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Aston Business School
Fashion, Fine Dining, Luxury Lifestyle
  • Kambili grew up in the world of real estate and interior decor thanks to her father who begrudgingly let her shadow his numerous building projects.
  • She currently runs her own media and communications company which specializes in copywriting for real estate companies.
  • Her knack for storytelling knows no bounds which led her to score her own television show exploring luxury homes, holidays, and experiences in Africa and the world at large.


Staying true to her Pisces nature, Kambili believes in taking her audience on an exhilarating journey through the use of her words. She has worked in journalism and media for over 10 years. Aside from House Digest, her writing can be seen in the local newspaper; most recently, she scored a laudable Arts & Culture article about a contemporary artist who used his pieces to speak on political injustice in his country. She is a lifestyle contributor for a youth-oriented magazine called Peerless Magazine and runs an Entrepreneur's Corner blog where she interviews the greatest businessmen and women in the game. She served as Editor in Chief for Access Bank's monthly magazine known as The Cover, in which she interviewed celebrities monthly. She truly believes that she is a descendant of William Shakespeare despite every genealogy study proving otherwise.


Kambili earned a bachelor's in Economics and Management from one of the greatest business schools in the U.K., Aston Business School. A key attribute learned from her 4-year course is the deep need for quality research before putting out information to stop the spread of fake news.
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