One Reason You Should Store A Dish Brush In Your Shower

Keeping up with cleaning your shower is a dreading and often forgotten chore. It can be a workout to scrub the grime and soap build-up out of the corners of your shower and the grout on the walls. Luckily there's a hack to remind you to clean this place in your bathroom frequently. That way, you never have to get on your hands and knees and scrub weeks or months of built-up dirt.

Keeping a dish wand in your shower is an amazing reminder that you can do a little cleaning every time you take a bath. This way, the place will never get too dirty. If you regularly clean it while bathing, it will always be immaculate: The brush hack allows you to take a minute and do a quick cleanse of any discoloration or soap scum right when you see it instead of putting it off for another day. According to Lifehacker, this trick can even help prevent mold from building up in your bathroom since you will be doing frequent small cleanings.

What kind of dish brush?

For this hack, you will need the kind of dish brush that opens its handle to hold soap in it. You can even take the brush from your kitchen after you are done using it for dishes. That way, you are finding a way to reuse it instead of throwing it away. The brush should also have stiff bristles so that it can properly scrub your shower. If you would rather not use a plastic one with plastic bristles, there are alternatives. For example, you can use a bamboo brush; the only major difference is that it won't be as convenient since the soap wouldn't be stored in the item's handle.

Using a dish brush to clean a shower is better than using a sponge because it won't harbor bacteria. The Kitchen Professor explains that dish brushes dry out completely quicker than sponges; the latter will never have the chance to fully dry out before they are exposed to moisture again. Moreover, because they are continuously wet and porous, sponges create the perfect place for bacteria to grow and thrive. And you don't want that in your bathroom.

Shower cleaning made easier

You don't have to put any special soap into the brush for this cleaning tip to work. The TikTok user who made this hack popular, Vanesa Amaro, uses a simple dish soap mixed with white vinegar. However, any dish liquid will work with or without vinegar; the tipster only added it to thin the soap out so it would rinse away easier. On the other hand, white vinegar has cleaning properties and will kill bacteria and mold, so if you want a thorough cleanse for your peace of mind, by all means, add the vinegar.

If you would rather not mix it in with the soap, another option is bleach (only add 1 teaspoon). It will work similarly to white vinegar, but it is imperative to make sure that you don't add both vinegar and bleach to the soap. When you mix vinegar with bleach, you risk inhaling dangerous compounds as they create a toxic gas named chlorine when combined (via Healthline). All-around, bleach or white vinegar are just additional ingredients that make cleaning even easier, but they are unnecessary; you can add only dish soap to the brush and clean it as effectively. The only difference is to ensure all the soap has been rinsed away so you don't create more soap scum.