How To Decorate With Wooden Pallets

From bed frames to living room couches, wooden pallets are becoming a cool staple in home decor. According to Upela, wood pallets are pieces produced primarily from softwood. Hard wood from trees, including poplar, beech, and oak, is also a common source. This sawn wood becomes panels and beams, which make up a wooden pallet. There are a few places where finding wood pallets may prove easy, including businesses, garden stores, home improvement stores, and construction sites, to name a few.

Wooden pallets can be a great addition to any home and living space. Not only can you find pieces in stores made from wood pallets, but you can also design your own unique pieces, and the possibilities are endless, especially for a DIYer. Whether you purchase wood pallet pieces from a store, find some online, or make your own, introducing wooden pallets to your home can complement many different styles, including rustic, bohemian, farmhouse, or industrial. Here are some of the most creative ways to decorate with wood pallets in your living space.

Design a swing

You can probably find a suspension swing made from wooden pallets at your local home improvement store. If you can't find one, you can try designing one yourself. Either way, having a suspended swing is a great way to entice you to spend some extra time outside. It can provide you, your partner, and your kids a relaxing place to read a book or watch the sunset.

If you choose to build your own swing, you can find most of the pieces at your local hardware store. You'll need a saw, speed square, tape measure, a drill, drill bits, wood screws, Kreg jig, pocket hole screws, a level, wood putty and a putty knife, sander, primer, paint, paint brushes, painter's tape, varnish, clamps, eye bolts, weather-resistant rope, and quick link carabiners. According to Pretty Handy Girl, you can hang your swing underneath a protective cover to help protect it from bad weather.

Grow a vertical herb garden

You can use wooden pallets to create a vertical herb garden. According to Rural Sprout, creating a vertical structure out of wooden pallets allows you to take advantage of available space. However, if you have the space and want a larger-sized garden, wooden pallets can frame the perfect spot. Not only are the frames easy to make, but they also provide you with a raised garden bed that is easy to maintain. Plus, a wooden pallet-framed garden bed is eco-friendly. It can help eliminate pesky weeds, saving you the headache of frequent weeding sessions.

Your yard will look fashionable if you make your own wooden pallet garden frame (via New England Today). These garden bed frames are relatively cheap (in fact, they're usually free to make), and the assembly is quick and painless. It only requires wood pallets, garden soil, and the plants or flowers you wish to plant. If you enjoy gardening but don't have the space for a big garden or don't want to deal with pesky weeds, then wooden pallet-framed garden beds might be your best bet.

Add some storage space and shelving

Another great way to introduce wooden pallets to your space is by adding some storage space and shelving constructed from wooden pallets. You can typically find these in home improvement stores, or you can easily make them yourself from scratch for a nifty DIY project you and your family can enjoy doing together. Plus, adding storage space and shelving can help you save some room by providing a place to store your belongings or showcase your valuables, should you choose to incorporate glass into the storage units.

Extra storage truly offers many benefits, per Medium. It can protect your valuables from thieves (since they will be hidden and not easily accessible) and save your items from a house fire. By decluttering items around your home, you can have better access to essentials you always seem to misplace, such as utility bills, keys, and wallets.

Display wood pallet art throughout your home

Wood pallet art comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some art pieces are simple and use wooden pallets to create simple designs. Others are more complex and feature designs painted directly onto the wood pallets.

In addition to art, introducing some wood pallet photo frames throughout your home to display photos of your family is a nice touch and makes your home feel homey and intimate to you. According to Recycled Crafts, DIY wooden pallet wall decor is easy to make and can add warm and happy vibes. Plus, you can proudly display these artistic wood pallet pieces you designed and impress your guests. Soon, they'll want you to teach them how to do it. A few ideas for simple art pieces include a star made from wooden pallets, mason jars glued to wooden pallets as vases for flowers, and wooden pallets with painted motivational words to inspire you to keep going.

Bring in a shoe rack

Using wood pallets to create a shoe rack is a great way to add organization to your home and clear up clutter. Creating your own shoe rack from pallets is affordable and can be a fun DIY project. Plus, it'll allow you to make your shoe rack unique and store as many shoes as you want.

According to Closet & Storage Concepts, shoe racks can help organize your family's shoes, declutter the floor, and keep your shoes in good condition. You can place these shoe racks in your entryway, the living room, the garage, or closets if you want them to stay out of sight. To give your shoe rack some personality, paint it your favorite color, and don't forget to add varnish to help protect it. If you're making one for your kid, add some stickers or use some stencils to paint on designs your child enjoys.

Replace your ceiling with wood pallets

If your ceiling is outdated or you're tired of looking at a drab popcorn style, consider replacing it with wood pallets. A ceiling made from wood pallets gives your home a chic and rustic look and will complement any farmhouse style or modern home.

Not to mention, it may be a safer alternative to popcorn ceilings. According to Asbestos, popcorn ceilings are susceptible to damage and can release toxic dust into the atmosphere. If you choose to replace your popcorn ceiling with wood pallets, you'll want to do so carefully and wear the proper protective equipment. You can always hire a professional to do the hard work for you. It can be time-consuming to replace your ceiling with wood pallets, so calling in a professional might be the best thing for you to do anyway (via Remodelaholic). However, the result is sure to be worth the hassle in the end.

Restyle your walls

If you're tired of looking at the same walls or have any damage and don't want to go through the hassle of having to redo the drywall and painting, then try using some wood pallets to panel your home instead. Wood pallets are typically more durable than your average drywall and paint job and provide more protection for your actual walls. Plus, you can paint the boards various colors for a unique look or do the typical dark brown style. If neither option sounds appealing, you can always opt for a white wood pallet wall.

According to This Mamas Dance, the project can be great for a small space such as a small bathroom, and the process is easy. Obtain the pallets, separate the wood from the nails, wash the boards and either stain or paint them, and then nail the boards into whatever pattern you wish on the wall, cutting pieces as you go along.

Make a privacy screen

You can transform wooden pallets into a privacy screen to help you divide your home up better. Privacy screens can also help improve the visuals of your home, and you can decorate them to reflect your unique tastes. Building your own privacy screen from wood pallets can be an affordable and fun option since there are many places to find free pallets. Like many other ideas on this list, they can be personalized and customized. For example, you can add vibrant colors, glitter, or vintage art.

According to FenceCorp, privacy screens can be an affordable way to add more storage to your kitchen. They are a great addition to a peaceful and relaxing living space since it ensures an area away from the stares of your neighbors or strangers passing by. It can also give you a place for yourself where you can relax and read or enjoy other hobbies.

Enhance your kitchen with a spice rack

If you have a small kitchen and are short on space, consider adding a spice rack or cabinet to your kitchen wall. What better way than by creating one with wooden panels? Not only does this help you save on space, but it also helps keep your spices and condiments organized. If you're big on cooking and baking, you likely have a lot of ingredients in your kitchen. Having a place to store and organize them can be a game changer. Cooking can already be stressful enough, so don't add the stress of not being able to find the cumin or oregano.

According to My Thrifty Life by Cassie Fairy, you can design these wood pallet spice racks to be any size you wish so they can fit in your own kitchen. Use chalk or spray paint to spruce it up, or sand and seal the wood finish to make it the perfect kitchen accessory.

Frame pictures or mirrors with pallets

Frames are a great way to accessorize your space, and there are many benefits to having them displayed throughout your home. While frames are fine on their own, to add more visual interest, try framing a picture or mirror in a wood pallet frame. Mirrors can create the illusion of space, enhance a room's appeal, and increase the lighting, per Central Glass Company. However, they can also fade into the background, so framing them inside a wooden pallet can be a great way to make your mirrors look unique.

Frame your mirror inside a wood pallet or attach it with some strong glue onto the front of one. To make an eye-catching piece, try framing three mirrors, each a different size, with wooden pallets. Connect the biggest one in the center, then display your new lovely mirror accessory in your entryway or family room.

Spruce up your backyard with a walkway path

Creating a walkway from wooden pallets can be a great addition to your outdoor space, whether through your garden or driveway up to your porch. It provides visual interest and lets your guests know where to walk to prevent them from ruining your flowers or plants. Pallet walkways are ideal for an outdoor area and can divide your yard or garden.

According to Funky Junk Interiors, making a wood pallet walkaway is easy. All you need is some reclaimed wood, a garden rake, a small garden trowel, and fresh garden topsoil. Plus, you can throw in some garden decor on the sides to impress your guests and make a creative statement. Try placing some lawn ornaments, garden rocks, or your favorite plants on either side of the wooden pallet walkway design. You can also try painting the wooden pallets in different hues of natural colors to give more of a pop of color.

Create a wooden pallet bed frame

You can use recycled wooden pallets to create a sturdy and rustic-looking bed frame. According to 1001Pallets, it's essential to choose safe pallets in the correct size. You should typically have four pallets for a double or queen size bed. Look for heat-treated, steam-treated, or kiln-dried pallets, and avoid any pallets with the letters "MB" on them because these were for transporting hazardous chemicals. If you have little ones in your home, a great way to introduce some wooden pallets to your home is to create bunk beds or loft beds.

Kids love bunk beds, but these beds will give them more space in their bedroom and lots of opportunities for blanket forts. If you have two siblings who are close in age, bunk beds may be a great way to bring them closer together — as long as they don't end up arguing over who gets the top bunk. Creating a lofted bed allows you to add something underneath, like a desk or bookshelf made from wooden pallets. This setup is perfect for a teenager. Another great bunk design to make from wood pallets is to leave the top bunk space unfinished as extra storage for blankets, pillows, and stuffed animals (via DIY Pallet Furniture).

Use wooden pallets to hang garden tools

If you're running out of room in your garage or shed, you might want to consider purchasing or building a wooden pallet rack where you can hang your gardening tools. These racks provide functionality more than anything but can also be visually appealing if you paint, stain, or decorate them. According to Outdoor Garden Accessories, a garden tool rack is a great addition, regardless of the size of your garden. They prevent you from hazardous situations that some garden tools pose by just being left around, but they also provide a great way to organize your favorite gardening tools so that you're not losing them.

Building your own would be ideal since they're relatively easy to make and affordable. Keep things simple by nailing in some hooks to a wooden pallet to hang your tools, or take it up a notch and add shelving to host some of your smaller items, like gloves.

Brighten up with a wood pallet light fixture

You can also use wooden pallets to create your own light fixtures. These light fixtures are the perfect accent over a dining room table or around your office desk. Plus, who doesn't love the addition of more light? It can change the mood and help with productivity. According to Remodelaholic, wood pallets are generally free, making them a great budget-friendly option. You don't have to spend an arm and a leg to purchase new light fixtures. Wood pallets have a weathered charm that will add some rustic flair to your living space.

However, if you're not into DIY projects, you'll be able to find a wood pallet light fixture for sale in a home improvement store. Either way, we're sure you'll appreciate the old-fashioned style it adds to your home. The additional light source will bring more warmth and productivity to your day.