The Best Bed Sheet Colors To Hide Stains

Have you ever washed your sheets, just to turn around and immediately spill something all over them? Now, you're stuck with stained sheets or the thankless task of stripping the bed and starting over. Instead of washing the stain out, don't you wish you could just... well, hide it? With the right bed sheet colors, you may be able to. By carefully choosing the color of your sheets, you have the opportunity to cover up those tiny little stains that don't warrant a complete wash cycle.

Please know that we are not advocating against washing your bedsheets — this is simply a way to hide a few insignificant stains until laundry day. Your sheets and duvet collect dead skin cells, sweat, and even dust mites. for this reason, Sleep Foundation recommends properly washing your bed linen no less than once a week. so, what colors really are the best at hiding stains?

Earth tones

Sometimes, stains are out of your control, especially if you have pets or children (or both). That being said, earth-toned sheets, such as green or brown, do a wonderful job at hiding those everyday messes your kids and fluffy friends bring. The Company Store says green sheets mask stains and dirt that may have found their way into your bed from outdoors. Not only is green excellent at hiding stains, but it's also an aesthetically-pleasing color. If you do choose green sheets, Shutterfly suggests a number of other colors that can pair well, including browns or grays.

In that same vein, you can also use brown sheets to conceal dirt, pet stains, and even coffee stains (let's be honest, we can't get out of bed without it,) however, it's important you pick a darker shade of brown, as lighter shades aren't known for their ability to hide stains, The Sleep Judge explains. When shopping for bed sheets, steer clear of khaki, beige, and taupe.

Dark tones and prints

According to The Company Store, grays and dark tones are excellent color choices for hiding stains, especially if you frequently sweat. Alternatively, Thompson Tee suggests giving blue sheets a go, as they are well known for hiding sweat stains (dark blue is your best bet). If plain sheets aren't your style and you want to spice things up, printed sheets conceal a wide variety of stains and messes as well. When bedroom shopping, opt for sheets with a floral design or other funky patterns. Doing so will make it more difficult to spot any unsightly hiccups.

To complement your printed sheets, choose  solid-colored accents that complement one of the colors in the print. For example, if your sheets are multicolored, choose one from the bunch and make it the statement color for your comforter, pillows, or duvet. This way, you'll have a stylish room and not a stain in sight.