This Is The Color Most People Agree Is Best For Outdoor Furniture

It's that time of the year again. Summer has finally arrived, and it's time to break out your outdoor furniture, but you're tired of the same patio chattels you've used in the last few years, and you decide it's time to spruce it up. Giving your yard a much-needed furniture makeover can be enjoyable and exciting with the right direction, inspiration, and color. In fact, it should be. If you're sure where to start when it comes to choosing a décor hue, Gardeningetc highly recommends gray because it was voted as the best garden furniture color and most popular couch color in 2021.

Now more than ever, the highly admired tint is a popular go-to for outdoor home décor these days, and you can find a variety of gray furniture pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Once upon a time, gray made the perfect option for wall paint, but it has gracefully evolved past that. This somewhat neutral shade never goes out of style, it's versatile, and it looks beautiful paired with most colors, so you'll have a variety of tones to choose from. Whether you've been an all-time fan of gray or just getting into it, it makes a great choice for your outdoor furniture in your backyard.

Gray is one of a kind

As the home design world has evolved, there has been a drastic increase in matching sets of furniture, from lounge chairs to patio sets to throw pillows. Color matching is popular, and with gray comes many options for soft tones, whether light, dark, or both. Gray is modern, earthy, and neutral, so whether paired with other tones of gray or another color, it will bring out the best in a setting beautifully. The natural hue also works with other textures without clashing.

Your outdoor furniture is an investment because it's going to set the tone for your yard. According to Patio Furniture, gray is a great choice because it blends naturally well with almost any color or décor plan. Gray outdoor furniture is inviting, and it creates a relaxed, calm environment. Play with different tones, from patio chairs to bar stools to cushions to a loveseat. A gray chaise lounge chair would be a beautiful addition to any layout. Even better, go big or go home with a long spacious sectional.

It doesn't get any better than gray

Gray offers the best of both worlds: neutrality and balance. It's never aging, and there's so much you can do with the color. If you're not designing an all-gray space, Patio Furniture recommends pairing it with complementary colors such as blue, pink, or red, but ultimately it's up to you. If you don't want too much gray, but just enough, mix it with other earthy tones like forest green, beige, or white.

The beauty of designing your home is that you get to make it your own and try something different. Don't be afraid to mix and match colors with gray because that's the only way you're going to find out what décor styles and colors you like paired together vs. what you don't. You want your backyard to look and feel like a sanctuary for you to enjoy the warm weather, relax, and unwind. Go gray or go home!