune the plant down to a certain height. When watering, make sure you soak an inch of soil, then wait until it's all dry before watering again. This plant will also need indirect sunlight to survive. 

Devil's ivy

Devil's ivy (epipremnum pinnatum) is a very popular houseplant in North America, according to Wisconsin Horticulture. In your office, this plant can either be planted in a pot, or you can teach it to grow up a sphagnum pole. It's a stunning and leafy plant that can also remove indoor toxins, which will in turn provide you with fresh air to breathe as you work. The devil's ivy is ok with several shades of sunlight, but the soil must be kept wet, according to OMYSA.

Nerve plant

The nerve plant (fittonia) is beneficial for those who want to maintain a small home office plant, according to Home Depot. They can grow anywhere from 6-inches to 18-inches long and can appear in shades of pink, green, white, or a soft red color. This plant is also easy to take care of because it can handle bright sunlight as well as very low light exposure. However, be sure to lightly water it with a spray bottle if you notice that the soil is drying out.

Madagascar dragon plant

The Madagascar dragon plant (dracaena marginata) is a slow-growing plant that can reach 8 feet in height, according to Home Depot. It grows straight up and has long, pointed leaves that need partial shade and should never be exposed to full sunlight. The soil also needs to be kept moist. If allowed to grow high, it could create a fun design for your home office that will help you choose what decor items to incorporate.

Ponytail palm

The ponytail palm (beaucarnea recurvata) is a gorgeous plant with leaves that curve and wisp around each other, according to Missouri Botanical Garden. It can grow up to 8 feet tall and is a plant that you should put by the window as it needs direct sunlight. It is low maintenance and doesn't need much water unless the soil appears to be a bit dry. The only maintenance it may need is routine pruning of brown tips.

Split-leaf philodendron

The split-leaf philodendron (monstera deliciosa) is native to the rainforests that span from southern Mexico to Panama, according to Wisconsin Horticulture. It can be planted in a plethora of ways, such as in hanging baskets and on trellises, per Home Depot. It's definitely an eye-catching plant and can come in a variety of sizes to fit your home office. It has a regular watering schedule and should be a bit dry before watering again. The leaves of this plant will tell you if it's overwatered, as they will start to sweat. This plant also enjoys bright and direct sunlight.

Arrowhead plant

The arrowhead plant (syngonium podophyllum) is for someone who would like to take a relaxing break by taking care of their plant, according to Home Depot. It needs to be kept moist by using a spray bottle full of water, and it will do well when next to other plants. BloomScape also says it needs a bright glow of light to properly flourish. This is a fun plant to have, as it can sometimes flow out of the pot or container it is in, or it will climb up a nearby support to create a beautiful visual.

ZZ plant

ZZ plants (zamioculcas zamiifolia) are great for night owls who work late at night, as this plant doesn't need much light at all, according to Home Depot. ZZ plants are from eastern Africa and like to be dry — so if you have a humidifier in your office, this plant might not be best for you. Surprisingly, this plant only needs water every two to three weeks. If you're ever worried that it is too dry, the plant will tell you by wrinkling its leaves, according to The Sill.

Corn plant

The corn plant (dracaena fragrans) can grow up to 6 feet tall indoors and is a great plant to use as a focal point in a room, according to House Plants Expert. It produces long, green leaves with stripes of yellow in the middle and has a glossy finish. It's great for purifying your air; however, it's not a great plant for those with cats or dogs, as it is a toxic plant for them. This plant does well with indirect light and the soil should be consistently a bit damp.

Gerbera daisy

Gerbera daisy (Gerbera jamesonii) comes in a multitude of colors, such as red, yellow, blue, purple, pink, white, and more, according to Flowshop Network. Although this plant produces beautiful flowers, it actually doesn't need much sunlight, so you can enjoy a pop of color in your shaded office; though, they do need to be watered every day, according to Den Garden. Due to all the colors it comes in, it can also go well with your decor, or you can choose decor to complement the colors of the flowers.