How To Perfectly Fold A Towel With A Pocket

You may not think that the way you fold towels is all that important. After all, folding a towel is a mundane task that often feels pointless. We fold towels just to unfold them when they need to be used, and soon enough, it's time to fold again. But the way you fold your towels is actually quite important, both for the appearance of your home and also to stay organized. According to Towelnrobe, choosing to fold your towels a certain way will help you fit more into a smaller area, meaning you may save space for other items in your linen closet. The way you fold your towels also speaks volumes to your guests — a nicely folded towel can make others feel like an honored guest in your space.

If you want to make your bathroom feel inviting, maybe you've thought about getting into decorative towel folding. If this is the case, while you could jump right into folding fancy swans, you may want to start with something more basic. A really fun towel fold to try is making a towel pocket to hold a hand towel or washcloth.

How to create a towel pocket

Instructables describes how to create a pocket with a hand towel to hold a washcloth. Similarly, you could create a pocket with a larger bath towel by following the same steps. You will begin by laying your rectangular towel out on a flat surface vertically, with a short edge facing you. Pick up the bottom two corners and fold the towel about two-thirds of the way up. Next, repeat this step so there are two folds only on the bottom of your towel. The top of the towel should be untouched. Flip over the towel, being careful to maintain the folds. The folded side should now be facing the floor or table. You'll then fold the right and left sides of the towel over one another, tucking them into each other. This may remind you of closing a cardboard box with two overlapping pieces. When you flip the towel back over, you'll see your beautiful pocket.

Fold the washcloth into an accordion shape and fold the sides of the accordion towards each other, so that all the edges are facing one end. Tuck the washcloth into your towel and fluff the edges out, so they look like a gorgeous flower.

Other towel folding methods

There are a number of different ways to fold towels for different results. Creating a pocket is a decorative method, meant to welcome guests. Another decorative, spa-like method is the rolled towel. According to Home Depot, to roll your towel, first lay it out on a flat surface. Then take one corner and fold it into the center. Next, fold the towel in half to create a skinny rectangle, and flip it over. Roll the towel tightly towards the cornered end, then fold in the flap.

Another towel fold you could try is the narrow method. This folding method is a great space-saving technique because it folds your towel into a small rectangle. To begin, lay your towel out on a flat surface. Then, fold it in half lengthwise to create a long rectangle. Fold the short edges of the towel in toward each other, so that they meet in the middle. Then fold the towel again, two-thirds of the way in, and repeat.