5 Signs It's Time To Install A New Bathtub

It's easy to make small changes around your home, whether that's changing a flooring covering, adding new furniture pieces, or putting up small décor pieces such as photos on the wall, you may never think to update your bathroom. Even though guests may not spend long periods of time in the bathroom, you do, so why not keep it looking brand new? While scrubbing away at every corner can only get you so far, there are times when certain items should be replaced such as the sink, toilet, or bathtub, according to Dreamstyle Remodeling.

Renovating your bathroom won't be something that happens too often, but it is something that you might find yourself doing it every few years. There can be moments where you feel like your bathtub isn't feeling as comfortable as it used to or draining the water as fast as it once did. These could be signs for you to replace the tub altogether. Here are some other signs to look out for that will make you think it's time for a new bathtub.


Do you ever get out of the shower and see puddles of water that weren't there before you got in? The door was closed the entire time or the shower curtain was secured well enough not to let any water out, yet there's still a thin layer covering the floor. There could be a leak coming from cracks in your tub, states Max Home, causing water to run from underneath. You definitely want to make sure to replace the tub in order to prevent larger creaks from forming and end up with a flood of water on your bathroom floor.

The leaks could also cause mold to form within the cracks or outside of them which could make it harder to either fix or clean up. Max Home claims that they could also cause structural damage depending on where the bathroom is located. If the tub doesn't get replaced, then it could cost a lot more than simply replacing the bathtub.


If you notice small cracks along your bathtub but don't see any leaking, you should either try to get them fixed or resort to replacing your tub altogether. Express Bath suggests replacing your tub as soon as you notice the slightest chip to prevent larger problems from happening. The cracks could lead to water leaking resulting in a pool of water outside your tub. If you're able to fix the chips or cracks, then the tub could potentially last you a little longer.

Leaving the cracks unattended could also lead to mold in your bathroom. You might have to replace multiple items that the mold has damaged, costing a lot more than a single replacement. In order to prevent cracks from forming, try not to drop anything heavy in your tub, don't clean it with bleach, and keep the weight evenly throughout so that it's kept stable, states Badeloft.


One of the worst things you don't want to have to deal with in your bathtub is mold. It's the hardest thing to get rid of, and you could end up having to replace more than just the tub. Mold, even mildew, can form from steam that comes from the shower and creates humidity and moisture, according to Bathroom Pros. Mold can grow on many different surfaces, and you are going to want to contact a professional if you notice black spots with white fuzziness on top.

Mold can be dangerous to health, so you'll want to resolve the problem right away. You can try cleaning the mold by yourself if it's at the beginning stage with Clorox since it's made to get rid of various fungi such as mold and mildew. Make sure to fix the issue as soon as you can so that it doesn't contaminate other parts of your bathroom.


Stains can be a sign it's time to replace your tub, especially if you regularly clean your tub, but the stains don't come out. They could lead to health problems since they carry bacteria, notes Plumbing & Rooter. You can try to clean the stains as best as you can with a Multi-Purpose Disinfectant spray, but if they're still visible, it may be better to replace the entire thing. You don't want the bacteria to create mold in your bathtub.

While stains can cause major issues, they also don't look the most attractive and they're extremely noticeable. Even though it's clean it still looks dirty with the various stains, no one can feel fully relaxed in a tub with stains. You want to feel clean in a tub that looks clean. You also don't want guests to feel uncomfortable in a stained bathtub that will prevent them from wanting to stay over again.


When you think of bathtubs, you think of being relaxed in water for an hour or so, but if the water doesn't cover your entire body and you're feeling cold, then it has to go. You definitely want to fit comfortably in your tub when you take a bath, so if you feel the tub is undersized it should be replaced. Kitchen & Bath Center claims that if your tub doesn't adequately fit your needs the way it should, then it's wasted space.

If you don't mind the size of your tub, there's no need to replace it, but if someone in your home has trouble getting in or out of the tub, then you could opt for looking into a new one. Mobility issues can cause a lot of accidents, especially in the bathroom where the floor can get wet. You might want to consider a walk-in shower or bath-to-shower conversion, per Kitchen & Bath Center.