3 Savvy Ways To Install Curtains Without A Curtain Rod

A smart homeowner will always take the time to make sure that the curtains in their house look their absolute best. Any room can get an immediate upgrade in terms of aesthetic appeal and comfort just by adding a quality pair of curtains. In addition to this, they are an excellent way to exhibit your eye for design while giving your space some vibrancy and color. Also, as explained by Efavormart, curtains prevent dust from entering a room via open windows without restricting the flow of air and ventilation.

Curtains are usually hung with the use of a curtain rod. They are typically nailed in place, and the curtains hang off them. Typical rods are not, however, the only option out there. There are a variety of clever and creative ways to hang your curtains if you fancy trying something new. These alternatives might also be cheaper and can be a way for you to have some fun with your home's interior design.

Upholstery tacks

You can purchase upholstery nails at any craft store for an affordable price. They also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Not to mention, they are also incredibly easy to use. As Dengarden suggests, you should pick ones that suit your curtains and the aesthetic of the room you're decorating. First, they recommend pleating your curtains beforehand so you can make sure you get the right size pleats when you hang them up. Next, start placing them at the corner of your window and use the nails to secure the curtain and the pleats in place. A distance of 3 inches is suggested, but feel free to play around with how big or how far apart you want the pleats to be.

It's worth noting, however, that this method of hanging curtains will affect their functionality as you won't be able to slide them across like you would with a traditional curtain rod. Nevertheless, Dengarden says that this is still a useful technique for rooms where you wouldn't want to move the curtains open and closed. They also suggest using a tie to draw them open if you wish. This can also be a fantastic look.

Tree branch

Using tree branches to hang your curtains is an interesting and unconventional design choice you could try. As MaterialSix suggests, picking a branch that is strong enough to hold your curtains is key. Heavier curtain materials will need you to find a branch that's a little stronger, while lighter materials can make do with a smaller, dainty branch. Its shape doesn't matter too much, they say, as the idea is to let it have an organic feel to it anyway.

They also recommend sawing off unwanted bits and smoothing the branch with sandpaper before hanging it up while including brackets on either side for the rod to rest on. This option is great for nature-lovers who want to bring a little piece of the outside world indoors. It might also be a cool idea to use tree branches instead of curtain rods during festive seasons like Christmas or Halloween as an unexpected d├ęcor element.


The standard rope comes in a variety of sizes and is ideal for those who like a barnyard aesthetic. As Home Stratosphere suggests, this is a great alternative to curtain rods as a rope is strong and will be able to hold heavier curtains too. If your curtains are of a lighter material, a thinner rope should get the job done for you. You will also need some kind of hook at either end to support the rod.

It's worth noting that this alternative will be quite easy to set up. However, you may need to go out and buy some rope specifically for this purpose unless you just so happen to have some lying around the house. A rope is also not a difficult item to maneuver, and even someone with little experience fixing things up around the house should be able to handle this task with no problem. It can even be a fun activity to get everyone at home involved in, so they too can play a part in decorating the place.