The Most Important Place To Use A Scrub Daddy That You're Probably Missing

For those unfamiliar with the name, the Scrub Daddy is a household sponge that has a typical soft, sponge texture when it interacts with hot water; however, when used with cold water, the sponge becomes firm, making it useful for scrubbing away tough stains. The idea behind the Scrub Daddy was to create an all-in-one tool homeowners could use to clean virtually any space in their home. According to Investopedia, since its invention in 2012, the Scrubby Daddy has amassed more than $209 million, proving it does exactly what it set out to do.

You can use the Scrub Daddy on many surfaces, including granite, fiberglass, and even porcelain, Scrub Daddy states. Some of the more common uses of the Scrub Daddy are for cleaning stovetops, hand washing dishes, and removing soap scum from the bathroom. However, there are some key places you may not have thought of where you can use the Scrub Daddy in your home that you should check out.

Refrigerator shelves are the most vital

Think about how often you use your refrigerator, then think about how much food and spillage covers its shelves and drawers. Pretty gross, huh? In fact, the Australian Institute of Food Safety says your dirty refrigerator can actually make you ill. Research shows a single salad drawer houses an average of 7,850 bacteria units per square centimeter -– bacteria like E. coli, salmonella, and listeria. The best way to prevent these types of bacteria from growing or spreading is by maintaining your refrigerator. In order to upkeep your fridge, you need to be cleaning it regularly.

According to GQ, you should be deep cleaning your refrigerator shelves every three to fourth months, and by deep cleaning, they mean completely removing all of the food from your fridge so you can pull out the drawers and shelves — and give them a good scrubbing with hot water, soap, and of course ... your Scrub Daddy.

Cutting boards are a close second

Like we mentioned earlier, the Scrub Daddy can clean many surfaces in your home ... including your cutting board. Cutting boards house tons of bacteria, which stems from cross-contamination that occurs when you fail to clean your board after cutting raw meat. These harmful bacteria can make you sick, Kitchen Seer explains, so it's incredibly important to properly clean your cutting board between uses. 

Before you wash your cutting board, it's crucial that you remove every bit of food that has been caked onto it. Wet your Scrub Daddy with cold water, and use it to loosen up those tiny pieces of food clinging to your cutting board, no matter how long they've been there. You don't need to worry about scratching up your cutting board, either, as the Scrub Daddy is designed to be scratch-free, no matter how hard or soft it is. Happy cleaning!