The Best Way To Repair A Broken Garbage Disposal

Ever had to use a kitchen with a faulty garbage system? It's not hard to tell, it's always messy, and there's this recurring smell. On the good side, you cannot deny that garbage systems are unnoticed lifesavers. Many construct the perfect ones, working with the best professional hands for their residential apartments. Unfortunately, like most things, a garbage system may not last forever, and it can switch from being a lifesaver to an irritating tool when not adequately maintained. While we have discussed the easiest ways to clean your garbage disposal to ensure it's free from smell and dirt, we're unveiling the best way to repair one.

Several reasons accrue to your garbage system getting damaged, and one of the common issues is clogging. Others, according to Plumbing Kings, include faulty O-rings and even defective sockets. If you are here, you're probably not seeking how to prevent damages to your garbage disposal system. And, since you want to repair it, let's get down to the tips, tricks, and DIY hacks for fixing it.

Fix electrical faults

If you've realized that the issue with your garbage system stems from electrical faults, you first want to ensure that the plug is properly plugged in or that the socket is switched on. As credulous as it sounds, Terry's Plumbing says that most people's alarm is slightly different from a wolf's cry. Or, as we'd like to call it, making a mountain out of a molehill. Where that is not the problem, you could try easy troubleshooting methods like hitting the reset button that is often found underneath the unit. If that still doesn't work, hold on before calling an electrician. Boggs Inspection Services writes that the problem may stem from a tripped circuit breaker, and all you have to do is to reset it.

If that still doesn't work out, the following steps may be somewhat technical, and you should only proceed if you have experience with working with electrical systems. We just had to put that caveat out there. Using a voltage tester, Espares says to test for electricity. Call your handyman if this is positive and the disposal still doesn't come on. Where your garbage disposal happens to be hardwired, you can either call an electrician or disable, disassemble and reassemble the unit. Tighten the wire connections and check for signs of decay or rust. Attend to whatever needs replacing and start up the appliance again. Where this fails, call an expert or replace the entire unit.

Free the jammed food particles

Throwing in solid food particles, either voluntarily or mistakenly, often leads to a jam of the appliance, via Scott English Plumbing. If, after your last wash, your garbage system stops working or produces consistent noise, here's a quick solution. You'll need a hex head Allen wrench, gloves, or short broomstick to push out the jammed particles causing the damage. Your gloves will come in handy to avoid contact with the smelly, disgusting wastes down there. To get started, you have to disconnect the garbage switch from the main connection to avoid being electrocuted while working. Likewise, it helps prevent damaging the motor of the system.

After disconnecting the disposal, carefully reach out for the breaker socket at the end of the garbage system and stick the Allen head wrench on it. Ensure the wrench is well adhered to the breaker socket before continuing, says wikiHow. With the Allen wrench, continuously turn the breaker socket to free the jammed particles from the system. Once all the wastes are out, your garbage disposal will smoothly roll when turned on. Another alternative to using an Allen wrench is inserting a short broomstick into the system drain. This will slowly push down the clogged wastes away from the system's motor. This method takes a while, and you'll need a stronger broomstick for stubborn particles. If you're sure the damaged system is free from all waste, reconnect and start using it.

Unclog particles to fix a smoking garbage system

The smell or sight of smoke from your garbage system can be pretty disturbing and automatically worries you about replacing the entire appliance. As we stated earlier, it may result from failing motors or even clogging food particles in the drain. Before taking the step of condemning it, you can fix it by using some simple measures. The first step to fixing a smoking garbage system is unclogging the drain. Food particles, rocks, stones, and other solid objects can easily clog the system since they can't be blended. 

To get your garbage system clog-free, use natural cleaners with acidic contents to melt them down the drain, suggests HGTV. Plungers also help unclog the drain, and this can be used instead of natural cleaners as they work faster, says The Manual. After unclogging the drain, connect the garbage system and turn it on to check for changes. If the smoke persists, the system motor is completely damaged, and while you can consider changing it, installing a new garbage disposal system is recommended, says PartSelect. However, if you wish to consider replacing the motor, simply check for a warranty and get new ones in a home appliance store.

Tighten loose seals causing leakages

If your garbage system is working well but leaking in part, you can fix it by reading through this tip. According to Ars Rescue Rooter, garbage system leakages are common plumbing problems in most homes that get resolved by retightening loose seals. The first step to solving the leakage problem is locating the source. Like we said earlier, turn off the garbage disposal before working on it to prevent safety hazards, and according to The Manual, keep yourself safe from danger. After, thoroughly dry the parts of the drainage system well with a cloth or towel to ease the process.

According to the experts at H2ouse, a great trick to spot leaks quickly is to add food dye to the water. Proceed to pour the water through the drain and carefully try to locate the source using a flashlight for better illumination. Leaks are common in areas like sink flanges, dishwasher hoses, sealing points, and reset button sides, via Think Tank Home. So pay special attention to them. If you have located the leaking spots, tighten loose seals and replace any that have been damaged. Remember, the continuous working of the drainage system depends on how you handle it. So, don't be too carefree with its maintenance and servicing.

Hire a professional

Okay, no doubt the baggage system is one of the essential installs in your kitchen, and when it is blocked, simply not turning on, or producing foul smells, and you've employed all our suggestions to no avail, please call for backup— sorry, we mean help. Call for help.

The experts at Plumbers Las Vegas say that if you have overheating issues that don't seem to stop when you press the reset button, call on a professional. You should also contact a professional if the system is jammed and you're freaked out by what horror shows depict about those who reach into the garbage disposal systems. When hiring one, you should be careful to engage experts who can refer you to a list of people they've worked for and with over the year. And, if you're worried about costs, Fixr writes that prices for the year 2022 are pegged around $100 to $150. So, good luck with your repair!