5 Creative Ways To Incorporate Green Into Your Home Decor

When perusing paint swatches at a home improvement store, you may be drawn to the green shades. This could be because green is a popular color used in interior design today. Maybe you were influenced by your Pinterest board or your favorite home renovation television show. You may also be drawn to green because of the peaceful feeling it can bring. According to Wall Sauce, green is a color of calmness and balance. Because of green's connections to nature, green design choices can remind the viewer of new life and growth, leading to a more positive outlook. And green can also create more energy, which may make you more productive.

Incorporating green into your home décor can transform any space into a tranquil sanctuary. There are a number of ways to add green to your space. Below are five ways you can incorporate green into any room in your home.

Use green kitchen or bathroom tiles

If you're looking to add a pop of green to your bathroom or kitchen space, consider adding beautiful green tiles. In the kitchen, green tiles could be used to create a unique backsplash, while in the bathroom, they could line your shower or be placed behind your vanity. Both these spaces could also look fresh and earthy with the addition of green floor tiles. Green tiles will add both a bold color and also interesting texture to your space.

Perini says that green tiles will always be a popular design choice. They also point out that different shades of green can provide different feelings in a space. For instance, choosing a vibrant lime tile will create high energy, while choosing a deeper or more muted green tile will create more peaceful vibes. If you like to relax in the shower, emerald green tiles may be a great choice, while a popular kitchen tile color is pastel mint. 

Add a green wallpaper wall

Another interesting way to add green to your space is with a green wallpapered wall. Green wallpaper could be added to just about any room in your home. It could be used to create an accent wall or used to cover all the walls in a room. A quick look at Wayfair's website shows the versatility of green wallpaper. To lean heavily into green's connotations with nature, you could choose a floral, plant, or jungle-esque print. For a more subtle green accent, you could choose a more abstract green print. 

Wallpaper Online says that green wallpaper also has some psychological benefits. Green wallpaper will remind you of your ability to grow and seize new opportunities every day, which could serve to encourage and energize you. At the same time, green wallpaper with a nature scene will make a space feel more peaceful -– not to mention that it will also make your space look elegant and aesthetically pleasing.

Decorate with plants

Probably the easiest and most common way to add green to your space is with plants. Plants can add lots of character and life to your space. Lonny says that when purchasing and placing plants in your home, you'll want to consider lighting and watering needs. If you're able to dedicate lots of time and energy to taking care of your plants, choose whatever types you desire. If not, or if your home has limited light sources, do your research on what plants will work best in your space.

Another tip is to bring your shorter plants off of the floor. Plants can be placed on plant stands, side tables, or benches. You could also hang your plants in the window for a boho look. Also, consider the pot your plants are in. Choosing decorative pots that match your space can be a great way to add more personality. The Sill says to consider the size, drainage holes, and material of the pot –- choosing a porous material, like terracotta, is best.

Choose green furniture pieces

Another way to incorporate green into your home décor is through your furniture pieces. To add green to your living room, think about adding a velvet green emerald couch or a mint green armchair. For the bedroom, you could add airy green bedding. Many furniture flippers transform outdated dressers, side tables, and coffee tables by painting them a muted green tone. You could add one of these wooden pieces to a modern space in your home. 

Abode says that green, particularly emerald green, is one of the most popular colors used in furniture design. Italian Bark adds that they don't expect green to go out of style anytime soon. They even call it a new neutral color. Using emerald green in your space will create an elegant feeling. You could add a large emerald green furniture piece, like a couch, or you could add smaller emerald accents, like throw pillows or a throw blanket.

Mix green with yellow or blue

Green can easily be mixed with neutrals like white or black. This will create an elegant and modern-looking space. However, adding another bold color to a green space will add extra interest. Pairing green with another color can emphasize different aspects of the shade of green chosen. For instance, a vibrant color will make your green elements look bolder, while a calming color will emphasize the peace green can bring.

A vibrant color mix is yellow and green. Mixing green with yellow can add an energetic feeling to your space. According to Very Well Mind, yellow is associated with happiness and warmth. It is also a bright color that attracts the eye. A safer color match is green and blue because both colors create a serene feeling. Blue has connotations with peace and calm vibes, per Color Psychology. Adding blue to a green space will emphasize the color green's connotations with nature.