The Fastest Fix For A Scratched Glass Table

Damaging any of your décors is an awful experience, causing you to scour the internet for the best repair tips. A terrifying item to fix is a glass table, mainly if it's the centerpiece of your room that ties everything together. Glass is usually scratched in many ways, from the manufacturer to the consumer. But the most common is not being properly cleaned before it goes through the tempering process, per One Day Glass. If dust is still present during that time, it can later scratch the glass when pulled by a cleaning cloth.

So don't throw away your glass table yet, because there is a way to fix that scratch, according to LovetoKnow. No need to pull out your wallet, as you probably already have the tools necessary for this quick fix. Once you get this technique down, your stomach will no longer drop at the sight of scratched glass. Let's take a look at the few steps necessary to execute this repair properly.

Clear glass scratches in minutes

LovetoKnow says that you'll need a soft wet cloth and, oddly enough — non-gel toothpaste. This tactic saves you tons of money and is very easy to complete. You'll first take a small amount of your toothpaste and smudge it onto the scratch. You'll then take your damp cloth and rub it onto the scratch in circular motions for just a few seconds, then rinse the area clean with warm water. Once done, you'll grab a new soft cloth and dry the spot. If the scratch isn't completely gone after your first attempt, you can try a few more times until it disappears entirely.

Be sure to use the correct toothpaste, as some can cause more damage, per Electrodry Carpet Cleaning. If you use toothpaste with too much grit, it can create more scratches, so it's advised to use white toothpaste or brands meant for children.

Baking soda

This scratch removal tactic also involves another household item: baking soda. You'll need a few other supplies to get this to work, such as a lint-free cloth, water, bowl, spoon or fork, 8 to 10 cotton balls, and a soft cloth, according to LovetoKnow. You'll first start by using either the spoon or fork to mix a one-to-one ratio of water and baking soda. If it doesn't appear thicker by the end, add a bit more baking soda so that it forms a paste.

You'll then grab a cotton ball and dip it into the paste, and use that to then gently rub over the scratched glass. Like the toothpaste technique, you'll want to rub in circular motions for a few seconds to get the baking soda into the problem area. Once done, grab a clean cloth and wash the area with warm water. If the scratch is still there, repeat the same steps until it's gone. Once your glass table is blemish free, you can then dry up the table with a soft cloth.