Decorative Hacks For Creating Wood Accent Walls

Accent walls are one of the trendiest design elements you can incorporate into your home. If you just bought a home and are looking to decorate it, you can add an accent to a few rooms. Even if you've lived in your house for years, you can still install an accent wall by making it a fun DIY project. There are various styles of accent walls you can put around your home, but if you want something that never goes out of style, try out wood accent walls. They give great personality to any room making it look luxurious, rustic, and welcoming, according to House Beautiful.

Wood accent walls are also versatile, so you don't have to change the entirety of the room to match your furniture with the wall, claims Decoist. They also don't have to be put on your existing walls, you can add a wood accent wall to the center of your room, especially if your living room and dining area share the same space it can be used as a divider. You can look at different finishes, textures, or styles to see which one would fit best in your space. Here are a few ways to decorate your own wood accent walls.

3D wood accent wall

Of the two wood accent walls, the one that stands out the most is the one above the fireplace. The physical rounds of wood on the wall in various shapes give the wall and living room texture with a 3D effect. It's bold and a different way to incorporate wood in your space. 

Boho style

This white interior bathroom is stunning on its own, but the wood accent wall gives the space a boho chic style. The herringbone pattern makes it pop against the white walls, and the thick wooden shelves add contrast to the entire wall. The wooden light fixtures add personality to the space, completing the look.

Television backdrop

The television backdrop uses gorgeous solid wood paneling surrounded by custom wood lattice on either side creating a textured wall. This look is effective due to the different finishes of the wood; there's a subtle change, but they complement each other with the two tones.

Laundry room

If you have a spacious laundry room, installing a wood accent wall can make laundry not feel like a chore. This stunning oak wood paneling adds some color to the white interior space. It makes the room look clean and stylish, even the smaller wood décor items like the shelves and baskets work well with the layout.

Rustic wood

This walnut wood accent wall gives this industrial living room a rustic yet sophisticated feel. The black furniture and hanging light fixtures make the wall stand out against the surrounding stone wall. It matches back to the ceiling and wood flooring making it flow all together rather than having too many different textures. 

Minimalistic interior

This luxurious living room features an entire white furniture set that looks great against the massive walnut wood accent wall. The minimalistic style stays consistent throughout the space, and the wood paneling wall makes the living room feel warm and welcoming. 

White oak wall

If you like light neutral tones, then using white oak as your accent wall can create a subtle look but still give your room tons of personality. This white oak wood backdrop makes the bed look cozy and the space feels lavish.  

Corner wood

The fun thing about accent walls is it doesn't have to take up the whole wall or be in the middle of it. This oak wood accent wall takes up a small amount of space on the right side of the wall which makes it look unique. It adds personality to the room making it look intriguing.

Kitchen wood accents

This kitchen has an entire wood wall from end to end, but there are different finishes throughout the wall. The main focus is the walnut accent wall that also serves as a backsplash. It ties the whole kitchen together making it look like a farmhouse kitchen; it feels warm and inviting.  

Wood mantel

If you have a fireplace in your living room, creating a wood mantel surrounding it could make a great wood accent wall. This oak wood finish mantel makes the living room go from simple to contemporary with just a small change. It also makes a great contrast to the wood flooring instead of clashing with it.