30 Incredibly Simple Pallet Wood Projects Even Beginners Can Do

People choose to do DIY projects to challenge themselves and, most importantly, save the money you would spend hiring a professional. Although some jobs require the expertise and know-how of a certified tradesperson, for smaller projects, there is nothing wrong with getting your hands dirty and doing it yourself. However, even at-home projects can cost a fair bit of extra cash if you're not watching what you spend on those additional materials. Wood cost, for example, can rise and fall depending on the market, so it would be great if there were a way to slash the budget without sacrificing quality. Luckily there is an excellent source of free wood that not many people might know about, and you can find it practically anywhere.

Wood pallets are used daily to ship heavy equipment or skids of materials to places and businesses worldwide. But once it has served its purpose, it can either be recycled, reused to export other products, or become a valuable collection of quality wood for the general public to decorate or for countless other projects. Often made of sturdy oak or pine, these pallets are heat treated to make them more durable, according to Box Around the World. And these pallets can be free for you if you know where to find them. Once you have some within your grasp, we have straightforward projects that you can do with that pallet wood.

1. Chairs

Making your own chair out of wood pallets can be a snap. Depending on how wide you want each chair, you may need one to two pallets per seat, according to Funky Junk Interiors. Cut the pallet in half with a saw and reposition a few pieces; then, you can be left with a surprisingly comfortable piece of furniture.

2. Raised garden

To build an inexpensive raised garden bed, you can use all the materials provided by a wood pallet. It may require you to carefully dismantle the wood and remove the nails, but by the end of the project — which can take up to 3 hours according to Repurposing Junkie — you should have a nice spot for your flowers.

3. Coffee table

Making a coffee table can be as easy as cutting the wood pallet in half, then sanding the rough material using a hand sander or some fine sandpaper. To finish the look, you can either paint the new coffee table to your liking or stain it with a natural color to bring out the grain of the wood.

4. Herb garden

Having your own gorgeous herb garden wall using a wood pallet can be as easy as flipping a few of the planks from this recyclable material, as per Small Garden Quest. By making a few trenches that can hold your planting soil and popping in some lovely fresh herbs, you can have a delicious addition to your backyard.

5. Flower display

Tired of all those little potted plants taking up valuable space around the home? Then take an old pallet, cut it in half, connect some hinges at the top, and you will have an A-frame design. From there, you can attach your flower pots to the frame using hooks or metal rings and display them decoratively in one spot.

6. Wood pallet benches

By repurposing a few leftover wood pallets and using the tools you might have at home, you can create plenty of outdoor seating that can look incredible. In about five simple steps — according to R.K. Black, Inc. – you can change a pallet into a sturdy bench that could be ideal for entertaining guests in your backyard.

7. Bed headboard

It can be laughably easy to design an attractive headboard for your bed at home. Just take one or two pallets, depending on the size of your bed, and cut them to the desired height. Sand and paint it to your preference, then you're all done! The top will also have room for plants or knick-knacks. 

8. Crate boxes

If you happen to have a bunch of wood pallets hanging around and you're not sure exactly what to do with them all, you could always break them down to make many smaller crate boxes or one large storage box. According to The DIY Nuts, you can create rustic wooden crates in just a short amount of time.

9. Wooden pallet couch

Lay back and relax on a wooden pallet couch you made yourself without spending a bundle on new furniture. For outdoor use or in the home, this easy-to-follow project can help you build your own couch frame where the most expensive material will just be the comfy cushions or cozy blankets you choose to use.

10. Garden wall

If you want to create a little privacy in your backyard and have a beautiful spot to hang your plants and flowers, try piecing together a bunch of wooden pallets using brackets and plenty of screws. You can build a whole wall from this free material if the structure remains properly fastened, sturdy and safe.

11. Bed frame

Save hundreds if not thousands by designing your own bed frame from wood pallet materials. Whether you have a twin or king-sized bed, you can trim the pallets to fit the size that you need. Then sand smooth and paint to fit the theme of your room. You can even pop wheels on the bottom for easy movement.

12. Table with wheels

The great thing about wooden pallets is that they are already built incredibly sturdy, so when you want to use them in DIY projects, you don't have to modify them much at all. When making a table, just sand it, repaint, pop on a glass or plastic top, then add wheels for easy mobility around the home.

13. Patio tables

For a series of quick-to-construct outdoor tables using pallets, take out a few of the slats from the bottom of one pallet and then nail them to the top to fill in the gaps. This flat surface will act as the top section, fasten two more pallets below, and you will have a functioning, durable patio table.

14. Chicken coop

Although building a chicken coop can be an ambitious project requiring more time and energy for more advanced builders, it can be done completely using free pallet wood materials. With so many varieties of chicken coops out there, you can easily find the right project that works best for your outdoor space and feathery friends.

15. Display shelf

To add a nice rustic look to your living area, try slapping together a wooden pallet display shelf for your indoor plants and décor. By taking two pallets and fastening them into an L shape, you are able to create a flat surface for plants or light fixtures, then another standing area to place pictures or reading materials.

16. Tiny wood pallet coasters

As long as you have time and patience and a handy electric saw, you can create plenty of cute pallet drink coasters from larger wood pallets. These adorable coasters would look amazing on an outdoor patio or as a gift to your DIY-loving friends. Just be sure to have lots of glue on hand.

17. Wood pallet bookshelf

Bookshelves can be expensive when buying brand new from a retail store. However, adjusting a few of the wood slats on a pallet to add more flat surfaces can be the ideal spot to display and house your books. This low-cost bookshelf project can be easy to perform with tools found around the home.

18. Wooden backyard play bus

There's nothing like the imagination of a child. So treat them to some fun backyard entertainment with a play bus made of pallet wood. If you have spare seats from old chairs, you can attach them to the wooden pallet to create the seats, then fashion the steering wheel using a wood board and plastic wheel.

19. Wood pallet patio lounger

Design your very own backyard patio lounge chair using pallet wood and save a bundle on expensive patio furniture. This project can be done in an afternoon and then finished with a colorful coat of paint. In the end, you will have a comfortable and adjustable patio lounger that will be perfect for sunny summer days

20. Backyard swing

Using the design of a backyard chair made from pallet wood, you can easily turn it into a swing that can be hung from your porch. Follow the instructions on making a chair from Well Done Tips, then just omit the legs and add ropes bolted to the seat to transform it into a swing.

21. Candle holders

Want some free rustic-looking candle holders for around the home or for your outdoor living spaces? Then just cut the thick parts of wood off of a pallet into cubes and sand them smooth. Then take a spade drill bit and cut a groove about half-inch in depth to give you enough space to drop a tealight.

22. Shoe rack

If you're tired of tripping over shoes in the front hallway, you can make a shoe rack using a wooden pallet in no time. Take a pallet and cut it in half. Then you can buff out the rough edges and paint to match the room. Then shoes can be easily placed in the spaces between the boards.

23. Bike rack

With basic carpentry skills, you can rework a pallet to become a bike rack perfect for the garage or side of your home. Cut a pallet to size and form an "L" shape, then affix it together using a bracket and woodscrews. Take a piece of wood and screw in an angle brace, and you are all done.

24. Coat hanger

Ideal for hallways or bedrooms, a pallet can be taken apart, and the wood is used to design a coat hanger. By utilizing the long thin wood planks of a pallet, you can nail them vertically to the top and bottom braces. Then install some inexpensive LED lights, mirrors, and coat hooks then your project is done.

25. Laundry hamper organizer

To organize all those cluttered laundry baskets, you can take the wood from a couple of pallets to make a stackable laundry hamper organizer. For just the price of a box of small wood screws, you can rework the wood as instructed by 5-Minute Repair and create a shelving unit where baskets can slide right in.

26. Dog bed

A repurposed wooden pallet can be just the thing to make your canine buddy a new bed. For this project, rework the wood to make a simple tiny bed frame, then you can line the inside with a soft sheet stuffed with cozy material or your dog's favorite blanket — a cheap and easy way to make a durable dog bed.

27. Wood pallet fence

Believe it or not, you can use a bunch of wood pallets to construct some affordable fencing. Ideal for surrounding your front yard or protecting your garden, this project by Woodworking Skill will result in a small gorgeous fence that will look brand new and can be done in just one day.

28. Photograph display

Looking for creative ways to display your precious photographs? A wood pallet can provide a perfect surface and a unique look. To make the wood seem aged, you can use wood stain or even old coffee grounds. A string of lights can illuminate your display while also allowing you to clip your photos on its looping wires.

29. Coffee mug holder

Bring your collection of coffee mugs out of the cupboards and put them on display with this holder made from pallet wood. The shelf could be used to hold coffee beans or creamer cups. This creative display would look great, and the hooks can be found at most dollar stores to bring your budget to almost nothing. 

30. Makeup vanity

With just a few minor tweaks and creative use of other materials, you can make a stylish vanity that would work in your bedroom or bathroom. To house your makeup brushes, attach a few metal hose rings that can be used to hold some mason jars. Pop on a mirror and small lights, and your project is complete.