The Least Expensive Changing Tables At Target

The task of diaper changing isn't always fun, but it's certainly necessary. Making it as comfortable as possible is key. On average, a newborn baby can go through 10 to 12 diapers per day, per Munchkin. As time goes on, babies need less and less (potentially eight to 10), then fewer from there on. For the first few years, a sturdy changing table can be a lifesaver. Without breaking your back or the bank, Target has a few in its selection worth investigating.

From substantial dressers to fully equipped changing stations, determine what you need from your changing table. Unlike the cocktail cart-like changing tables from the mid-century, modern varieties come in tons of styles, sometimes with simple features, others with ample cabinets and drawers. According to Mom Loves Best, changing tables generally cost between $100 to $500. Whatever your style is, you'll want essential storage space and a reasonable price in your changing station. Keep reading to learn more about Target's budget-friendly changing tables!

Flat Top Changing Table

If you're looking for a simple, no-frills diaper station to add to your nursery, the Child Craft Flat Top Changing Table has a clean design sure to suit anyone's taste. The table features two open shelves below the secure changing surface enclosed by railings on all sides. The frame is MDF wood (medium-density fiberboard) and comes with a pad and security belt. According to Trends Wood Finishing, MDF may be more durable than natural wood. Made of resin and other recycled wood fibers, it reacts well to changes in humidity and heat with limited expansion.

With five colors to choose from, all would work well with a neutral or combination color palette. The slate and gray colors are currently priced at about $100, while the other shades run slightly higher, per Target. If you're looking for something that will outlast your baby's diaper days, you could transform this simply-designed piece into a children's toy/bookshelf or desk.

Folding Changing Station

For a portable, multi-functional option, the Baby Folding Diaper Changing Station folds easily for transport to and from wherever you need to go, featuring lockable wheels to stabilize the table when you aren't on the go. The changing bed features padded cloth siding and a security belt, and it comes in three colors — blue, pink, and gray. Each option features a white polar bear on the cushion and a handy growth chart to measure your baby, printed on the pad's interior. The steel structure has a single shelf on the bottom and a mesh storage space on the side. It even transforms into a laundry/towel rack when the bed is removed, so you can put the station to work even when you aren't changing diapers.

The changing table is currently on sale. While the gray model appears to be sold out, the blue model is priced at $93 and the pink at $103, making it a solid option for those looking for something versatile without overspending.

Modern Changing Table with Hamper

If you're looking for all of the storage you can get, another more affordable option available at Target is the Badger Basket Modern Changing Table. This table comes with a cloth hamper and three drawers. With the countless accidents that can happen when changing a baby's diaper, this multi-purpose table allows you to easily throw clothes and other garments into the hamper without reaching too far. And you can also place a small trash can underneath for quick diaper disposal. The Badger Basket is currently listed at $110 on Target's website.

This practical, modern changing table features a sleek design that will blend in with any room and has the potential to be transformed and reused with its collapsible and removable storage bins. The best part– you can have peace of mind while changing with the four-sided railing and safety belt to keep your baby secure.