3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Smell Good

Have you ever entered a space and couldn't get your mind off its horrible smell no matter how hard you tried? Chances are that regardless of how the place looked or what was going on, the odor caused you to have a very negative experience. You probably also wondered how others seemed not to notice! According to The Cut, identifying our own smells can be tricky since our noses ignore familiar scents, and we get used to them. This is why you need to go the extra mile to have a home that smells good so that your guests feel comfortable and welcomed.

Maintaining a good scent all over the house can be a bit challenging, however. There are usually those things that haven't been cleaned up, lingering smells from spills and accidents, damp things, or hidden odors that you simply can't seem to uncover. Because of this, it is key to have a home with a pleasant fragrance that isn't just artificial but the result of a clean space. It might be easier to just light a candle when there's an odor or before guests arrive, but seeing how you can get to the root of bad scents and starting from the source is at the core of making your home smell good. Here are some easy ways to transform your home's scent.

Clean up

Keeping the place clean is a great place to start because it's better and easier to add pleasant smells to a neutral environment than trying to combat bad odors. This can look like thoroughly cleaning carpets and furniture because they can store a lot of scents. You should also clean out spoiled products from your fridge and take care of pet odors properly. Finally, use the dryer sheets for more than laundry by dropping them in drawers and other corners of the house to freshen them.

When taking out the trash, keep the can fresh by sprinkling some baking soda on the bottom and washing it with hot water and vinegar before you put a new liner. When it comes to regulating the smell of your house, fresh air is another major part of it. Quality ventilation keeps out bad smells, reduces moisture and, therefore, the chances of mold, and helps maintain good health (via HVAC). So as you clean, keep your air ducts fresh and open up your windows.

Bust out the scents

This is the fun part because there are endless choices of scent flavors in whatever form you'd like. How do you want your home to feel? That will determine what scent you rely on the most. Floral, fresh, earthy, and sweet are some of the common types of fragrances used in the house. Citrus scents like orange and lemon give a refreshing feeling, spicy scents like cinnamon feel cozy, while woody scents smell natural and classic, as explained by Per Fashion.

When it comes to the medium, you can emit essential oils using a diffuser, burn incense, spray a freshener, or light up a candle. For plant lovers, get some scented ones, which will improve both the appearance and smell of your home. Some examples from Good Housekeeping include eucalyptus and jasmine. Furthermore, burning sage and other herbs with strong scents have become popular as a way to remove any negative energy from a location, bring about insight and clarity, and encourage healing, says CB2. In addition, this can be a natural way to freshen up the house.

Use the kitchen

If you love bakery smells, you can make your home smell good through something you likely already do — cooking! We all know how common it is for cooking odors to take over the house, so see how you can make it something pleasant. Some ideas include baking some sweet goods like banana bread, cookies, and cinnamon rolls for their sweet aroma. Obsessed with the smell of coffee? Brew your favorite beans to get that freshly roasted scent!

Good Housekeeping recommends a simpler option that involves herbs and citrus. Check your pantry for things like rosemary, sage, orange peels, vanilla, and ginger; simmering a combination of these on the stove will emit a fragrance through the whole house. A fruit like lemon is very versatile when it comes to keeping a space fresh due to its acidity and strong scent. You can use it to tackle odors in the fridge, microwave, garbage disposal, and also as a DIY air freshener, per Boston Appliance.