3 Tips For Brightening Up Your Windowless Bathroom

Windowless bathrooms can be an absolute drag in many houses, apartments, and condos for a load of reasons because natural light can make a bathroom feel bright and clean and makes it easier to apply makeup and shave. When you lack natural light, the bathroom may be your least favorite place to visit. But even if your bathroom is windowless, there are still ways to make the space brilliant and inviting. You'll just need a few tricks up your sleeve.

Before you get your bathroom refresh underway, here are a few don'ts when styling a windowless restroom. First, as noted by Ideal Home, don't just jump for a white-out space. While white can add light to an area, in a windowless bathroom, it can make the space feel sterile, like a hospital room. That doesn't mean it should be avoided at all costs, but a creative approach is usually better for these dim areas. Also, no matter what lighting or décor you add to the room, try to keep as much of it off the counters as possible. Otherwise, the space can quickly become cluttered, smaller, and darker.

Mirror, mirror, on and off the wall

While you've probably got one main mirror hanging in your bathroom, it's time to get a little more creative and add a few more into the mix. SFGate says that mirrors make any small or dark space feel both brighter and bigger. Any light that is in the room, natural or artificial, will bounce off of mirrors and reflective surfaces. However, large mirrors are not cheap, so you may have to get creative with your budget and design.

If you are looking for a large, wall-mounted mirror, try your local thrift store first. Unfortunately, these crucial items are often discarded, and since this mirror isn't your main vanity piece, the glass can be less than ideal. If you are renting, make sure the mirror can be mounted with command strips, or check that you are allowed to drill holes as part of your lease agreement. Opt for a reflective faucet upgrade in silver, gold, or copper if large wall mirrors are out of your budget or abilities. You can also add a mirrored cosmetic tray to your countertop.

Add a backsplash

Going for a backsplash is a fantastic way to add texture, color, and brightness to your windowless bathroom. Even if you're renting, you can still have a paneled area in just about any color or pattern, thanks to the rising popularity of contact paper and peel-and-stick wallpaper. Not only is a backsplash a great place to increase the visual appeal and make the bathroom appear brighter, but it can also even protect your walls against damage, says Diamond Kitchen & Bath.

Bathrooms are humid places between all the showers and hand washing, which leaves walls susceptible to rot. A backsplash makes for an easy-to-clean seal that can prevent mold and mildew. When selecting one, you can go classic with a glossy white subway tile or bold with a fun, vibrant color or pattern. If you're steering away from white-off-white neutrals, look for options with vivid colors, light bright blue, lemony yellow, or peachy pink.

Plant some new life in your bathroom

When it feels like all the lamps, mirrors, and paint coats just can't break through the darkness of your windowless bathroom, it's time to head to the plant nursery and pick up some shade-loving friends. While Plant Care Today notes that all plants need some sunlight, some don't need much at all, and by simply rotating them in and out of the bathroom, you shouldn't have a problem keeping them alive.

In addition to plants being beautiful and giving new life to a room, they actually purify the air around them, making them a great addition to any bathroom — so don't opt for fake ferns here. And make sure to keep succulents out of the bathroom, as these sun-loving plants don't care for humidity. Cast iron plants, devil's ivy, and lucky bamboo are all excellent options for your low-light bathroom. For a more comprehensive list, read our guide for the best plants to grow in low light. Just be sure that whatever plant you choose can withstand hot, humid temperature from frequent showering and baths.