5 Items You Should Really Stop Storing In Your Bathroom

Practically every room in the house has storage space of some kind, which makes it easier to give items a home while maintaining a tidy appearance. However, it's probably not wise to let your bathroom become a pantry, even though we do a lot in that space that requires accessories and tools of some kind. That's not to say your bathroom should be empty, and that only the sink, toilet, and shower should be there; the issue is that keeping the wrong things in the restroom may leave them susceptible to damage, which might not be worth the convenience of having them accessible.

Namely, specific items should not be kept in the bathroom because the exposure to humidity and temperature fluctuations might harm them, as noted by Bath Fitter. To that end, here's what you should probably locate to another area of your home in order to protect cherished possessions from warping, breaking, and degrading.

Electronics that aren't waterproof

The keyword here is waterproof. Sometimes we don't check product labels to see if something is waterproof when we buy electric razors and hair dryers. Sometimes we even take speakers into the bathroom when we want to listen to music while bathing or primping. However, moisture and heat are two of the deadliest enemies to electrical devices. Even if you have a spacious, well-ventilated bathroom, it is likely to be far more humid than a conventional living room. And if you aren't careful, moisture can cause your electronics to corrode, per Telemco — all the more reason to make your bathroom a phone-free zone. And if you require music or the morning news while showering, invest in a waterproof radio designed for use in the bathroom.

You should make your bathroom phone-free for another reason, too: Doctors say that taking your phone into that space can expose it to harmful bacteria, including salmonella and E. coli, per the Daily Mail. Since you touch your phone all day and even hold it to your face, it's probably best to keep it away from the toilet.

Makeup belongs elsewhere

If you're someone who loves putting on a full face of makeup every day but you don't have the space for a separate vanity, there's a good chance you keep your eyeshadow, blush, foundation, and more somewhere in your bathroom. However, conditions common in this space can cause makeup to go bad faster, according to Bustle. Even worse is that bacteria and mold enjoy the many nooks and crannies in makeup brushes and sponges, and it will be even happier if heat and moisture are added to the mix. So keep your makeup in your bedroom instead, where it will last longer.

On a similar note, warmth and light can alter nail polish's consistency and color by activating its solvents, according to SoNailicious. So instead of keeping yours stashed in a bathroom drawer, put the bottles upright somewhere that is cool, dry, and on the darker side, such as a drawer in your bedroom.

Prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs

Most people keep their prescriptions and over-the-counter drugs in their medicine cabinet, which is typically located in the bathroom. However, MedlinePlus says that this is a huge mistake. Why? Storing these items there can expose them to heat and moisture from the shower and the sink, which may cause them to lose effectiveness or expire faster. 

Because drugs should not be exposed to heat or humidity, the best place to store them is anywhere that's safe, dry, and room temperature. Specifically, ABC News says to keep your medicine in an area that stays between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. Further, leaving your drugs in the original bottles will help them last until their expiration date, per Medline Plus. You should also remove the cotton balls inside the containers because they will absorb any moisture in the air, which can in turn seep into pills and capsules.

Towels should live somewhere else

You may also be surprised to discover that towels should not be stored in the bathroom either. While convenient, keeping them there can expose them to bacteria; every time the toilet is flushed, harmful germs enter the air and cling to their soft surfaces, which can cause you to get sick after using them, per Home Decor Bliss. Additionally, leaving towels in your bathroom can render them vulnerable them to moisture and humidity, which could lead to mold and mildew growth (via The Sun). Real Simple adds that if you must store your unused towels in the bathroom because you have limited space, make sure to place them inside of a closed container like a cabinet or a basket with a lid.

As for the towels that are hanging in your bathroom, they should be replaced often to prevent illness. And after using a towel, make sure to hang it up properly, as leaving it laying on a surface could increase its chances of harboring harmful mold or mildew.