The Most Important Place To Use Fabric Softener That You're Probably Missing

Fabric softener makes your clothes and linens smell fresh, your clothes softer, and prevents static cling, but there are many other uses for this product around the house. That little bottle in your laundry room can do some pretty amazing things.

According to Made How, liquid fabric softeners were initially created in the early 1900s to soften cotton after the dyeing process. Later in the century, manufacturers started developing a product for home use. Over the years, liquid fabric softener has become increasingly popular and easy to use. This popularity has resulted in about $700 million in annual sales, with Lever Brothers and Proctor and Gamble leading the market by representing about 90% of all purchases.

Although you know the benefits of fabric softener in your laundry, you might not know that it is excellent for removing wallpaper. Whether you want to remove existing wallpaper to replace it with something more modern or just want to be rid of wallpaper altogether, grab your fabric softener and a few other supplies and get to work.

Remove old wallpaper

There are many products on the market specifically for removing wallpaper, but some include harsh chemicals or can be expensive to buy, like electric steamers. To remove most types of wallpaper, you really only need a few inexpensive supplies: rubber gloves, a wallpaper scorer, a water bottle, and a putty knife. You will also need something to protect the floor along the wall -– removing wallpaper can get messy. Drop cloths, old towels, or blankets will work. Also, be sure to have a trash can nearby to deposit the old wallpaper. 

Start your wallpaper removal by going over it with the wallpaper scorer. This item rolls along the wall, piercing tiny holes in the paper, but don't worry; those holes are not deep enough to damage the wall. Mix equal parts fabric softener and water in a spray bottle and spray the area you just scored. Today suggests waiting for 20 minutes, then using the putty knife to gently peel away the wallpaper.

Other ways to use fabric softener

Fabric softener is useful in nearly every room of the house and even outside. According to Considerable, mix equal parts fabric softener and hot water, then spray it on unwanted stickers on cars for effective removal. This is particularly useful in areas that scraping could damage, like bumpers and other painted surfaces.

You can also use the scent and static control properties of fabric softener to freshen and remove static from carpets and rugs. Crafty Morning suggests mixing one cap full of fabric softener with two quarts of water in a spray bottle. Lightly mist your soft flooring and allow it to dry to prevent shocks every time you touch something metal when the humidity in your home is low. Repeat every couple of weeks.

In addition to misting carpets and rugs, you can use this mix to freshen almost any fabric in your home, including furniture, pillows, and curtains. Sure, you can buy sprays for that, but why not save money using a product you already have at home?