15 Brilliant Ways To Hide Your TV Like A Professional Designer

While you could always decorate any walls in your home where a TV can be found, you could also choose to do pretty much the opposite by hiding your television. A great idea if you don't want a TV in your bedroom being the first thing you see every morning and the last thing you see before you fall asleep at night is finding a way to disguise or tuck away your television. The same goes for any other room in your home.

There's another very good reason to make sure that your TV isn't a focal point in your home. "There was no association with adverse effects for watching up to 3½ hours a day. But [any time] beyond that was associated with cognitive decline," Daisy Fancourt, a University College London associate professor who has studied the effects of television, told the Los Angeles Times

To make sure that you're not staring at the TV all day but that you still have easy access to it when it's time to catch up on your favorite shows, check out these brilliant ways to hide your TV like a professional.

1. Hide your TV in a shelving unit

If you want to hide your TV and could benefit from storage space at the same time, then you might want to put a shelving unit to good use. Along with being able to tuck some things away and display others in various spots, you can pop your TV into an inconspicuous section.

2. Blend your TV into a dark wall

You can hang your TV up on a wall and still hide it by using dark paint. When the TV is off, the black screen will blend right into a black background. Of course, if you're not interested in a black wall, then consider a dark shade of blue, green, purple, or brown.

3. Put your TV behind a privacy screen

Privacy screens — which can feature a wide range of designs — can be used to cover up countless things, including your TV. You can simply keep the screen out when you want to hide your television before folding it up and putting it off to the side when you want to watch a show.

4. Put your TV behind art

If you love to feature art on your walls, then you have the perfect opportunity to hide your TV. Simply install your television on the wall and hang a piece of art in front or use a device that moves the art on its own, like this set-up from Leon Speakers & the Leon Loft.

5. Put a frame around your TV

Covering your TV with art is definitely a great option; however, you can also hide your television by turning it into art. Simply put a frame around your TV as TheSmartFactor has done. You could opt for anything from a sleek and simple contemporary frame to an antique frame that boasts an ornate design.

6. Place your TV behind a movable mirror

Putting a mirror on the wall is a wonderful way to make a room look bigger as well as reflect light, making a space brighter. A mirror can also cover up your TV as long as you make sure that it's easy to move so you don't have to worry about breaking it.

7. Install a TV in an armoire

Tuck a TV away by setting it in an armoire. While some of the storage-focused designs offer a spot specifically for a television, you could also pop a TV on a spacious armoire shelf. As for style, you could choose a chic and modern version, a gorgeous antique armoire, or something in between.

8. Choose a TV that looks more like decor

You can hide your TV in plain sight by opting for a television that looks more like a piece of décor than a piece of tech. Instead of choosing a typical flatscreen TV, try to find one that's an unusual color, is an interesting shape, or has a retro vibe.

9. Opt for a TV bed

If you like to watch shows while snuggled up, then you will likely appreciate the idea of a TV bed. With a television hidden in a compartment that sits at the foot of the bed, all you need to do is hit a button on a handy-dandy remote to make your TV appear and disappear.

10. Tuck your TV into a counter

There are plenty of other places where a TV can hide when not in use before seemingly appearing out of nowhere with the press of a button or the flick of a switch. In this case, Modustrial Maker has made space in an entertainment unit for the television.

11. Pop your TV behind a fireplace mantel panel

If you have available space above your fireplace, then you may want to install your TV in that spot. While that can be a fabulous idea — if the TV is heat-resistant or the fireplace doesn't get too hot — you can also hide your television behind a movable panel above your fireplace mantel.

12. Use a background to anchor your TV

Instead of hiding your TV behind a panel, you can instead choose to pop your TV on top of a panel. By using something like a stunning piece of wood that's just slightly larger than the television, the background can catch your eye and help to visually anchor the TV to the wall.

13. Hang your TV behind a barn door

Barn doors can obviously be used to cover entrances to your rooms; however, they can also hide your TV if a door is installed in front of the electronic device. Or, you can position the door to cover the TV when the entrance is open and uncover the TV when the doorway is closed.

14. Pull a curtain in front of your TV

Whether you have your TV sitting in front of a window or merely extend a rod across your wall to accommodate a curtain, a fabulous piece of fabric can be used to hide your TV. The curtain can also be as long as needed and feature whatever color or pattern you desire.

15. Put your TV behind a pull-down map

Use your love of traveling or beloved destinations as inspiration for hiding your TV by installing a pull-down wall map just like TIDBITS has done for their homeschooling set-up. While the map can offer you a glimpse of the world, it can also hang in front of your TV when pulled down.