Inside Post Malone's Luxury Utah Home

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Ever since the release of "White Iverson ” in 2015, Post Malone (born Austin Richard Post) has been turning heads with his exclusive sound and his eclectic genre of music. His blended genre has been a topic of contention and is one which can loosely be described as Hip Hop meets Country music. In a way, the crossover can be linked directly to how he identifies himself; Post was born in Syracuse, New York and then moved to Dallas, Texas when his dad was made a top management official for the Dallas Cowboys football team, according to Syracuse.

As a young adult, he moved to LA where he was discovered and garnered a record deal, and this was his home until a video which went viral on TikTok, in which Post explained his doomsday theory and the importance of moving to the mountains. He not only advised people to build a tower which they could make into a haven until the end times, but he's also followed his own advice and built one for himself and his family. He opted for a luxury property in Utah, with all the makings of a post-apocalyptic paradise. From the home tour video on Instagram, we are able to get a clearer view of the home and it is epic!

A nature filled oasis

TMZ maintains that the exact coordinates and address for Post Malone's mansion are items of secrecy but it can be confirmed that the $3 million luxury home, coming in at 12,702 square feet, is located within the Salt Lake City environs. Salt Lake City itself is a trendy locale with picturesque sunsets, valleys, and mountains. The community is very family-oriented, there are great schools for children and amazing economic value for business. In addition to this, there are a large number of parks and outdoor recreational attractions (per Visit Salt Lake City).

The environment in the community of snow capped mountains is generally safe and serene — such that someone like Post Malone, who loves his space, can revel in his surroundings in a bid to enjoy nature and feel at peace. Post is not afraid to express his love for the solitude which Utah offers. On a Zane Lowe podcast he said, "I kind of just wanted to get away to where I can have my own oasis" (via YouTube).

There is a lot of indoor greenery

Within the rooms and the interiors, standing plants add a pop of color to a neutral palette and scientifically, these plants offer so much more. According to Web MD, decorating your home with plants in different areas can offer a lot of psychological benefits to the owner. Certain plants and flowers in bloom can liven up your mood with their bold colors. Shrubs like spider plant, keep air in the room filled consistently with moisture, and other plants can soak up impurities in the air. Some could even assist in alleviating allergies.

Should you wish to scatter plants throughout your home, consider the spaces you wish to fill; if you have a tabletop upon which you wish to place some greenery, then the plants you choose need to be at a height that does not cause obstruction when people are using the table. You could opt for a circular centerpiece or a long and low floral arrangement (via B Floral). If you have little to no surface space to place your plants, but you still wish to insert functional greenery into your abode, opt for a hanging macramé planter (via Main Macramé Designs).

A charming fire pit can be found outside

Climate Data reports that Cottonwood Heights is situated in the northern hemisphere of the globe and this just means that its climate is relatively cold with its winter months seeing a temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  When your environment gets this cold, a warm and toasty fire feature can uplift the mood immensely. This takes us to the outdoor fire feature in Post Malone's abode; a state of the art fire pit with surrounding seats for friends and family to stay cozy when outdoors. Fire Side Hearth states that whether this feature is lit or even if the fire pit remains off due to Utah rainfall (which pours a lot), this feature undoubtedly adds quality and ambience to Post Malone's home.

Should you wish to implement this feature, keep in mind that fire pits do not have to be the traditional style. They could also be a work of art. Consider one like this Autumn Sunset – Leaf Fire Pit Sphere from The Fire Pit Gallery, which will no doubt be an attractive focal point in your garden.

His den may also be a professional gaming room

According to Paradise Developments there is no set definition or functions for a den room — a homeowner can use their den for whatever activity suits them. It is so versatile that in your abode, it could be decorated as a game room, it could be turned into a studio, or it could be made into a home office, a study, or a library.   

Within the home tour video we can see that Post Malone's house comes with a den room that boasts royal red furniture and wall-to-wall carpeting. It is up to us to speculate what Post Malone may use this room for, but we have our money on him turning it into a well-equipped game room. We say this because of that interview with Variety, in which he said, "Being in Utah and being away from the grind and from everybody else and it's just me with my video games and a cold one—that feels good to me."

There is an intense amount of lighting in every room

According to Rolling Stone, one of Post Malone's prized possessions is his white Rolls Royce Wraith. In a 2017 interview with the periodical's team, Post Malone gleefully chose to show off his toy and all the features which the luxury car boasts; particularly the ability for the ceiling of the car to light up courtesy of the myriads of orbs fitted into it.

This intense adoration for lighting has also been reflected in Post's Utah home. In the home tour video, we see that in all 5 bedrooms and almost every other area of the abode, there are myriads of lights and fixtures.  Some were made using tiny orbs similar to the lit-up rooftop of his Rolls Royce, while others hang as dome lamps such as the hanging bathroom light fixtures and the different pendant lamps hung on the exterior of the home. 

Each room has matching wall art

From the video of Post Malone's home, we can witness the animal wall paintings which must have been hung up to match the jungle-themed living room. There is also a monochromatic painting in the master bedroom which un-coincidentally boasts a monochromatic neutral aesthetic. Inside the gym, classic art in various frames have been added to the decor. This all boils down to the fact that there is a pattern of having different art aesthetics for each of the rooms in the mountain house.

According to Style By Emily Henderson, how you arrange your wall art needs to be done with a little finesse. A few common styles include the triptych wall art style like Posty's living room (where three artworks of the same or similar version are equally spaced out and placed in a line next to each other on the wall). If the wall is not too large, opt for a diptych technique which works by placing two similar-sized pieces next to each other to express some level of symmetry and cohesion instead of the triptych version.

Floor to ceiling windows showcase mountain views

According to Aluminium Trade Supply, you simply cannot go wrong with floor-to-ceiling windows because they enable natural light to filter into your abode at the highest level possible. Granted, this may also mean that you may have to endure a lack of privacy thanks to the expanse of the glass and how much of a view people could have of your home. Another downside could be the cost of executing this window style — it may be more expensive to install floor-to-ceiling glass than the glass for normal windows due to the extra care you need to consider when handling it. Lastly, there's more surface area to make gleam when cleaning windows of this size. 

But Post Malone lives on an oasis, so he has zero contact with neighbors. Therefore, the fear of reduced privacy should not even be a topic to consider. In addition to this, at a net worth of $45 million, chances are the high that the expenses of utilizing this window style may not be too detrimental for his bank account (per Celebrity Net Worth).

His and Hers sinks were implemented

According to The Wall Street Journal, there are some couples who live together as a unit yet believe in having certain things which they do not share as a unit, such as his and hers bathrooms, or his and hers living rooms. Post Malone also has a fiancée and longtime companion. The pair have been in the news recently because they just welcomed a baby girl (via E Online). As new parents and soon to be a wedded couple, they may sometimes need their personal time and personal retreats, hence this could be the reason behind their "his and hers" sinks. The separate sinks are part of the bathroom, which boasts a gorgeously-designed marble shower and a marble bath.

However, we are not aware if Post will be integrating his and hers toilets into their home. When speaking with Howard Stern about his process of writing music, Post said,  "I write all my songs on the can...I'd say about 30 percent of all my albums have been written on the sh***er..." (via Youtube). Judging by this confession, it is clear that his and hers toilets could be a requirement in the luxury home, and his fiancée may be the one who champions this addition.

There's a gourmet chef's kitchen

 According to K!TCHN by Grundig, there are so many different types of kitchens and kitchen layouts. Popular kitchen types include the one-wall kitchen, which, as the name implies, means that all your kitchen features and appliances are arranged against one wall (a space saver indeed). There is also the U-shaped kitchen, the L-shaped kitchen, and as is the case with Mr. Malone's kitchen, there is the island kitchen.

The island kitchen layout was a great choice for this spacious home because islands offer so much to the abode. The chef has extra space to cook and prep meals, it could also work as a makeshift dining table for informal dining, or, when Post starts working on homework with his little one, this could be the best area for the family to hunker down and get to solving 1+1 (per Singer Kitchens). 

It is important to note that adding islands to a kitchen should be considered carefully, because not all kitchens have the space to take this feature. Before you embark on a project as such, map out the area in which you wish to implement the island and imagine how movement will flow when you finally insert the feature (per Jewett Farms).

He has a number of fitness amenities

The Verge reported that Post Malone joined the world of E-sports as the co-owner of Dallas team "Envy." Post confirmed this, saying, "I have always wanted to be a part of bringing gaming into the professional sports world so to be involved with what 'Envy' is doing in my hometown feels like such a perfect fit." Another member of Post Malone's family who is highly affiliated in the world of sports is his father. Mr. Rich Post was hired in 2009 as the Assistant Director for Food and Beverage for the Dallas Cowboys, and he has held that role for thirteen years and counting (via Linkedin).

Life Persona reports that this could have added to Post Malone's fondness for sports. As a child, the "Rockstar" singer enjoyed playing basketball and watching sports on TV. In addition, the lucky lad enjoyed perks of free food and free tickets to physically watch the Cowboys play their opponents. Lucky, lucky indeed! 

As a successful musician, Post surely gets super busy with work and touring, to the point that he may or may not have time to work out as much as he'd like. But since the arrival of his baby girl, he vowed that he will start taking better care of his body and health (per E Online). Should he get the chance to squeeze in some moments for fitness, his well-equipped gym will come in handy as the perfect workout spot. 

Stones and rocks were used for art and decor

In keeping with the outdoor nature vibe and the greenery which the luxury home's interiors boast, real rocks were implemented into the foyer and the living room to serve both a functional and decorative role in Post Malone's house. The cluster of rocks is a focal point which inserts a gorgeous rustic aesthetic in the interior of the home. There are customized rock walls that add charm to the family living room area as well. If you have a large awkward space in your home, such as underneath the staircase or a gap between two rooms, you can take a leaf out of Post Malone's book and create a mosaic wall made out of stones and rocks of your choice. With various options of brick and stone tiles, ensure you do not get lost in the variety (via Orient Bell).  

If you do not have the space to load boulders of rocks into your living room or your foyer, opt for subtle additions. You can start small by utilizing pebble backsplash tiles in your bathroom. This version from Amazon could bring the rainforest vibe indoors while keeping the wall protected from stains, skids, and soap suds, because tiles which come with a glazed finish are quite durable and can be cleaned easily. 

There is a ten seater formal dining room

According to GQ, Post Malone's father has been over to Post's house in Utah and was present during an interview that Malone had with the magazine. Now that the baby is here, we can imagine all the grandparents wanting to come around (especially during the holidays) to visit their children in Utah and possibly help in watching over their beloved grandchild. With more family members around, this means that Post Malone's dining room, which has a dining table and sits ten people comfortably, will work seamlessly as a fixture to help foster further family bonding, allowing the blended family to commune over meals. The dining room sits at a strategic part of the home which boasts floor-to-ceiling windows exposing the diners to the beauty of the mountainside and the great outdoors.

The Washington Post maintains that the existence of a formal dining table is a valuable addition in every home whether you live alone or with a family. And in Post's case, teaching his daughter how to engage in a healthy and wholesome mealtime by eating at the dining table with him will help instill a strong sense of family within her.

A regal piano is the entryway focal point

According to Loud Wire, Post Malone is an amazing guitarist and before his blended hip hop meets country persona, Post Malone actually got his feet wet in the world of entertainment whilst playing for Ashley's Arrival (an unsigned band). If you do not believe this news, you will surely believe this video on YouTube which showcases Post Malone playing the guitar, a skill which he clearly executes quite well. Therefore, as a skilled instrument player and lover of music, it comes as no surprise that instruments will be incorporated into his home decor.

He must own different forms of the guitar, from electric to purely acoustic guitar (via Youtube). However, this is not the instrument he chose to decorate his house with. Instead, he opted for the black classic piano pictured above. If you have always desired to own a piano, there are various versions from classic to acoustic, which boast different price ranges. Some are sold in high-end stores and some can be found in a yard sale. Whichever type of piano you opt for, rest assured that when placed strategically in your home, it can offer a regal aesthetic and elevate the character of the space (per Piano Gallery).

A rectangular outdoor pool with the jacuzzi

We have already confirmed how cold Utah gets, especially during the winter. Nevertheless, this has not stopped architects from factoring in swimming pools into the Utah home designs. According to Stevenson Brothers Waterfalls, swimming pools will always be a key feature in any home (no matter the climate), and they increase a home's value by ten percent. Although Post Malone chose to move to this canyon home to be one with nature and stay well prepared for Doomsday, the skeptic is ensuring that his time is well-spent and enjoyed to the fullest via premium amenities such as this state of the art pool (per TMZ). It comes with a hot tub to make those chilly winter days feel warm, and it is strategically-placed in a zone which allows the swimmer to enjoy views of the mountain and watch the city skyline. 

During the summer time, this place will be a hot spot! We can already imagine Post and his girlfriend soaking up the sun during the summer or Post and friends having a lowkey midsummer gathering whilst playing his music and enjoying his summer friendly rosé (per The Independent).