The Best Way To Repair A Mesh Screen Door

Mesh screen doors are easily damaged. You might accidentally run into them on your way to the backyard or poke a hole in them when carrying things in and out of your home. because the mesh is black, it can look invisible against everything else, so it's natural that it gets bumped into once or twice, maybe seven times. Mesh screens can also be impaired if you have any pets. Dogs that want to go outside will often scratch at the door screen waiting for someone to open it, or your cat may use it to sharpen its claws. 

You may wonder what's the point of having a mesh door if it's going to get ruined over and over. A to Z Window Screens claim that mesh screen doors provide safety for your home, especially for pets and children, since they prevent them from exiting the home unaccompanied. Moreover, they allow beautiful natural lighting without letting insects or, worse, birds fly into your home. Even though they can get ruined, there's always a way to fix them. Here's the best way to repair a mesh screen door.

Replace the entire screen

Depending on the size of the hole, mesh screens can sometimes be patched up with small, adhesive mesh squares. If there are multiple holes or one massive hole, then the best way to repair it is by replacing the entire screen with a new one. Cottage Life notes that this task requires only a few materials: mesh screen, spline, spline roller, awl, and knife.

Replacing the screen is a quick and simple process. Remove the door from the door frame, and with an awl remove the spline carefully which will then release the mesh screen. Lay the new mesh over the door, making sure it overlaps on each side by two inches. Use the round, convex side of the spline roller to push the mesh into the groove of the door, then, replace the spline. If the spline was damaged, it is better to buy a new one. You will need to pull the ends of the screen tight so that it isn't loose or saggy. Finally cut off any excess mesh on the sides with a knife and you'll have a brand new mesh screen door.