The Easiest Way To Make A Modern Home Feel Cozier

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Your home is your haven, so it should look and feel as such all the time. This means including personal touches and comfortable furniture. How do you want your home to look and feel? What personal touches are important to have? What type of seating do you want to incorporate with the decor? How do you want to incorporate two design styles? When it comes to making your home feel cozier, these are questions you should be asking yourself, and if you're looking for new tips to incorporate some added comfort to your space, you've come to the right place. 

There are a number of ways to transform your home into a haven of heaven, from string lights to plants and flowers to a wall of beautiful artwork, but you really can't go wrong with stylish yet comfortable seating, per Busbee. Comfortable seating is vital in any home decor style, and you have a variety of furniture options at your fingertips

Make your space feel and look cozy more than ever

Once you choose a specific modern design element, it'll be easier to choose comfy furniture and personal touches. Think about how you want the space to look. The goal is always to incorporate your personality and vibe into your home decor style. It's all about how you want your space to look and feel. Comfortable doesn't always mean simple or basic. In fact, it might be far from it.

Personal touches are important to making a modern home feel cozier, per Make your own personalized gallery wall of hanging fun photos of you and your loved ones. Create a shelf of meaningful objects you've received on vacation, gifts from loved ones, items you bought for yourself, or pieces of your work if you're an artist or a creative. Buy a wool basket from your nearest HomeGoods and keep your favorite books in it next to or under your coffee table for guests to get into. Put up a string of lights and add a candle in every room. The more personal touches you add, the homier your space will feel. 

Arranging your furniture

When it comes to furniture, comfortable seating is one way to transform a space, and this is why you can't go wrong with a swing chair or hanging egg chair from Amazon. It's comfortable, distinct (everyone doesn't have one!), and it's a great place to take a long phone call or binge your favorite shows.

Consider having two couches face each other in the center of the room, or if you have minimal space to work with, two chairs with a small coffee table in the middle works as a beautiful setup just the same for flowing conversation, according to Love To Know. If you have a bigger space, incorporate a large sectional around a big coffee table. For added comfort, include a throw blanket or two along with a small collection of throw pillows you admire. Don't be afraid to mix up your modern decor, such as wood and neutral tones, with boho chic decor because you may find yourself pleasantly surprised at how well they work together. Both design styles create a relaxed, inviting environment. Let your decor speak for itself.