The Easiest Way To Make Your Home Look More Unified

When designing a whole house, combining similar elements with pieces that make a statement will create a cohesive but interesting space. Cohesion is desired in a home because it can be jarring to walk through multiple rooms and feel like you're traveling through different periods. At the same time, you don't want to lean too heavily into unity because this could make your home appear boring. This is why adding unique elements that pique interest is important.

According to Synonymous, creating a unified space is especially important in modern homes with open floor plans, where multiple living spaces can be seen while standing in one place. However, even rooms in a home that are separated by walls should still feel as though they belong together. So, if your house is feeling a bit disjointed and you desire a sense of unity, here is the easiest way to make your home look more integrated.

Create cohesion with color

The easiest way to make your home more unified is by focusing on one color scheme: Carrying just one or a few colors throughout your home can make it look more cohesive. There are two different color scheme options for a united look, per Jenna Kate At Home; using only multiple shades of one hue throughout your home will create a monochromatic look.

For instance, if you choose blue, your home can be filled with navy, blue-gray, teal, turquoise, pastel blue, and baby blue accents. Another option is choosing an analogous color scheme. This means choosing to highlight colors that are next to each other on the color wheel, like green and blue. This will also make a space look unified because the colors are similar in tone.

According to From House To Home, another way to make your space feel cohesive while having fun with color is by picking one primary color and three accent colors. Following this color scheme, you'll often use your primary and accent hues to add subtle interest.

Other ways to make your home look more unified

There are also two other ways to make your home appear more cohesive. One way is by incorporating the same flooring into multiple spaces. This is usually done in open floor plans, but closed designs could incorporate this as well. According to Carpet Closeouts, continuous flooring will make a space feel larger, will contribute to a feeling of unity, and will be easier to clean. To add more interest to a space that has all the same flooring, you could layer textured or patterned rugs.

Another way to create cohesion in your home is through hardware. While mixing metals can definitely create interest, keeping to one style and material for appliances can make a home feel united. Angi says that if you want your space to look cohesive but not use the exact same hardware everywhere in your home, choose one cohesive element, like a particular finish or color.